I recently wrote about the attack by the (((environmentalists))) on the Emily Carr painting in Vancouver. As part of that story I uploaded the video of the attack to YouTube, which automatically uploads to Odysee as well. I clicked on the Odysee version of said video when responding to a comment left under it, and forgot to turn off the autoplay feature, where Odysee directs you to the next video in the playlist without you clicking on it. For me that next video happened to be titled “Man attacks woman in Vancouver,” by “NO_EYES_ON_ME.” You can watch it below.

You don’t really need to watch this. If you do, I’d highly suggest slamming that 2x speed button. The gist of it can be found by quoting the very beginning and very ending of the video.

Beginning: But when I watch this, there’s a lot of inconsistencies in it. Like, there’s a lot of clues that it’s a hoax. Remember, they do these things to pump fear so people stay inside and don’t go on the streets and mingle. They want a prison planet folks. This is what the whole purpose of these clips is for.

Now let’s skip ahead to the very last part of the video. 

Yeah see this is to pump fear into people. That’s what the governments do, the media does, and the police. So this is all BS folks, do not fall for this.

Like I said, I’ve been going downtown Toronto for almost 25 years. I’ve never seen a gun incident. I’ve never seen a beating incident. I’ve never seen anybody stabbed. I’ve never seen anybody stabbed and I’ve gone into the bad places too. I’ve gone into the bad places and I’ve never seen anything. So don’t fall for this folks, it’s all BS.

Well the city in question is Vancouver, not Toronto, and it has a well known crazy homeless person problem. But let’s ignore that for now and watch the original CTV video at 2x speed to see what devious messaging Klaus Schwab is pushing.

Apparently CTV was trying to hoodwink everyone into thinking that downtown Vancouver isn’t safe. That’s totally ridiculous. As someone who used to have to go into Chinatown every single weekday for a year, I can tell you that it’s a totally wonderful and definitely not hellish monument to civilization.

The government is trying so hard to make people think that downtown Vancouver is a shithole that they have even resorted to paying actors to set up tents, leave garbage and human feces everywhere, and inject themselves with drugs while very convincingly acting schizophrenic. You can see a whole host of videos from that very same woman, also a government actor, documenting the totally not real don’t believe your lying eyes epidemic of aggressive drug addicts who make large parts of downtown Vancouver completely unlivable, or so “they” would like you to think.

But we have to circle back to the original CTV video, because something caught my eye. Just past forty seconds into the video we get what NO_EYES_FAG calls our first crisis actor.

Casting my eyes upon her face was an unintentionally funny moment for me. You see, I somehow knew plenty of intimate details about this particular crisis actor. I knew what high school she went to, who she dated, and even where she went for one summer vacation. Is it because I’ve been stalking this girl? Is it because we went to the same crisis actor bootcamp? Is it because our master, Klaus Schwab, is making sure we’re all on the same page and have our backstories straight?

No it’s actually because this is Georgia Stephens, a girl who sat next to me in grade 12 photography class, and right next to her long time boyfriend Nick. She’s a nice person. Bit odd, but good and fun to be around. Let’s see what name she’s going under as a crisis actor. I’m thinking it’ll be something cool and subtle so the Globalist Overlords can laugh at the peasants too stupid to see the obvious. Maybe she’ll be named Jennifer Aniston or something, which will be our first clue that the “real” Jennifer Aniston is a tranny or something.

Oh, it’s… Georgia Stephens. Apparently she “lives in building.” That’s going to put a real damper on her crisis actor career. We can’t have the same Georgia Stephens going around to various parts of the country pretending to live in buildings that are accosted by homeless people now can we?

I never talked to Ms. Stephens a single time after high school. In fact I never saw Georgia even a single time after high school. It’s possible that she picked up a career as a crisis actor, and her most recent role was to pretend that a crazy homeless guy attacked a woman in the apartment complex that she lives in while using her real name. It’s also possible that the government is planting invisible trolls underneath your front porch who will all leap up together and stab you through the heart with their invisible spears which will cause you to have a 500x higher risk of prostate cancer by the age of 55, even if you’re a woman.

It’s possible, but unlikely. Having a crazed homeless drug addict attack you in downtown Vancouver is not such an implausible occurrence that the government couldn’t just wait for this to happen. There is no reason why they would need to hire random people to pretend otherwise, all in order to push their soft on crime and legalize drugs agenda that hoodwinks people into staying home when the streets are actually perfectly safe. 

Conspiracy Fags are the absolute lowest of the low. This particular guy’s video has only 37 views as of time of writing. But I don’t care if they’re getting Alex Jones pre-censorship viewers. They’re all faggots, and I don’t ever want them to be associated with me. These are the least serious people pretending to do politics. They are even less serious than people who cheerlead for donor-approved political parties, since those people might at least in some tiny way affect the world. All these fags want to do is sit back and call everything fake in order to feed a delusionally smug sense of self-importance.

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