CBS News:

CINCINNATI — Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was in critical condition after he collapsed on the field Monday night, the NFL said, and Buffalo’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals was suspended.

Hamlin was administered CPR on the field, ESPN reported, and he was surrounded by teammates, some of them in tears, after he was hurt while tackling Bengals receiver Tee Higgins.

Higgins led with his right shoulder, which hit Hamlin in the chest. Hamlin then wrapped his arms around Higgins’ shoulders and helmet to drag him down. Hamlin got to his feet, appeared to adjust his face mask with his right hand, and then fell backward about three seconds later and lay motionless.

Motionless. He lay there motionless. This sweet, kind soul.

I was wondering what the cause was until I got an email from none other than Klaus Schwab himself. I hesitated to open it, for fear that he would give my computer a vaccine. Eventually my curiosity overpowered my fear and I had a look.

Ms. Clinton,

It is I, Klaus Schwab. I hope that I’m sending this to your correct email, which I believe is I’m not sure why you started using this email as opposed to like you normally do, but I’ll just blithely send this email out regardless.

As you know, we have for some years been trying to recreate the opening scene to Shane Black’s The Last Boy Scout. Project DeadNigger, as it has been codenamed, has been in the works forever. Today I can say that it has been a rousing success. 

The nanobots that we injected into Damar Hamlin, the recently deceased Bills Safety, used nanotechnology to stop his heart from beating on field. There was no other explanation for his death, although some conspiracy theorists have pointed to him being hit hard directly in the chest just seconds before, which possibly stopped his heart. This is ridiculous. Obviously he was killed with nanobots, and the telemetry microchips that we injected into him through Pfizer’s vaccine clearly show us that yes, it was the nanobots that got him.

Bills QB reacts to watching a man murdered by Klaus Schwab

Normally the conspiracy theorists who would deny such patently obvious things serve our purposes. After all, we are a global clique who already run the world and are trying our hardest to establish another, slightly different global clique that runs the world. By the way, by “we” I mean us Goyim. That’s me, you (Hillary), and Bill Gates, no jews involved. Everything we do, war in Ukraine, Covid-19, UN Agenda 69 (the sexy one with cheerleaders), wars in the Middle East on behalf of White Christian Conservatives, the purpose is clear, another, slightly different world government that we Goyim run out of Israel and funded by (((Blackrock))), our pawns.

We were trying to send a message to all the world that we are so all powerful we can murder random minor celebrities, including backup safeties forced into action due to injury. Next week we will murder that one guy who had that MTV show way back when. It was basically jackass, but dumber. I can’t remember his name – Tom Green, that’s who. Yeah Tom Green is getting got next week. That’ll show the world how powerful we are.

Tom Green receiving news from the Learned Elders of Zion that he has 184 hours to live.

It is very concerning that there are some people out there who believe that athletes suddenly dying young is not a new phenomenon. They must be silenced. Hillary, I trust you know what to do.

Klaus Schwab

P.S. There’s a shortage of chairs.

I’ve been skeptical of some of the QAnon tier anti-vaccine takes before. But in this case, I think the email speaks for itself. I had no idea that the WEF would be so bold as to outright kill a man on national television, but I guess this is some sort flex. Scary stuff.

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  1. I like most of your stuff and read it almost daily -I don’t read crap on the internet and I don’t have time for Beedios (as spoken by Senor Wences) because the videos are so damn slow and my mind gets to the damn point or it goes elsewhere – it’s my molecular bio background.
    Anyways I know this piece is trying to be witty and funny but there’s a simple bottom line.
    There never was a “covid” and nobody ever died from it. But what do I know just spent half my life working in virology and Immuno labs (mostly jew run but some great ones also). I don’t know many people but I know 2 with relatives who they said died of covid, both very senior and one is suing the hospital because his dad died of a heart condition but they wrote “THE BID” . There’s not a single proof of the common mild corona (which cannot be altered and replicate) killing after autopsy (not done for Bid patients) There is plenty of proof that external mRNA expression causes various autoimmune diseases.

    Back to no covid- bottom line – people are F-ING MORONS to get an anti-vaccine for the boogeyman… dumb……….hell.

    1. This schizo post is on par with the “my uncle works at Nintendo” bullshit I put up with in grade school.
      Thanks for the keks.

      1. Jimmy – why do you feel the need to write a stupid insult, with nothing to back you position up?

        The Cohen 19 Frankenvirus is real – but it got out of the lab early because the Chinks are SLOPPY. They aren’t really that bright, either. The virus is weak. It’s not nearly as dangerous as it was pimped to be. The mRNA jabs are, though. What’sa wrong with you?

  2. Sorry dear – it is the Kosher Klot Shot. The reason the game was stopped was because ALL the affleets WERE forced to take the (((jab))). Apparently, on the FIELD, the other affleets are ALL saying it’s the clot shot. And that the jab was forced on them. The fans heard this – those close to the play and awareness began to spread.

    My sister and I were watching the Normie JewsNews sites, and ANY comments regarding the shot, and the fact that Damar did not show the symptoms of someone who had cardiac arrest due to a chest blow, especially from medical personnel who were weighing in – comments were vanishing in SECONDS.

    When I heard of this I thought this Damar negro was a classic druggie rapist NFL thug. Not so! Apparently he is one Honest Negro. The outlier. Polite, kind, good to his fambly, NOT a druggie! The fact that he had to be resuscitated TWICE, even after a shot of ephedrine, and still showed no signs of life – it’s not a heart attack due to a chest blow. An ephedrine shot WILL bring back a young, healthy male after a “normal” heart attack. Damar did not have ANY “undetected” cardiac issues. He is in the hospital now, on his stomach, on a ventilator. He can’t breath on his own. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU ARE TREATED IF YOU HAVE A NORMAL HEART CONDITION, AND ARE ON YOUR WAY TO RECOVERY. He’s 99.9% DEAD. . So drop the SHIT.

    I do not know why the TRS Godheads refuse to acknowledge the immense death and mayhem caused BY the kike poison , and are dismissing the “Covid Cult “. There are orbiters that follow he TRS instructions. You are one of them. I had a conversation with my pal, a “NAZI geneticist, in late 2021. He told me what would happen when the effect of the m-RNA poisons would do. He said the soft tissue cancers would be begin to show up in a year or two. They ARE. Doctors are seeing stage 4 cancers appearing in MINUTES. Stage 4 is END stage. You do not SUDDENLY get Stage 4 cancer. The jabbed do, NOW, for the FIRST TIME in history.

    You are all trying to maintain credibility and “sanity” in relation to the “hysteria” over the clot shots. Well as the effects begin to manifest throughout society – you are going to LOST credibility by ignoring and dismissing the massive mayhem caused by the Cohen 19 scam.

  3. People at or near retirement age I know are dying of stage 4 turbo cancers. Unprecented pre-covid. Welcome to new post-pandemic normal.

    1. Don’t tell that to Sven, Alex, or Moike. They’ll call you a stupid dummy crazy stupid head. Especially Sven. I can’t fathom why. DOES he own stock in Pfizer? I thought that was a joke

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