The impetus behind this counter-protest was one “Freida Whales,” real name Tyson Cook, who is a drag pervert and making of erotic cannibalism videos. I’m not making that up, you can watch one of his two videos promoting cannibalism below, and read the backstory here, here, and here.

After my activism in Vancouver at the MonkeyPox Festival, I realized that the most important thing when doing real life activism was having sufficient videography. As should be expected, I failed at following my own advice by forgetting to charge my phone before coming to the event, and had it die fairly early on me. Still, we managed to get good footage between the three of us. More than enough. 

After the event we went on our own afterparty type event, which included the hike/run where we met the real chonker that you see at the end of the above video. If you didn’t get to that part, I mean this little fella. 

Our subsequent talks clarified a few things in my mind. First, ultimately the goal of counterprotest is political, and it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that our enemies running the tranny story time stuff are a bunch of child raping perverts who want access to children. These people are disgusting, and if we can shut these things down then we should.

Freida Whales, again.

However, it’s not always realistic to have these things shut down as a goal. Furthermore, I’m not even sure that’s the most productive outcome of this kind of activism. One of the most eye opening things I learned from going to the AIDS Pride Parade in Vancouver was seeing how disgusting and gross these people are. I don’t mean necessarily walking around covered in semen, but overweight, slovenly, and hideous. Sorry for your eyeballs in advance. 

The Vancouver event had the hardcore perverts come out, and there were a few of them at the Okanagan event as well. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t get a better shot of this 6’2 penis-woman with red boots, because his face was something else. Phone cameras and videos are good, but capturing this human detritus in high def is a must. And above all, get the faces. 

But the majority of the crowd consisted of catladies and general losers who treat this event like a social, or even religious event for Supporters Of The Current Thing. My interaction with two of these catladies starts around 2 minutes in, and I have started the below video from the right time. 

Me: You people are a bunch of losers. You people are a bunch of losers. You look like – do you have a husband? Or do you just have a cat?

I think that’s actually Dumbledore, the gay Harry Potter wizard, in the middle. If it’s Gandalf then the irony is unreal. “You shall not pass” (as a woman).

Me: Husband or cat, which is it?

You have to watch the video to get the full experience of watching the smarminess and joy vanish from her face. It’s delicious how that smug tight lipped grin she had just get wiped right off. 

Me: Couple cats? Entire army? Yeah, you’ve got a cat farm going on over there?

Catlady: I have zero cats.

(Other Catlady to left, speaking to first catlady): Do not engage.

Me: Oh okay, so you’re just sad by yourself. You’re just sad and alone, eh? 


We had to cut our joyful conversation short because this little twerp was back to bodyshoving people around, which did a great job of showing the sheer level of delusion present in these people. He’s a short, old little homo who could have been rekt by a good number of women that I know. I don’t say that as me glorifying or promoting political violence, it’s just a statement of fact that I have never felt less intimidated while being assaulted. And of course, there are plenty of blue antifa there to keep him from getting his ass kicked, although I would of course stick to simply chirping these people anyway.

There were other assorted losers, such as these two sadsacks that we chirped. Hell, even one of the Action4Canada women chirped them pretty hard. 

Cause women don’t want them so they love each other.

That woman had some sort of Eastern European accent, and represented the more based side of the Action4Canada crew with the better instincts. There were others who perhaps had their hearts in the right places, but were not particularly effective, something I will offer constructive criticism towards. I edited out a lot of their stuff from the final video, but to give you a bit of perspective as to who our allies were, here is a screencap from the action4canada homepage

And here is one from their page on “political LGBTQ.” We can see them taking it to the UN/WEF.

Here is a screenshot from their page detailing their “notice of liability,” for the removal of pornographic books and SOGI curriculum. 

One of the Daily Rake readers had found that they would be protesting the event. Considering that they have over 7k telegram followers in an area with a population of less than 400k, that seemed promising. The problem was that they only got about 15 people out there to hold up signs. This isn’t terrible per se, but they weren’t particularly coordinated either. It was also a bit of a kick in the teeth to see dozens, if not hundreds of them celebrating their “freedom convoy,” version 2.0 where they literally left the city where the child grooming was taking place. 

There were fifteen posts that day about the Freedom Convoy 2.0 on their telegram channel, and again, this was the same day where the Groomer Fiesta was happening in Kelowna. There is one solitary post about the Groomer Party at the Kelowna Library. It’s where I got this Now Media video covering the event. 

Wilbur “AIDS” Turner, LGBTQ2S+ Community Advocate: Wonderful to see I think there’s about 300 or more people out here to support our community.

There is no way that there were 300 people there on the Monkeypox side. But they cut the interview short to focus on Tyson Cook, aka “Freida Whales,” walking out there while filmed by some fat bitch holding an iphone. 

Anyway they stop interviewing the creep and start interviewing Dave, who is one of the Action4Canada/bikers group. What he said here is very reasonable.

Dave: Everybody should have choice. But the kids don’t have choice.

So we have to stand as parents, as adults, as functioning, normal people. I’m not sticking one group, but these are the ones who come out in the open and want to go after our children. Leave them alone. Go out yourself, go get an island like Epstein Island, go there and have sex with yourself. Do whatever you want. Don’t touch the kids.

We didn’t bother giving interviews to the media, since they like taking us out of context, but this is fine. What was not so fine was him telling us that we could just yell out “no consent,” and then if some antifa touched us we could clock them. That’s very much not how the law works on multiple levels, and you really shouldn’t be saying those kinds of things. I’m certain the guy wasn’t malicious, but we don’t need any sovereign citizen tier legal advise. 

Graeme Flannigan: Particularly the ones that are, kind of advertise themselves as adult and children performers, where they’re doing adult sexual content but also doing children’s content during the day, and I find that really kind of muddies the water. Whereas a children’s performer it might mean they should only do children’s performances and should not be doing sexual content or kind of murder fantasy videos. 

Sure, this is reasonable. The problem is that a protest is not the time to be reasonable, it’s a time to demoralize the shit out of the opposition. 

We didn’t want to film any conversations between Graeme, Dave, and ourselves out of respect, but they seem like good dudes. We also didn’t take pictures of their set up signs, but they were lacking. I told Graeme that the signs really didn’t punch hard enough. Some of them were good, such as the “only 2 genders,” sign. There was another guy who had this great sign. That’s a lot different from “well, we just don’t want adult performers,” like Graeme said, although again, I have no idea if the propagandists at Now Media gave him a good edit. I suspect they did not.

Nevertheless, the instincts of this group being off were confirmed by another guy showing up with a “for gays, against groomers,” sign, which is just the worst. You are not supposed to be threading the needle in a shouting match, any more than you are supposed to be making reasonable critiques of the other team in a hockey game. Either chirp them or shut up.

They also made the strategic misstep of facing towards the road, instead of the Grooming Enjoyers towards the library. Graeme explained to me that he felt the people at the library were lost causes, and he wanted to hit the people going by on the street. When I pointed out that the guy is literally eroticizing cannibalism, he told me that he didn’t want it to be too inflammatory and shocking, in so many words.

I can see how you would come to that conclusion, but this is dead wrong. If you’re going to hold up signs, they should say things like “Grooming in Progress,” or “Cannibalism Fetishists Reading to Children Here,” and other things like that. You should be outraging people, or at least showing them this guy’s disgusting face. 

Signs are also somewhat overrated anyway. They may be useful when showing everyone passing by why you’re here, and for photo ops, but they’re something of a relic in the days before smartphones and livestreaming made videography ubiquitous. The same is true for talking to the media. You don’t ever need to do this, even if in this case the propagandists seemed only moderately biased against the normal people. So what should you do instead?

Understanding the ID of the Catlady

The number one thing that should be done to these events is simply heckling the opposition and chanting at them while videoing the entire thing. If it’s realistic that you can get their event cancelled, you should take steps towards doing that, but most of the time that’s not realistic.

What is realistic is spending $20 on a megaphone, yes I checked and they can get that cheap, and showing up with a half-prepared, half ad-libbed list of chirps. Just laugh at these people for a while, make sure our Goys have some fun, get the high def video and pictures of the mutants, and then leave fairly quickly. Essentially something more protracted than a drive by “lol gay,” but in the same spirit. Ten to fifteen minutes of exposure, playing it by ear to see if it should last longer. 

These disgusting people go there for it to be a pleasurable activity. Your job is to ruin it for them while having fun at their expense. They do not go there to have someone remind them that they will be dying alone, and they certainly do not want said person laughing while they say it. However, having cuckservatives impotently whining at them, preferably while making stupid arguments, is a part of the experience for them. They want this to happen. None of them mind being called “Marxist Satanists,” or any other garbage like that, in fact they like it.

If the interaction with the catlady who got assblasted when I asked her how many cats she owned didn’t drive this point across enough, the interaction with the guy who wanted to debate me and also thought that he was a kangaroo should leave no question as to how to behave in these situations. Xir kept pushing his some pamphlet at me while holding up a sign demanding that “transphobic dictionaries,” be banned. Did I debate him? Of course not. 

Me: You, a moron who dressed up like a kangaroo –

Him: Yes.

Me: Are telling me that you’ve got this thing that can out argue us.

Him: Yes. Yes.

Me: Well why would I read that? 

Him: Because *fumbles with paper* because I was –

Me: What’s wrong with your teeth? Look at his teeth! Get closer to his teeth. Look at how yellow these things are. 

He then showed me his teeth, trying to pretend that it was this one chip in his teeth that I was focusing on, instead of the yellowy brownness. 

Him: Well, uh.

Me: You are disgusting.

And then we left him. It all reminded me of one of the more enjoyable moments from the Vancouver AIDS extravaganza, where I kept asking this one chubby girl if this was the most male attention she had ever received in her life. Reminding these people that they are losers is fun for you, not fun for them, and enjoyable for the audience. I strongly regret us not cruising up to more of these types and chirping them, especially since you can always edit the most delicious parts into one highlight. 

This is what you should do when there are more of the antifas in one place than the good guys. A relatively short cruise by where you document the wildlife, make fun of them with a megaphone, and then leave. When there are this many police in the area you’re not shutting anything down, so that’s the best course of action. 

Chanting, the Do’s and don’ts

The groomers chants were so weak that, had we been able to coordinate the Action4Canada crowd, we could easily have drown them out with some chants/songs that I wrote on the bus ride there. For example: 

I don’t know but I’ve been told
(I don’t know but I’ve been told)
Tyson likes ’em four years old – NOTE: He’s the drag “queen”
(Tyson likes ’em four years old)
Hey ho.
(Hey ho)
It’s been said
(It’s been said)
He wants your kids in his bed
(He wants your kids in his bed)

That was probably the least objectionable one of the seven that I wrote, but I failed to give this to the other guys ahead of time, and there’s nothing worse than a chant that only some people are giving. The Action4Canada people did a few half-hearted chants back, which was honestly ill-advised. Again, I’m trying not to be too critical, but your chant game has to be on point. Make it funny, make it snappy, and above all make it loud and uniform, or don’t bother. You can even just chant “groooommerrrrrrrs,” over and over again as a baseline. 

But you don’t need those kinds of chants until you have about ten people or so. A collection of chirps will do just fine before then. Mix in pointing out that this specific pervert made cannibalism erotica, and other tranny story timers have been convicted for CSAM. Remember, it’s not just about pointing out that these people are sadsacks, but also that they are evil. If they were just losers, it’d be mean to make fun of them. But always do this with the frame that these people are embarrassing NPCs for supporting this evil shit just because the WMD Liars told them to. So the more evil the agenda is, the bigger the NPCs the are.

I strongly regret not posing for more pictures with these people. Making sure to obviously point out the worst looking of them before trying to take pictures posing with them is another solid tactic, as this will both piss them off as well as get the best video/picture content. It is also a great way to start confrontation on your own terms, as long as the police let you. You’re not touching them, just getting in front of them, and it’s bound to offend them. We did this a bit, but we should have done it more.

In summary:

1. Be more prepared WRT phone charging, and videography duties. We looked into GoPro’s, and they may be too much money, but a megaphone may be a very solid investment, as well as some cheap wireless microphones to clip onto our bodies. 

2. Have a clear and obvious goal ahead of time. Since the goal is to demoralize these people, and reward our own, all operations should be geared towards that.

3. Pointing out that feminists are fat and ugly did irreparable harm to feminism. Pointing out that these people are viscerally repulsive will do far more harm than calling them “satanic marxists.” 

4. Have clear and obvious roles for our guys. It should be clear who is holding what equipment, saying what things, following in whatever ways, leading in others. This doesn’t need to be much longer than “you’re meeting us here, memorize these chants although I’ll be leading them and always have your phone ready to record so bring gloves.” A little preparation goes a long way.

5. Working with normie “conservatives,” should be done with extreme caution. You never know if they’re the types to turn on us “homophobes,” or something like that, or just not get with the program. It’s best to be courteous to them but then do our own thing.

But above all, understand that this is fun and productive. I enjoyed Saturday morning’s adventure, and there is almost no exposure to these people, provided that it’s captured on film, that can possibly make them look anything other than terrible, disgusting, and unsympathetic. And I got to pet this chonker.

If you have the opportunity to do real life activism, I highly recommend it. You may not be able to find your chonker, but he’s out there, waiting for pats.

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  1. It’s all a matter of punishments and rewards, the system does what it can to punish wrongthink and reward faggot shit, sounds like you’re trying to make it as fun and rewarding experience for our guys as possible and unpleasant for the weirdos.

    In terms of punishments and rewards the cops would be just as willing to turn around and lay into those freaks with billy clubs as they are to stand there protecting them, if the system incentivized that.

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