NY Post:

Disgraced FTX founder (((Sam Bankman-Fried))) is scheduled to speak at an exclusive conference hosted by the New York Times alongside Ukrainian President (((Volodymyr Zelensky))) and US Treasury Secretary (((Janet Yellen))).

The DealBook Summit, sponsored by Accenture, will be held at Jazz at Lincoln Center in Manhattan on Nov. 30 and features speeches from supposed luminaries such as (((Mark Zuckerberg))), Mayor Eric Adams, former Israeli Prime Minister (((Benjamin Netanyahu))), and former Vice President Mike Pence.

Can’t forget Larry Fink.

One of our commenters on Telegram asked if it was possible for the Bankmanocaust story to get any Jewier. I said no, since everyone involved was a Jew. On further reflection, I considered that, while it was not possible to increase the Judaism in a relative sense, the absolute magnitude of Judation can always be increased, which is the exciting new strategy we see implemented by the Jew York Times.

The fee to attend the conference is a whopping $2,499, according to DealBook Summit’s website. A ticket includes mainstage conversations, VIP Networking Sessions, Breakfast and Lunch and a cocktail reception. 

The goal of the conference is to hold conversations to reveal “hidden complexities, unexpected relationships and the wide-ranging ripple effects of change,” according to the event website.

It somehow continues to get Jewier despite no more physical Jews added. But enough of this ghey conference. I watched this rather excellent video on The Eternal Bankman yesterday, and the part with Bankman playing video games on investment calls, and then still getting the money, prompted a further looksie. I’ve started it from the relevant part.

People really liked the idea, or really liked Sam, because he raised over $2 billion from various hedge funds and investment banks, including Blackrock. How he managed to pull this off, I’m not entirely sure. But supposedly smart people thought of him as a genius. 

In fact, according to a blog post from venture capital giant, Sequoia Capital, Sam was playing the video game, League of Legends, while on a call to discuss a $210 million investment. Upon seeing this, someone from the firm wrote “I love this founder,” in a chat box during the meeting. After the call, Sequoia gave Sam the $210 million.

Another telegram commenter said the following after my previous story in the Bankmanocaust series. It’s so good I’m reproducing it, and transcribing it below.

I hope these stories keep coming week after week. I think it’s really starting to affect the moral of the middle management type and yuppies, hearing how broken and corrupt the system that they are trying to climb actually is. And most of them realize that they will never even get the opportunity to make fuck you money, and aren’t part of the tribe that can get them out of jail.

I couldn’t agree more, so let me find some corroborating sources to show that yes, Sam Bankman-Fried was literally playing video games while on a conference call with Sequoia Capital, and they gave him a fifth of a billion dollars anyway.

Business Insider:

Sam Bankman-Fried was once caught playing “League of Legends,” during a meeting with investors from Sequoia Capital, according to a since-removed profile of the founder on the firm’s website.

Bankman-Fried, who founded FTX, one of the main cryptocurrency platforms, was telling investors from the venture capital firm that he wanted the product to be “a place where you can do anything you want with your next dollar,” like buying bitcoin, physical goods, or sending any currency to anyone anywhere in the world.

I sit ten feet from him, and I walked over, thinking, ‘oh, shit, that was really good,'” Ramnik Arora, FTX’s head of product, told Sequoia for the firm’s glowing self-published article about Bankman-Fried. “And it turns out that that f-cker was playing ‘League of Legends,’ through the entire meeting.”

Arora said Bankman-Fried was “absolutely fantastic” while answering questions from the Sequoia partners during a Zoom meeting when FTX was raising its Series B.

The Zoom chat among the Sequoia partners was full of praise and excitement for Bankman-Fried, according to the article.

“We were incredibly impressed,” Bailhe said. “It was one of those your-hair-is-blown-back type of meetings.”

Arora said he was watching Bankman-Fried play “League of Legends” while he was answering the last question from Lin, and Bankman-Fried was in a “gank,” gamer slang for “gang killing,” in the multiplayer video game.

Sounds like a real whiz kid boy genius we’ve got on our hands here. Imagine being so rude and arrogant that you start playing League of Legends in the middle of a meeting with a fifth of a billion of investment at stake. You and I couldn’t pull that off, but we’re dealing with a real brilliance here. The kind that you just can’t find anywhere, and certainly not from the goyim. Sam Bankman-Fried might be a horrible person, but when you’re getting returns of –

Sequoia Capital marked down its $214 million investment in the platform to $0 on Wednesday, saying in a letter to its investors that “the full nature and extent of this risk is not known at this time,” in relation to the FTX’s liquidity crunch following a failed deal to be acquired by rival crypto platform Binance.

Let’s check in with Larry Fink and Blackrock. Surely he’s too experienced and competent of an investor to fall for this.

Financial Times:

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Bankman told Bravo his son was looking for guidance on philanthropic projects in Miami to further his “effective altruism” mission. Only after they spoke did Bravo learn that Bankman-Fried was also in the process of raising a $900mn Series B funding round at a $18bn valuation, with a who’s who of investors including Sequoia Capital, BlackRock and SoftBank. He quickly called Bankman back seeking an introduction and a way into the deal, which was progressing quickly and would be the largest capital raising in crypto exchange history.

Larry Fink

What?! I don’t believe it! All of these totally serious and very competent investors decided to give hundreds of millions to a total clown who plays video games during the meetings with him, despite the future of his corporation being at stake! How could this possibly happen?

Here’s the reality of capitalism. Big businesses are big because they exist in markets where size itself gives unfair advantages. The best example is something like Facebook, where the value lies not in their non-existent technology, but the social networks already on the site. You can make a competitor to Facebook with a very similar design, and even faster loading or small UI improvements. Despite the cuckservative pro-corporate propaganda telling you that you’ve made a better product, you haven’t. The value is not Facebook, the value is Facebook’s userbase. So no, you can’t compete with these trillion dollar multinationals, and the reason why they are trillion dollar multinationals is because they are in winner take all markets, not because they “created a trillion dollars of value,” or any other nonsense.

Everybody in finance understands this. Own a winner of a winner takes all market, and you have an entity that is more powerful than the government, especially since you can use a small portion of the excess profits to bribe government officials to do what you want politically. Part of that includes corporate-friendly policy, but mostly it’s just them pushing whatever (((agenda))) they personally believe in.

There are only two explanations for why all of these (((investment firms))) gave collective billions to FTX. The first is that they were in on FTX’s criminality right from the get go. This is certainly plausible, but the criminality here is shockingly brazen, even for them. Remember, big businesses are already rigged, Blackrock doesn’t need to resort to getting a percentage of FTX’s theft of a few measly billion, especially with the political and legal backlash. 

More likely is simply that they saw that FTX was in yet another winner takes all market. The more deals they offer, the more money they manage, the better prices they can offer through economies of scale, so flushing them with capital and letting them grow should lead to them eventually dominating the market. On top of this, Crypto was a relatively Judenfrei industry, so they wanted to install another Jew at the top of this industry, just like so many others. Eventually they can slowly sell their shares, knowing that Bankman-Fried, especially coming from political activist parents, is going to be doing roughly what they want with the corporate power he’ll ge. But FTX was already big enough to manipulate the crypto markets, so they could also just run the usual schemes with him as their inside guy.

What they didn’t count on was Sam Bankman-Fried, the video game addicted slob, being such a fuckup that he’d launch a terribly thought out ponzi scheme by stealing the customers money and investing it in his own fake cryptocurrency. Then this blew up in his face because he was too busy playing League of Legends to properly manage his criminal empire. 

Whichever of those two you believe, what is certain is that Bankman-Fried was never an impressive person in any way. He didn’t blow anyone away in any meetings, especially with his LEET League of Legends skills. They were told by their higher ups to be excited about him, so they were. He got a two billion dollars in investment for his terribly run company, even ignoring the scam, because he was a politically connected Jew.

No one reading this could have done what he did and received the money he got. And all the shitlib Democracy Class dickriders know, deep down inside, that they would never be able to play some stupid video game on a conference call with important institutional investors shilling their company that they run with a bunch of their twenty-something friends. They know they would get laughed at and denied said investment meeting in the first place. And they know, whether they would like to admit it or not, that it is because they are not a Jew or an aristocrat from a wealthy and very well connected family who is going to kiss Schlomo’s ass politically.

I hope they think about this when they’re being little eager beavers and putting in the extra hours at their Globo Homo Corp. The system is rigged, and they’re a peasant.

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  1. When individualist conservatives see themselves as just “temporarily embarrassed millionaires” and refuse to criticize Capitalism, their belief that it’s possible for a normal rube to become wealthy is exclusively supported by them seeing privileged Jews become billionaires and conservatives not recognizing what’s really happening. Hopefully this starts breaking the conditioning of the individualist midwit in addition to the establishment ladder climbers.

    1. Ayn Rand is probably the most effective anti-fascist to ever live, and she did it using the oldest trick in the book, appealing to people’s vanity.

    2. Exposing just how insanely nepotistic, insular, and incompetent the world of big business is can only be a good thing. People need it drilled into them over and over that the corporate world is fake.

      1. Nepotistic: definitely — insular/isolated from the real world of work: yes — incompetent? — maybe — and that’s mostly how this is being reported: a big oops — but just like Epstein and his plane were about a lot more than men wanting to have sex with young girls, this is about a lot more than incompetence — it seems more like a planned scam, a conspiracy where one apparent aim seems already known: to launder and funnel government funds to the Democrats — incompetence of this sort, on such a vast scale, is rare — and just like with Epstein, some fall guy (or gal) will be chosen, and the full and real truth will likely never be known.

        1. They gave $20+ million to Republicans as well. This whole “muh DEMONrats,” narrative needs to die a painful death. There is little evidence that this is some sort of DEMONrat op. This is a bunch of zionist kikes doing an incredibly sloppy op, and there’s little reason to believe otherwise.

      2. Also one ulterior purpose here may have been to create a case for stricter regulation of digital currency in preparation for the introduction of CBDC, which would be a disaster, and the end of freedom as people have known it — along with the huge declines of many species of crypto, this FTX incident has doubtless further undermined public confidence in digital-/ crypto-currency, which TPTB will seek to restore by coming to the rescue with strict regulation.

  2. Damn funny – one of your best posts.
    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll vomit.

    That pic of the bankman who nose…. somehow looks like Kosher Tommy Lee Jones.

    You gotta watch Dr Who old episode “the sun makers” – has a midget bankman alien, Money is called “TAL-MARS” – everyone is taxed to death and must stay indoors under indoor chemtrail gases which Lithium their brains.

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