It’s been a long while since Arnold Schwarzenegger had a leading role, but he’s making up for lost time with a very important video. I haven’t seen someone on YouTube take it to the Heebs like he does here since 2017 at the latest.

It is meey, Ahhhnold Schvatzeniggah. I wanna talk to you todayeuh about the ryesing hate and antismitism. I see these Jew haters and I’m like “get to de choppahh,” because this Goy needs aiyr support noahw. Fuck these kaykes. It’s all booolshiyt. The holoabouanga nevah happend.

I hate to say this about a true Aryan Race Warrior like Arnold “ugly latinas pls” Schwarzenegger, but I don’t think it’s all that much of a mystery why his acting career died once his muscles atrophied.

One masterful acting performance leads to another.

Unfortunately I can’t actually share with you all the best Schwarzenegger bits. YouTube censors it all.

It’s forgotten history now, but it used to be well known that Arnold Schwarzenegger was straight up murdering Jews while they filmed it and he said his cool lines. Special effects weren’t as good back then, so they had to bring in the most detestable creatures known to man, the Eastern European Red Tailed Kikels.

You thought that was a real alien in Predator? That was a Jew named Larry. And what’ll really cook your noodle is that Arnold demanded he do 40 takes of the scene, even though he had already nailed the take many Jews prior. 

We may have seen da antismhmemitism all over de wahlrd. But as mah greyt fryend Matthew McShonahey said, “those are rookey numbas, we gotta bump dowse up.” There are some of yaou who say there is a tooomerr on our society. It’s nat a toomah. It’s a Jew named Hahvy Weinbergah or you knowa. A spirityooal tooomah named Schlomo. 

He’s not quite what he once was, but he’s still a man dammit. He’s still Arnold “Asta La Vista, Heeb” Schwarzenegger. He’s still our brave Aryan Race Machine. He’s still our second favourite Austrian, and the chat isn’t about to let him forget it.

There’s an argument that he should be numero uno. Many of these Goyim are suffering under the delusion that the Lampshadocaust happened. It didn’t, and Aryan Schwarzenegger murdering a couple dozen Heebs live on television is the closest you will ever get.

But I do get the respect for Our Uncle, and I don’t want to countersignal that too hard. They’re both great men. 


Arnold Schwarzenegger was told that Israel and America were married together on foreign policy when he asked why the USS Liberty incident had to be covered up. He then proceeded to murder the Israeli ambassador who said that to him, and gave us one of his most iconic lines. 

Unfathomably based.

Who could forget when Arnold Schwarzenegger once said to a Jew “I eat Jews for Breakfast, and right now I’m very hungry.” Of course WOKE HOLLYWOOD had to censor this in the re-enactment, and put a Black guy in there instead. 

Goddamn wokesters. Commando was supposed to be a documentary. 

Dr. Pavel, featured in the previous piece, makes another appearance. I strongly dislike anime, but I can’t get enough of the anime natzee aesthetic. I don’t know what it is but it always hits just right.

As always, the comments are unanimously positive, and our guys remain the funniest and most entertaining people. 

Contrast this with antifa’s “owning” of Stonetoss.

Sometimes you’ve got to wonder if antifas are even human.  

But it doesn’t matter much either way. 

A very tasteful Leo Frank reference makes its way in there.

Who knows. If Ahnold Svhatzheneggah keeps it up, he could one day find himself sitting down with The Daily Rake and giving us a tell all interview.

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  1. It would seem that their constant flow of anti-white hate propaganda in all areas is starting to backfire. People get sick of it, and the harder the kikes try to shill, the faster the “rising ride of antisemitism” will overwhelm them.

    1. Could we this time just freeze dry these hebes? That way when the Red Cross comes around for inspection, we’ll trot out these feather-lite hebrews and just pose them around the compound doing life-like things until the inspection is over. And voila! No more bad press or scandal.

      And as an added bonus, they will store for years. We can keep the deception going for centuries!

      1. Lmao I got a good chuckle out of reading that.

  2. This is like the whole ‘vote for clinton’ thing where they wheeled out every celebrity they could for that, now they are trying to get any one with any name recognition to defend international jewry , that is a shift, its gone from get the goyim to go to one side of the 2 party system(jew party system) to get the goyim to stop noticing us. and it’s always the juden peterstein angle of ‘be an individual, your problems come from you goyim, ignore reality’

    Once again the type of jew we have these days just cannot make good decisions for their own continued dominance, there’s no chance at all the jewish system is gonna survive long term. They are fucked and continue to make youtube videos showcasing how desperate they are.

    1. Exactly. How is my individual self improvement going to stop Israel from murdering Palestinian children? How is my individual self improvement going to fix the border crisis? None of the issues we talk about are personal issues that are solved by improving yourself, these are political issues that are solved by group action.

      Maybe the jews should work on themselves, so that they stopped being such a anti-goyim hate group. Maybe if the jews improved their behavior people wouldn’t be counter-semitic

  3. One of the most under reported facts about Arnold is that his film career ran for not quite six years, but he still somehow managed to star in literally 6 million films during this period.

    It would take just under 1400 years to watch them all. Amazing productivity.

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