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The latest of a dismal sequence of outrages and oppressive acts officiously imposed upon the very distinguished and widely admired –

We’re not even one sentence in and already I hate it. I’d say that no one talks like this, but the existence of this Conrad Black thinkpiece on Juden Peterstein proves otherwise. It’s more like no one outside of a tiny minority of pompous pseudo-intellectual conservatives talks like this.

The latest of a dismal sequence of outrages and oppressive acts officiously imposed upon the very distinguished and widely admired academic, clinical psychologist and public intellectual, Jordan Peterson, is an intervention by the College of Psychologists of Ontario purporting to require Peterson to undergo a lengthy course of “media training,” in order that he might conduct his online communications “more appropriately.” 

Finally someone said it. I think it’s undoubtedly true that Peterson needs a crash course on handling himself in real life. The guy’s had more than one twitter meltdown even after supposedly being cured of his benzo addiction. 

This is a stupefying insolence from a professional body intent on pettifogging  –

Kill me now.

I’ve finally found the pseudo-intellectual who is somehow, someway, even more pretentious than Jordan “Woke Moralists” Peterson. Imagine being Jordan Peterson, and writing an impotent, whiny letter to Justin Trudeau about how he’s creating a culture of meanness. Now imagine being the guy who defends him for free. 

In a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Peterson explicitly blames on Trudeau this movement to empower the regulatory bodies governing the medical, legal and psychological professions with the ability to terrify their members over their “own conduct and the increasingly compulsion-based and ideologically pure policies that you (Trudeau) have promoted and legislated. I simply cannot resign myself to the fact that in my lifetime I am required to resort to a public letter to the leader of my country to point out that political criticism has now become such a crime in Canada that if professionals dare engage in such activity, government-appointed commissars will threaten their livelihood and present them with the spectacle of denouncement and political disgrace. There is simply and utterly no excuse whatsoever for such a state of affairs in a free country.”

No one forced you to write this impotent, whiny letter to Justin Trudeau. He’s going to laugh at it and then toss it in the trash where it belongs. Cuckservatives would be better off doing nothing, even in a purely cynical electoral sense, than the actual things that they do. 

In his letter, Peterson assures the prime minister that, “I am not suggesting or even presuming that you or any of the people associated with you had anything directly to do with this.”

So stop whining at him then you pompous faggot. I’m so sick of these uncensored servatives whining in the general direction of the kosher-left and calling it a day. Wake me up when Juden Peterstein loses his bank account.

His complaint is that Trudeau is essentially responsible for creating and encouraging the ambience of intolerance and authoritarianism by which such clumsy assaults upon freedom of expression and reasonable liberality for individuals’ conduct of their learned professions occur.

In other words, Trudeau is responsible for the vague, abstract forces of meanieness and authoritarianism that has lead to Juden Peterstein potentially facing trivial punishment. No specific policies will be mentioned. It’s just the cultural of wokey meanness to blame.

It happens that I know Jordan Peterson well and I know that he is not an extremist, he is not a partisan and he is not afflicted by any prejudice or state of intolerance against any identifiable group.

He has some very well considered and elegantly formulated views on society that would qualify as responsibly conservative,

such as his belief that the traditional family is the most effective way of raising children, and his dissent from the wokeness, political correctness and self-righteous bigotry of the official attitudes of many academic institutions and personalities.

Unless we have abandoned any pretense of being a democracy, there is absolutely nothing exceptionable in his views. I will leave it to others to determine the extent to which Justin Trudeau is responsible for this repressive and ignorant climate and the totalitarian muzzling and stifling of dissent in places that have traditionally been among society’s most reliable centres of independent policy discussion — universities and learned professions.

Know what was actually our most reliable institution for independent policy discussion? The internet. What does Juden Peterstein have to say about the mass censorship of the uppity Goys by Jonathan Greenblatt and the (((ADL))).

Well he thinks that you should be forced to speak only after revealing your identity so it’s easier for Jonathan Greenblatt to oppress you. This is an oppression by the way that our Goys have been dealing with for well over half a decade now.

But no, Goy, you should have sympathy for Mr. Peterstein. He’s a kosher-approved controlled fake opposition bloviater who is literally promoted by the algorithm on YouTube. The censorship and financial punishment is just supposed to happen to those non-privileged peasants who want to make their eebil voices heard.

Certainly, Trudeau is not solely responsible for this appalling climate of enforced ignorance and nastiness, but he has emerged from three consecutive general elections as head of the Government of Canada, which has as one of its very greatest duties and reasons for existence the protection and enhancement of the freedom of expression of everyone in Canada.

What the fuck is even the claim here cuckservatives?

This is finklethink at it’s most retarded. The issue here is that occupational licensing institutions have been taken over by Globo Homo Hyper Enthusiasts. Secondly, the issue is that they exist at all, and have the power to prevent people from working for political purposes. But instead of fighting against that, the cucks are making a big deal out of impotently whining about how Trudeau is a Meanie FASCIST who has created a culture of being MEANIE FASCISTS to poor Israel Enjoyers like Jordan Peterson. And they’re doing this in letters they write to Trudeau himself. 

Sometimes I ask myself if it’s even possible for cuckservatives to be even more offputtingly gay and retarded. I learn every time, to my horror, that the answer is yes. It is always yes.

Jordan Peterson is probably rivalled only by Justin Trudeau as the most famous Canadian in the world and he would undoubtedly surpass Trudeau in the esteem of the world. It is a scandalous reflection on the authoritarian philistinism of our society that several years ago, a teaching assistant at Wilfrid Laurier University was severely reprimanded for playing a clip of Peterson speaking on television in class. A supervising faculty member chastised the student and said it was an act as offensive as playing a speech of Hitler’s. The university eventually backed down, but the ignorant and dictatorial mindset had been revealed. Jordan Peterson does not share one single iota of political or social belief with Adolf Hitler, and in any case, given Hitler’s immense prominence as a historical figure, it would be perfectly in order to play a speech of his as an educational matter, and not with any suggestion that such an act was motivated by a desire to promote Nazism.

It is the College of Psychologists of Ontario that should be investigated over this nauseating, mealy-mouthed, cowardly, frivolous, vexatious and defamatory harassment of one of Canada’s greatest and most accomplished intellectual leaders. This proceeding is a disgrace, an outrage and an affront to every thinking and civilized person in Canada; it should be thrown out like a dead mouse.

Only at the very end to they get to the point that removing someone from working for political reasons is bad. Once again…

There are plenty of others.

I don’t much care for the antifa-like College of Psychologists in Ontario, but on one side of this we have these annoying antifas, and on the other we have the guy who is promoted time after time to subvert your fight back against them. Everyone involved is a thin skinned LOLcow who normal people find ridiculous. 

Because he’s never met a grifter fight that he didn’t want a piece of Maxime “Trudeau is a fascistBernier has joined the non-fight on Peterstein’s side.

He posted this with the accompanying text below.

Maxime Bernier’s Telegram:

Come support @DrJordanPeterson against the censors at College of Psychologists of Ontario, and all those other professionals who were censored by regulatory bodies across the country!

I will be there.

If it’s anything like that one Bernier “rally” I attended prepare yourself for the cringe of a lifetime. And it seems like Peterstein is putting the show on the road with his “12 More Rules For Life” tour. Seems like an excellent trolling operation.

There are some of you who might hesitate to side with the troons at the College of Psychologists of Ontario. But imagine not enjoying bad things happening to Jordan Peterson? I for one, am finding myself with a strange new respect for the pink haired xirs.

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  1. I suppose some people might look at this situation, and figure out how to make it worse for both sides. Maybe they’ll destroy each other, with some help.

  2. Conrad Black is marries to jew Barbara Amiel – I mean, excuse me – Baroness Black of Crossharbour. Seems like the jews, through their proxies, are squabbling over their good goyim JP.

    For JP must be unsettling as a child watching mom and dad fight.

  3. I wonder if it’s even occurred to Juden how odd it is that even after giving BB a 2-1/2 hr blowjob with eye contact, on film, that he should still have to beg the dickless conservative public for help with these issues.

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