Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican Kevin McCarthy is the new House speaker, but as bruising as it was for him to seize the gavel in a history-making election, it may be even more difficult for the embattled leader to do much with the powerful position — or to even keep it.

Like the two most recent Republican speakers, John Boehner and Paul Ryan, McCarthy takes the helm of a restive, rebellious majority split in much the same way as the party itself, between what’s left of the Grand Old Party conservatives and a new generation of tea party-to-Donald Trump hard-liners preferring almost no big government at all.

I didn’t write about this saga before. I’ve been busy with more important things than puppetfights in congress. I thought this was funny at the time, but Matt Gaetz is also a political fraud with a Columbian rentboy named Nester.

There is nothing more precious and conservative than the sacrosanct love between a man and his Cuban rentboy.

Here we can see Matt Gaetz posing with Nestor on his left, while a squat South American man with an AIDS-Pride flag is off to his right. In the background is a sportsball jersey. I don’t think you can shove any more conservatism into one image.

I’m not even saying this sarcastically.

Check out Matty “Rentboy love is love” Gaetz OwNInG dA LiBS by raising a non-White child of his own. Matt Gaetz took the owning of da libs to unprecedented levels by even letting Nestor sleep with him in his bed, walk around the house in Gaetz’ underwear, and even lovingly rubbed coconut oil into Nestor’s supple brown body. But now he’s taking the fight to the Republicans in Name (and actual positions) Only.

Washington Examiner:

Newly elected Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) praised Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and former President Donald Trump for helping him secure the speaker’s gavel in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Gaetz, whose “present” vote helped lower the vote threshold to give McCarthy the speakership, helped get his other five detractors to vote “present” during the final speaker vote instead of voting for someone else, McCarthy said.

“It became a tie and … Matt really wanted to get everybody there. Through all of this, people’s emotions go up and down. At the end of the night, Matt got everybody there to the point that nobody voted against it. It actually helped unite,” the speaker said.

Gaetz said the switch from voting for another candidate to voting “present” came because he ran out of things to ask McCarthy for in the House rules legislation that is expected to be voted on Monday. McCarthy made concessions to the group of 20 GOP lawmakers who initially opposed him in order to get the votes necessary to become the speaker. However, some details on what final concessions were made have not been released.

Oh well, I guess he’s stopped taking it to the RINOs. But he got some secret concessions that aren’t made public. In other words “trust me bro I got you stuff.”

Coming from the rentboy lover I won’t be holding my breath. According to this article the publicly revealed concessions were:

  • Changes to House Procedures and Term Limit Vote
  • Creation of ‘Weaponization’ of Federal Government Subcommittee
  • More subcommittee roles for hardliners
  • Limits on Spending
  • One lawmaker can trigger Speakership Election

In fairness, one lawmaker being able to trigger a speakership election is a big deal, or would be if there was a real block of populists in congress. It was also moderately amusing to see the other shills getting annoyed with Gaetz. Even for this tepid, lukewarm garbage.

The Big Lead:

Kevin McCarthy‘s quest to become Speaker of the House continued on Friday night as the House of Representatives voted for the 14th time with McCarthy coming up just short again. There was added drama during the late night vote as Matt Gaetz waited until the very end to join Lauren Boebert in voting “present.”

After Gaetz cast his vote, he was approached by McCarthy and they had a prolonged exchange that didn’t appear to settle anything. As McCarthy walked away Alabama’s Mike Rogers tried to go after Gaetz, but he was pulled away by someone who grabbed him by the shoulders and put his hand over his mouth.

He tried to go after him and had to be physically restrained? Oh man I bet that there were blows thrown or something. Maybe he –

One person pulls him back by his shoulder and then his face. Not as good as I was hoping for, although still pretty funny.

More because people accosting politicians is funny in general than anything germaine to Matt Gaetz in particular.


As Gaetz continued speaking, fellow Republican Rep.-elect Mike Bost of Illinois rose and began screaming at him.

“This is not going to bring anyone,” Bost could be heard saying before other members began to call for order, and House Clerk Cheryl Johnson began banging the gavel.

“Members are reminded not to engage in personalities against other members of the House,” said Johnson once the yelling had quieted down.

Mike Rogers cuck rage begins just after one minute, although Matt Gaetz’ speech before that is actually kind of funny. If the guy wasn’t a shill doing this for his own reasons I would wholeheartedly support him.

Washington Times:

Rep.-elect Matt Gaetz has begun fundraising off his holdout against electing Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy as House speaker, putting Congress at a now three-day stalemate.

The Florida Republican sent out a fundraising text message, asking for donations to help “courageous conservatives” to change how Congress functions.

“Right now, I’m leading the fight on the House floor to elect a true conservative as Speaker of the House,” Mr. Gaetz‘s text reads.

In a different text, he accuses Mr. McCarthy of waging an “endless war” against him over his resistance to support him for speaker.

Kevin is owned by the lobbyists, and has sold himself to the swamp,” Mr. Gaetz said. “He‘s standing in the way of a true MAGA majority.”

Kevin McCarthy was endorsed by Gorland Blormph one day into this process. This endorsement manage to net McCarthy a net total of negative one vote, since Victoria Spartz changed her vote to present.

If you don’t know who she is, she was featured prominently in a piece on Ukraine, where she started loudly complaining that the Ukrainian government was a thoroughly corrupt entity. But more to the point, Gaetz is fundraising off of this, and making appeals to the people who want Blormph’s (fake) 2016 agenda. He says that McCarthy is standing in the way of that, and he’s also saying, by way of implication, that Donald Trump is as well. 

Why does Matt Gaetz hate true blue conservative Kevin McCarthy so much? Or rather, why is Matt Gaetz cynically exploiting the peasants hatred of Kevin McCarthy? He seems like a real swell guy. After all, MAGA Patriot Gorland Blormph endorsed him.


It’s still an open question as to who will be the next speaker of the House of Representatives, but no matter who wins, one thing is for certain: Kevin McCarthy will lose.

If there is one clear takeaway from this week’s melodrama, it’s that McCarthy has no control over the House GOP caucus. He instills no fear and little respect among his colleagues.

While it’s not impossible to have sympathy for any political leader facing the reactionary extremists of the GOP’s far-right bloc, McCarthy made his bed. Throughout his 16 years in Congress, he has worn his political ambitions on his sleeve. He isn’t associated with any notable policy objectives, unlike Paul Ryan or Newt Gingrich. In a party that demands orthodoxy, his politics are malleable and transactional. He isn’t a leader who projects confidence or ideological consistency but rather a follower of the prevailing political winds. 

Follower of the prevailing political (((donations))), more like it. The one thing that he’s good at is being a cucky little shill who can raise hundreds of millions… by selling you out.

Gaetz said in the the speech that Mike Rogers interrupted that McCarthy had raised half a billion for the mid terms. That’s an almost unfathomable amount of cash, but I believe it. You know the types of people who gave him that money?

I don’t have much to say on the situation that others haven’t said before, so I’ll just steal from them.

Warren Balogh:

On yesterday’s Breaking Points, [Conservative commentator] Emily Jashinsky made the interesting point that if the 20 rogue GOP house members really want to blow up the system, they should put Ilhan Omar forward as Speaker of the House.

What’s really interesting about that idea is it would force Democrats to choose between a losing vote for Arch-Zionist Hakeem Jeffries, or getting a Democratic Speaker of the House in Omar.

They would rather lose with Brooklyn golem Jeffries than win with Omar. McCarthy, meanwhile, has made stripping Omar of her seat on ther House Foreign Relations committee, because of her “antisemitism,” one his main promises if he becomes speaker.

This whole debacle also shows how “force ther vote” could’ve worked with Pelosi two years ago (Jimmy Dore vindicated). This will make it harder for both parties in the future to not use the leverage available to them, as they usually do.

That would indeed have been a realpolitik move, the first of which we’d seen in many years.

Eric Striker:

What is remarkable is that the full spectrum of conservative media — from Fox News to the retards at Newsmax — is begging people to support McCarthy. They are being ignored.

Matt Gaetz is making a political gamble going against Trump and the entire Republican Party ecosystem based off a gut feeling: people want hard policy changes in the US Congress, and if they don’t get it, most won’t care if they blow the Republicans up and give the speakership to the Democrats.

The median GOP voter is not a personality driven rube motivated entirely by owning the libs. There’s a percentage of people activated by this type of pro wrestling mindset, but for the majority, this is just that the media put in front of them wants us to be.

Gaetz is counting on people ignoring Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, Jack Posobiec, MTG, and Trump himself. I think his instincts are correct.

Strike continues.

Sean Hannity spent an hour impotently lashing out, attacking Gaetz and co. He was making choked up appeals to the spirit of Ronald Reagan, the movie star cast by high finance Jews to play president of the United States from 1980 to 1988, as if this inspires anything in people other than roaring laughter.

Nobody cares, including if something ridiculous happens like AOC ends up getting the speakership. Are the contards on TV and radio really this clueless about how much their viewers hate everything about the GOP? You would think 2020 and 2022 might tip them off. They are just low IQ liberals.

Hate everything about the GOP? Wouldn’t care if SoCIAlIsT AOC got the speaker position? Why would these peasants do something so ridiculous? Why do they hate our brave Republican Party so?

National Review:

South Dakota has been governed by bicameral Republican supermajorities since 1996. Democrats haven’t carried a statewide race in more than a decade. In a 2018 Gallup survey, the Mount Rushmore State was ranked the third-most conservative in the country, with self-identified “conservative” residents outflanking self-identified liberals by some 31 points.

It is not a state where one would expect to find a major trade conference for transgender medical specialists.
But it’s run by Republicans. Why wouldn’t we expect to see an explosion of child trannies? Or are we doing the whole “muh based Republicans,” bit?
But on January 13, the Sanford Research Center in Sioux Falls is scheduled to host just such an event. The “3rd Annual Midwest Gender Identity Summit,” billed as an effort to “review the needs of transgender patients in healthcare,” is evidence that a variety of factors have converged to make “cherry-red South Dakota the unlikely epicenter of a transgender uprising on the American Great Plains,” as the Washington Post reported in 2020. The summit is co-hosted by Sanford Health, a Sioux Falls–based health-care conglomerate, and the Transformation Project, a local transgender advocacy group.
Both Sanford and the Transformation Project are representative of the larger forces that are working to bring the transgender movement to the deepest-red corners of the United States — a coordinated, well-funded campaign for which South Dakota has become something of a trial run. That campaign’s influence has reached the Republican-dominated state legislature, where dozens of anti-gender-ideology bills have failed over the past decade. “No one thought South Dakota was a state where this could be stopped,” Libby Skarin, the campaign director for the ACLU of South Dakota, boasted in February. “I think the fact that we have consistently stopped these bills has been a source of hope for folks, like if they can do it in South Dakota, we can do it in our state.”
Numerous sources told NR that Sanford’s affiliates had mobilized behind the scenes, including in [Republican Governor Kristi] Noem’s office, to help kill the women’s-sports bill. (In response to a request for comment for this piece, Noem’s office noted that their contract with the Sanford lobbyist involved in that affair had been terminated.) The health-care group’s business interests were heavily implicated in the bill: On the same day that Noem issued her controversial veto, the company announced a $50 million expansion of Sanford Sports Complex — an athletic facility that stood to lose serious revenue if the NCAA pulled its games from the state in protest, as it had in similar situations in the past.

Do you see what the DEMONrats are up to? They’re turning the kids into trannies even in South Dakota! We need to vote Republican HARDER, and then maybe they’ll stop getting out in front of what we want and making sure that we don’t get it.

We need Republicans to get elected to make sure that LIbErALs don’t take over the supreme court.

We need Republicans elected to build that border wall so that infinity Mexicans come over to our country, but do so LEGALLY.

We need Republicans to support our most sacred social institutions.

We need Republicans in there shut down the WoKE aGEndA pushed by the LiBEraLs.

We need Republicans to stop all this tranny nonsense, and get back to normalcy.

But mostly we need to thank Sean Hannity, Kevin McCarthy, and our brave Republican Freedom Fighters for putting an end to this shutdown and making sure we got our FreEdOMs bAcK. 

NOTE: Jimmy Dore made a few triumphant videos on this. I watched this one in its entirety, and it’s pretty good. 

Starting just after 15 minutes in*

Jimmy Dore: That is the most amazing thing to me. That [the “progressive democrats”] are pretending that what’s happening with the Republican Party makes somehow the right wing of the Republican Party look bad and them look good because they didn’t do this. It’s the exact opposite.

What it shows is that there is no difference between the parties, that there is no point in voting for progressives in the Democratic Party, and that it’s all theatre and stupid. They don’t care. They’re laughing in your face. [Progressive Democrat] Jamal Bowman is laughing in your face as he votes for Israel and for Hakim Jeffries as their leader. He’s laughing in your face.

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