It’s been a long time since I saw something that was truly stunning and brave, but here we are. Some guy named Sam Smith just ended racism, and it was glorious.

As can be expected from a HuWhyte Supremacist run website like YouTube, this glorious kid friendly content was restricted for viewers under the age of 18. Absolutely ridiculous. 

When I think “things that children should be exposed to,” I think “AIDS ridden Monkeypox Enjoyers getting golden showers at homo orgies.” 

Furthermore, per Putler’s request, this content has been copyright struck in Russia and Belarus by UMG, or Universal Music Group. Why would they claim this in just those two countries but not the others? Your guess is as good as mine, but ultimately I’m thinking fascism.

Luckily the Zionist run media “Independent,” is here to set the record straight.


We watch Sam Smith arrive at an old castle. Within seconds, they’re inside, surrounded by provocatively dressed dancers undulating suggestively. Smith stands at the centre, tassels on their nipples. Streams of water bounce off their face. In a nearby room, leather-clad BDSMers thrust amorously atop beds. I suppose it’s no wonder Smith’s latest music video, for the disco-inflected track “I’m Not Here to Make Friends”, has got people up in arms. It’s a raunchy, unabashed display of sexuality. Some have branded it “pornography” – but they’re wrong. It’s an accusation that reeks of homophobia.

Imagine thinking that this is pornography.

Are these natzees ever right about anything? Sure, there’s fags pissing on each others faces and simulating mutual anus combat, but that’s not pornographic. It’s just raunchy sexual content, because softcore pornography doesn’t exist.

Compared to many of their pop contemporaries, Smith is thoroughly unremarkable in their willingness to place sex front and centre. It’s hardly a leap to assume that there’s an element of homophobia in the backlash, as well as a streak of body fascism;

Body fascism? Please enlighten me mentally stable Independent “journalist.”

if Smith were thin and cisgender, their unapologetic displays of sexuality would likely have passed by unnoticed. Other artists who have suffered similar censure in recent years for “over-sexualised” music videos include Lil Nas X, and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion for their raunchy hit “WAP”. It’s probably no coincidence that these singers are queer artists of colour.

First of all, Sam Smith is a guy. He has always been a guy, so he is “cisgender.” He is also White, unfortunately, so he is not a “queer coloured artist,” or whatever. However, apparently Sam Smith came out as “genderqueer,” according to Wikipedia

Look, if I have to be a “body fascist,” to call these people obese, gross perverts with delusions, then call me Adolf.

Artists such as David Bowie and Freddie Mercury have been widely valorised for upending sexual and gender norms, for daring to get up on stage and be unapologetically themselves, at a time when few dared to do so. People love a rebel. At least, they love a rebel when the dust has settled. When the parapet has gone back up. When the act of rebellion has been washed clean, made sturdy by history and the heft of consensus. When transgression still has a living, beating pulse, plaudits can be a little harder to come by.

I couldn’t agree more. People do love rebels. They just have to be real, and not dysgenic freaks who no one likes and are promoted by the Democracy Class. 

That article has one solitary comment. It’s exactly what you would expect.

I got the video from twitter. These were the comments in the thread.

Weimarica, or in this case Weimar Britain, is a sight to behold. 

Just like with our activism in Kelowna, occasionally these people will reveal to you just how utterly delusional and disgusting that they are. Sam Smith isn’t just exceedingly perverted, he’s also just fucking gross and cringe inducing to look at. Same goes for the freakish losers playing the whores. 

We had the box office holocausting of AIDS Rom Com “Bros,” Buzz Lightyear with AIDS, and Strange World, the AIDS coming of age story. Nobody wants to see this shit, except a tiny single digit percentage of mutants. It’s not fun, it’s not popular, and yet the Corporate-State Complex keeps trying to make this a thing.

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  1. If somebody, somehow, managed to secretly replace all the anti-AIDS drugs with sugar-tablet placebos, these people would likely all rapidly disappear.

  2. Does anyone here know why faggots are called “faggots”? I do. Let’s explore the source of that term and restore historic traditions.

    1. I actually don’t and would like to have this explained.

  3. so much of what they do in the world seems to be meant to disgust.

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