Randle said it was a routine day after the holidays at Pacific Institution in Abbotsford, B.C., on Dec. 29.

Officers were standing in one of the fenced inmate unit yards, which prisoners use regularly for hanging out, playing games or just getting some fresh air.

Then the officers noticed something strange: a grey bird with a small package on its back.

“From my understanding, it was tied to it in a similar fashion as like a little backpack,” Randle said.

The officers moved in.

“They had to corner it,” Randle said. “You can imagine how that would look, trying to catch a pigeon.”

After “a lengthy period of time,” the officers apprehended the bird, removed its cargo and set it free.

Randle said the package contained about 30 grams of crystal meth, which he described as a “fairly substantial” amount of the intensely addictive stimulant.

“It’s definitely scary with the fact that it was crystal meth that was found on the bird because that causes a whole lot of problems,” he added.

Corrections Canada confirmed in an email it is investigating, but would not provide further details.

I wonder who sent the pidgeon?

You’d think they’d use more high tech methods, like quadcopters.

In recent years, corrections officers have increasingly been on the lookout for drones dropping contraband into correctional facilities. Last month, a drone dropped a firearm into Mission Institution.

Since the drone crackdown, Randle said smugglers might be turning back to “old school” methods like pigeons or “throwover” — where someone outside lobs a package over the fence.

Oh okay then, my bad. I underestimated the power of the crack pidgeon. Old tech solutions can still be good solutions.

Pidgey caught dropping off the crack pipe.

Makes you wonder how many times the pidgeon dropped off some meth without being caught. Also, makes you wonder how addicted to meth someone would need to be to go to this length to get it into prison. Although I would guess that it’s for the inmates. 

In an unrelated story I submitted a report at least a full month ago against the pervert Seth Masters on twatter. I think it was for “discrimination based on sexual orientation,” but Twatter doesn’t show me the things I reported him for.

I went over to his profile and found to my disappointment that it was still there. Also, I had blocked him so I couldn’t see anything. I unblocked him and saw him calling himself a “heterophobe” in his bio. That should be enough in and of itself to have him banned, but apparently not.

After unblocking I saw these as his latest tweets. I made the horrible mistake of clicking “View” on the bottom tweet. I then made a mad dash up to his bio and hit that block button once more.

I’d actually forgotten that twatter existed for a few days. It’s so boring and dead now that everyone interesting is censored. But in keeping with the more narrowly kosher modern twatter they are somewhat punishing the most egregious antifa types.

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  1. Fuck Twatter. I was banned in the most recent NJP holocaust and probably won’t go back. It was lame hen with only a handful of mmmbased guys. Can’t imagine how IQ challenged it is now.

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