It’s been about three weeks since Elon “nuke Mars” Musk trooned out and banned Kanye West. Before then we had a bunch of our guys, Jazzhands, Warren and Emily, Tony, and others get e-ovened after Musk announced plans to buy the company. Then, after he took over, we had another e-holocausting. We thought things might be different, but they weren’t, and the good guys fell one by one. At this point the writing was on the wall, and it was only a matter of time before all the cool people were hooked up to the masturbation machines and insecticided into e-lampshades.

Steve Sailer, who is something of the spritual father of the alt-right, hasn’t quite been banned. He has encountered that obnoxious thing where Twatter demands that you e-apologize by taking down your “offending” tweet. Whether he’ll last much longer after doing that is anyone’s guess.

Yesterday our favourite Warhammer 40k enthusiast and bike fag get put onto an e-rollercoaster that went directly into a virtual oven. Alex McNabb, who was the last major TRS/NJP figure, is now once again twatterless. May God have mercy on his soul, and may he tweet in e-heaven. 

Bike Fag wrote a BANG post titled “My Twitter expedition has come to an end, here are my thoughts.”


1. Naughty people still get permanently suspended.
I was very, very careful to avoid specifically mentioning Jews or using any kind of reportable language. Didn’t matter, and also didn’t matter for Morgoth, who lasted about 3 days, and that guy is extremely experienced at navigating a stringent TOS. There’s obviously a list of us and we’re not allowed on social media.

Morgoth. There’s a name I forgot about, although I don’t mean that in a bad way. He actually still has a YouTube channel. By the looks of things he uploads every two weeks or so. He also has a telegram channel.

Following the terms of service isn’t enough to stay on YouTube, and it isn’t enough to stay on twatter, although it does help. If Morgoth, a guy who managed to stay on YouTube all these years, couldn’t stay on Twatter for three days then we can say that the Twitter censorship is officially more oppressive than the YouTube censorship, which is pretty unreal. At the very least it’s on par.

2. Reach is somewhat better than other social media sites, but engagement is relatively poor.
It is possible to post a Tweet or drop a reply and have it go “viral”. But actual follower numbers still seem to cap out pretty low and you won’t get much debate or discussion on a post unless you’re intentionally kicking a beehive.  I hit about 4,800 followers within a couple weeks or so. Looking at other accounts, I’d say 5-10K is probably what most people from the TDS roster could hope to acquire, maybe 20K for Mike. As with Telegram, the existing audience is gonna jump on board with your account and then you’ll cap out. In terms of advertising our content or using this as some kind of political vector, I think Twitter is basically useless. I don’t see any reason to think there’s a starving audience of potential souls to be saved in the name of white nationalism on the bird site. 


I’ve touched on this before, but the people who are online these days tend to be of lower quality for real world activism than back in 2015. And the people who are still on those sites in particular are of drastically lower quality. Don’t take that as an insult if you’re reading this, but it’s undoubtedly true that lots of normal people stopped spending so much time online after the successive waves of censorship, and Blormph turning out to be a complete fraud.

We have Poast, telegram, and twatter, and I think the first two are productive. I get a lot of messages and healthy engagement with the first two apps. Twitter not so much, but I’m going to keep using it because there’s no reason not to get the few extra clicks that each article post brings. I never felt much need to spend time on twitter engaging with random trannies and “journalists” engaging in the typical twitter experience. Instead I posted almost exclusively the copy-pasted telegram blurbs with links to articles. The return on investment was fine, but pretty minimal.

The highest clicked articles only got about twenty extra clicks, maximum.

3. The pseudo-political landscape is different under Elon.
I always remembered libtards and antifa having this triumphal attitude on Old Twitter. It was their world, and they could have you banned in a second. The tone of the place catered to their retarded political sensibilities. That has definitely changed under the reign of a capricious oligarch who occasionally bans their accounts for as little reason as ours are banned. Looking at the replies on various accounts its clear the right-wing tribe is firing off ripostes and ratioing Big Name Libtards as if the entire exercise is a psychological project designed as a pressure release valve for conservatives. It’s definitely more fractured under Elon, more anarchic, more of a free-for-all.

4. Alt-lite hucksters, YT Blood Sports veterans and grifters have quietly consolidated. 
Ian Miles Chong has wormed his way into Elon Musk’s online circle and regularly appears in voice chats with him. People that have some degree of political awareness but also a lack of political zealotry found themselves poised to be an “alternative” without actually saying anything that matters. By being antagonist towards hypocritical libtards (easy marks in the first place) they’ve pretty much created a fake counter-culture that’s now a permanent fixture on the site. Performative Christian signaling is everywhere, to such a heightened degree that gamer-thots are now sporting crosses.

This makes sense, although I wouldn’t know since I haven’t bothered engaging with the site enough to get a feel for the meta-political winds. Like I said, I pretty much just post my articles. Occasionally I’ll click on some profile in particular, like Alt-Hype, or McNabb before he got ovened, and see if he said something interesting.

Again, it’s not 2015 anymore. Many high quality normal people, like James Allsup, have moved on. They aren’t there en masse on twatter just looking to get redpilled. Some are, but many aren’t. All of which leads us to McNabb’s final point.

5. Social media itself feels played out. 
I wasn’t on Twitter for 3 years. I definitely didn’t miss it, and getting banned now just means I have to go back to doing more productive things with my time instead of dropping mean replies to libtards. It was a blast getting to wreck these idiots for a few days straight and I’m glad I was there for the Journalist Holocaust, but by the end I was posting 40K minis and back to being bored. In general I think this is a common sentiment and the general trajectory of Facebook and other “competitors” all show the same trend towards declining participation.

The real takeaway of watching Elon Musk wrestle with Twitter is that social media itself has never rectified the techno-cultural problems created by its own existence. Beyond basic issues like making humans communicate with short strings of text and carefully curated photographs, asymmetrical warfare in which an individual’s life can be destroyed by anonymous group of zealots remains a constant problem. Musk experienced it himself with real-time tracking of his location and made up some ad hoc rule about it, but the central problem of a nightmarish hyper-reality with real-world consequences still remains.

Free speech is still curtailed despite a plainly obvious precedent for it in American law. Seems obvious that the only real solution is for government control/ownership of social media but we ain’t gonna get that in the West.

I view the DR’s social media engagement as free advertising. There’s little reason not to do it, and I can get some engagement with fans, so I will continue. Twitter is the purest form of this, since I barely even engage with anyone on there, and I think there’s already a lot of crossover from people who are already regular readers of the site.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t go and follow us on Poast, telegram, and Twatter. In fact I very much think that you should. Only, understand that the modern internet is a hyper-controlled sandbox, to steal a term from Vulture222, and the only way to get big online is to be shilling the (((Democracy Class))) or be an irrelevant grifter running an op on people like Alex Jones and Juden Peterstein.

Defending Harvey Weinstein seems to help. Defending NJP not so much.

I’m still surprised that I have a twitter account, considering that I don’t even bother self-censoring.


In one sense it’s an insult. But if I spent more time recruiting followers I would just be banned anyway. They can’t have someone on there being effective, which is a combination of speaking the truth, organizing people, and having a large audience.

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  1. Stanford Univ. Releases guide to “Harmful Language” included the term Er-Mercan.
    Spectacles guy doesn’t mess around – Full Bluntal Truthity.

  2. […]… […]

  3. >Steve Sailer, who is something of the spritual father of the alt-right

    Sure, if you say so.

    Actually, one of the central tenets of the Alt-Right was white racial identity — White Nationalism.

    Sailer calls himself a ‘citizenist’, i.e. he’s a civic nationalist — he’s been performing the same phony, tiresome conservatard schtick on the internet for a couple of decades now — despite all he has written about HBD, like Peter Brimelow, who sued the NYT for calling him a White Nationalist (asking for donations to pay for it), he cucks when it comes to publicly drawing the appropriate conclusions — speaking of people like Sailer and Brimelow (and Vdare as an organization), what do they stand for if not for preserving the US as a majority white nation?

    There’s nothing ‘cool’ about Sailer — anyone who pays close enough attention to him ought to come to dislike him eventually — his writing always has the same tone of wry detachment — he doesn’t really care about anything, he never really takes a position on anything — it’s all show and snark — he just wants to get his yucks and collect donations from the gullible.

    He went all-in on COVID, expressing zero skepticism about anything, which should have been enough to eliminate all doubt about who and what he really is.

    Apparently not however.

  4. Telegram requires self-doxx with a valid phone number, and does not allow free VOIP numbers.

  5. […] to be the grim reality of the situation, however. Reports from the independent Canadian outlet, the Daily Rake, have revealed that the account of the right-wing podcaster, Alex McNabb, along with others […]

  6. “In terms of advertising our content or using this as some kind of political vector, I think Twitter is basically useless.”

    No shit, Sherlock. Furthermore, Telegram is a shit site and no one wants to use it. Our people should be on Gab.

  7. I was surprised recently to get a temp ban of 12 hours for making a post. The process was almost instant. I made some joke about Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes jerking off to tranny porn, then made fun of their shitty cult followers. Guess they may consider this was all a bit defamatory or something. It was over the top shitposting sure, but it is weird I get silenced for making fun of the radical-far-right-white-supremacist-extremist and their love of chicks with dicks.

    It’s not like this information is not out there and it was hilarious to be censored for saying the notorious mainstream far-right is full of shit.

    If I cannot make fun of those guys without being censored, there is not much you can do. It’s unclear what may be automatically flagged. I’d rather they focus on automatically removing porn, I don’t know why they insist on having so much porn in there. Anytime I do a random search, some matches will be porn. Just let me see some cunts say offensive shit instead of bitches showing their cunts for clicks.

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