Two nights ago I listened to the most recent FTN, Palestinefeld. It was the one featuring Tony Hovater, since the Balogh family appears set to welcome new life into this world once again. It kind of makes me wish I had more than this one picture of the two of them together.

Anyway, near the end of the show they bring up Kanye West, and point out that he doesn’t appear to have done anything particular uppity towards the They-Americans in the past few weeks. It’s harder to notice the absence of something, but I realized that he’s been pretty quiet on that front. I figured that his new handler, Milo Yiannopoulos, was putting the kibosh on anything interesting. Kanye had gone pretty hard, but I guess it was over.

Well apparently not, because he just ragequit the Tim Pool show because the guy refused to name the Jew.

Kanye West: You know to come in here, I feel like it’s a setup to be like defending – I’m not gonna go through another – like I’m literally gonna walk the eff off the show if I’m sittin’ up here havin’ to, you know, talk about “you can’t say that it’s Jewish people who did it,” when every sensible person knows that. I mean, Jon Stewart knows what happened to me and they took it too far.

One of the best rhetorical strategies Mike Peinovich ever developed was the “no, you prove to me,” tact. Originally this was in development when shitlibs kept doing the “okay but IQ tests are faulty and you can’t say that Blacks are dumb and blah blah.” The mediocre response to that is walls of autism showing the link between IQ tests and brain size, and hundreds if not thousands of studies showing links between genetics and IQ. The decent response is “LMFAO World Starrrrr. WORLD STARRRRRRR.” But the absolute best response is, to quote Mr. Peinovich:

“I know you know that niggers are dumb.”

Because it’s true. Every single person in the whole entire world knows that Black People are not nearly as intelligent, on average, as White People. Everyone knows that. Everyone who pretends to think otherwise is simply lying, and must prove that they honestly believe something so dumb. Only a select few are truly so delusional as to think otherwise.

The same is true for the They-American situation. Everyone knows that Jews run Hollywood, and not just people who happen to be Jews through pure cohencidence but card carrying members of the ADL. It is not a surprise that Harvey Weinstein sicced Mossad agents on his victims to shut them up, and it is not a surprise that so many of the owners of Hollywood studios are Jews. That industry is a cartel run by Jews, just like a mafia cartel would be run by Italians. Everyone knows this, and anyone who pretends otherwise is lying.

Continued: With the last of my money that’s available in a different account I’m gonna order a PJ before I sit and have another Lex Friedman set up conversation when they’re literally trying to put me in jail for my opinion. I don’t care about the people [who say otherwise]. Those people are bots.

Kanye is far from a genius, but his rhetorical instincts are great. Pointing out that the celebrities are always on the casting couch was solid rhetoric. Pointing out that everyone knows that Jews are harassing him is exactly what he should do. And calling everyone who pretends to believe otherwise bots is a nice little cherry on top.

Tim Pool: I think they’ve been extremely unfair to you.

Kanye: Who’s they though? *laughs*

 Tim Pool: Uh

Kanye: We can’t say who they is can we?

Tim Pool: The corporate press. I don’t use the word uh, the way I, I, I, guess you guys use… 

Nick Fuentes: It is them though isn’t it? I mean, because –

I could have gone without seeing the Catboi Puhrer again, but whatever.

Tim Pool: No.

*Kanye laughs in the background*

Nick Fuentes: Because when you consider it. Think about it. I mean 2018 –

Kanye: What do you mean it’s not.

Tim Pool: What do – what do I mean like. Uh. Uh. Okay so. 

*Door opens in background*

Pool: You leavin?

At that point someone walks behind Tim Pool. I don’t know if that was Kanye West, but he did in fact leave the interview because Tim Pool was being a fake, grifting piece of shit once again. Once again, Kanye is not a genius, but this is how you treat these shills.

I wouldn’t want to get wrapped up tight in what looks to be a trainwreck, but I’ll be happy to take out my camcorder and record this runaway train pounding its way into Washington, DC.

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  1. The blacks is dumber thing is purely cultural in my opinion. It’s like all the dumb “cool kids” in grade school.
    The culture is all about “being cool”, and many of the women are sleazy – some stereotypes are true.
    BUT… in the rare case they leave the stupidity and think on their own, and it’s always when the dad is a hard-ass – their IQ is similar to anyone else and WAY MORE independent thought there than the asians.

    1. Of all the things you’ve typed on this site, this might be the worst.

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