If you don’t know who Juden Peterstein is, he was kind enough to sit down with the Daily Rake a few months ago. It was something about Abby Shapiro’s milkers and dragons and treasure. It was one of the most uncomfortable interviews I ever did, but the throughline was that he was truly an Aryan Soldier For God and was simply pretending otherwise in order to ensconce himself in our (((Democracy Class))).

Above we can see him doing a fantastic job of pretending to be a worthless sucker of circumsized penis. He’s so committed to the role that he spends ninety obsequious minutes on his knees in front of him, and that’s just the heavily edited version.

Unfortunately the peasants don’t understand this extremely clever performance art that Jordan Peterson is doing. They’re reacting to the obvious shilling that Peterson is doing, being too stupid to understand that no one could possibly be this transparent of a shill for zionists.

Shamefully, E. Michael Jones is failing to Trust The Plan. The same can be said for literally all of the top comments.

It’s so sad that these goyim don’t understand that Peterson is doing the bit. I mean what else could he be, a totally bought and paid for shill with a voice that sounds like Kermit the Frog? Ridiculous.

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  1. In my view, Peterson is just a Stefan Molyneux replacement. They wanted somebody who was a gatekeeper and not a gateway…
    Of course, turns out that the people that he is supposed to corral are having none of this crap.

    1. Also Molyneux was probably more of a gateway than a gatekeeper.

  2. The comments on this video are such a breath of fresh air. We may actually have a future for humanity, and avoid all of us being nosed to death by the (((chosen ones))).

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