I can’t pretend that it hasn’t been mildly amusing being back on twatter. For me probably less than for others, since 90+% of my posts are just links to the articles with little blurbs, functionally identical to our telegram posts. Even still, the engagement with others can be productive.

With the censoring of Kanye West for his clearly non-violent speech, the writing is on the wall. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go sign up for twatter, but understand that the productivity you’ll be able to have on there will be limited.

Alt Hype, responsible for some of the best deep dives ever, is on the site and you should give him a follow. The tweet above is him responding to this Groyper whining about Richard Hanania making fun of the Kanye West/Nick Fuentes Axis Of Grifting Narcissism.

User “Esoteric Shaggyist” is big mad about Richard Hanania. If you don’t know who he is, he’s been talked about twice on Strike and Mike, and is a somewhat decent intellectual. Striker had this to say about him on the BANG forum.

I think Richard Hanania’s views on economics and his stuff about how Jeff Bezos is the victim of envious proles are atrocious, but his academic work on foreign policy, anti-white animosity in America, why conservatism is an ineffectual scam, and his very careful but direct attacks on Jewish power outweigh all of that.

If you’re going to discard the guys work or try to turn him into some kind of enemy because he got vaccinated and doesn’t believe the vaccine was designed to kill people then it’s your loss. Nobody else in America is doing the kind of scholarship he is putting out.

Considering who he has next to him on the board of the CSPI, I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Hanania is not our guy. Nevertheless, he’s basically what Conservative intellectuals would be if they were actually intellectuals, and not drooling retards for Israel.

But that’s neither here nor there. More relevant is Alt Hype bringing up Mike Enoch and the TRS crew, who were far more popular on YouTube pre-censorship than the Mexican Child Saviour of the Twink Race, without prompting. In true catboi fashion, there have been plenty of posts where these alt-republicans whine about Alex Jones being censored, but somehow fail to mention. This is because they are a bunch of fairweather grifters who are following the lead of the Optics Grifter and still utterly refusing to have solidarity with people who supposedly share most of the same politics but “deserved” their censorship for being “bad optics.”

Alt Hype makes this point succinctly in the above tweet and others. Fuentes was given the audience that was built by TRS and others, including Alt Hype. Fuentes was censored later because he was an ineffectual clown. But unfortunately we can’t see the tweet he’s responding to, because it’s from a suspended account. Twitter let’s you see who he replied to, and when we click on @acroyear444 we get the following.

Groypers being censored actually makes a lot of sense. These are truly terrible optics retards who alternate between praising Black rappers, using unnecessary racial slurs, and legitimate targeted harassment at semi-random other users. These were the guys who were posting “White Women Fuck Dogs,” way back in the day, and that’s the kind of behaviour that I wouldn’t tolerate in this nice White e-neighbourhood over here. That one of these tards did something to get himself kicked off the site does not in and of itself discredit Musk, but to combine that with the totally unjustifiable censorship of Kanye West, and it’s far from a good sign.

But that all needs to take a backseat. Because we’ve spotted something in the wild e-grasses. It took us a while to see because it was so short, but we sensed something on the e-wind. We listened closely, then closer still. Finally we realised that it wasn’t wind we were hearing, it was the high pitched voice of a tiny methed up manlet screaming:

Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong you Marxist feminazis.

I could not be more proud that some absolute unit posted my articles in response.

This is of course the entire point of that 60k+ word series on the tiny man who gets big mad when someone agrees with the 99.9% of the World that thinks that Harvey Weinstein is a disgusting rapist who deserves jail time. I’m ashamed to admit that I even left a reply to one of the alt-republicans, and I do regret it. I think the way to deal with these types is quick sharp raps on the nose followed by neglect.

As for Anglin’s claim, the direct comparison on YouTube back pre-censorship was more apt by virtue of it being a direct comparison. The TRS guys are not social media addicts who spend all day online. Jesse/Sven doesn’t have any social media, and Moike regularly goes days without posting on telegram. Nor did they ever have the kind of embarrassing addiction withdrawals that the future catboi POTUS had. 

Yup, it’s Fuentes

Nowadays the better comparison would be Cozy vs TRS, which third party tools show as a close battle, but one with TRS in the lead. And that’s despite the Alt-Republicans deliberately making their message unpalatable to normal people “god is great bro pussies are cringe,” in order to appeal more to the constantly online losernats. The TRS crowd is the kind of people who can show up to an event and not look like total dorks. The kind who can get war veterans to get heartfelt speeches about being betrayed by their government, only interrupted by babies crying in the audience.

Twitter is fun if you’re into that kind of thing, but I highly doubt it’s going to last when Elon “I love my tranny son” Musk is cucking hard to the ADL, the very same group openly trying to destroy his business.

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  1. Commenceth over here, you big silly bruce !

    Good post btw – but imagine my lack of surprise.

  2. Forgot to mention.
    Empericism is a good thing, as in empirical data.

    I wonder how long it will take for “white activists” to realize that the anti-black stuff (blacks is dumb) is retarded as hell. There’s an experiment someone else has to do, because I don’t care. These twits, when dissected have one of 2 possibilities and all need to be categorized.
    1. They are shills for those with Nose, since it is one of their “chief weapons” (monty python) – simply divide and conquer, with a side of distraction.
    2. They are retarded pink faced dweebs who never interacted with a black person at any level, and especially not in a professional career, since they have none.

    At the end of the day, as I eat popcorn and watch the unaware idiots get injected with mRNA, screwing their immune systems in various ways, as phase 1 of bolshevik revolution 2 – I will NEVER take seriously anyone who can’t get to the root of the problem and quit being mind-plooked. “they’re snorting detergent and plooking each other” (zappa).

    1. Riiiiight. Except that Jequeerus really is a moron, and pretending otherwise is what allows zionists to justify anti-White racial discrimination in various places.

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