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Conservative leadership candidate Erin O’Toole stands by his past decision to break ranks with Stephen Harper and vote for a bill enshrining gender ideology into law. 

If passed, C-279 would have added self-declared “gender” as a protected identity in the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code.

If passed? I’m pretty sure it did pass.

Macleans (2013):

C-279, the transgendered rights bill, has passed the House of Commons with amendments by a vote of 149-137.

Randall Garrison’s bill was supported by the New Democrats, the majority of Liberals (Judy Sgro and John McKay abstained), the Bloc Quebecois, Bruce Hyer, Elizabeth May and, by my unofficial count, 17 Conservative MPs: Erin O’Toole, Bernard Trottier, Terrence Young, David Wilks, Laurie Hawn, Michael Chong, Chris Alexander, Shelly Glover, Kellie Leitch, Cathy McLeod, Deepak Obhrai, Gerald Keddy, Jim Flaherty, John Baird, James Moore, Lisa Raitt and John Duncan.

The final vote was 149-137 in favour of tranny privilege, reframed as “rights.” Every servative vote counts as a double swing in the opposite direction, and if these shills had simply voted with the rest of the party, and the way the people wanted, the result would have been 132-154 and the bill would have been easily trounced.

Apparently the bill got hung up in the senate and didn’t pass because it didn’t even bother defining what a tranny is, but the point is that the koshervative legislature tried their hardest to back this. And by the way, if they had needed more votes they would have found them. Also, the CPC has kicked out plenty of people for being anti-groomer, so the lack of action against what are ostensible “traitors” shows you how fake this party is.

Now back to the TNC piece.

True North reached out to the O’Toole leadership campaign for comment. Spokeswoman Melanie Paradis for O’Toole confirmed that he supported C-279 as it pertains to transgender rights.

“It would have been far easier for him to vote with the majority of caucus, but he holds individual rights and Charter protections in the highest regard,” she said. 

“[Prime Minister] Harper allowed this vote to be open, and 17 CPC caucus members, including Mr. O’Toole, voted in support of transgender rights. Mr. O’Toole is also an ardent supporter of open votes for matters of conscience.”

OourRrR VaLUUUuUuEsS. 

Bill C-279 did not pass, but the similar Bill C-16 became law in 2017 under the Trudeau government. 

Bill C-16 added both “gender identity” and “gender expression” to the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code.

Like I said, Bill C-279 got hung up in the senate, but then another bill just like it, arguably worse, Bill C-16, was passed with a total of 288 MP’s out of 338 voting, with the other 50 doing that abstaining garbage.

In case that’s a bit hard to see, here are the vote breakdowns by party. Annoyingly you have to manually count up the abstainers, and their names are not listed. 

162 Liberals voted in favour, none against. 39 NDPers, 8 Bloc Quebecois, and 1 Green Party MP voted in favour, none against. 38 Koshervatives voted in favour, 40 against, and the other 21 members didn’t vote. 

Who were the MP’s who voted against? Considering that it didn’t matter, it should have been all of them. But at least these guys went through the motions of pretending not to completely betray normal people.

Our Commons:

Harold Albrecht, Dean Allison, David Anderson, John Barlow, Candice Bergen, James Bezan, Kelly Block, Blaine Calkins, Colin Carrie, Earl Dreeshen, Ted Falk, Ed Fast, Diane Finley, Garnett Genuis, Randy Hoback, Peter Kent, Robert Kitchen, Tom Kmiec, Mike Lake, Guy Lauzon, Ben Lobb, Dave MacKenzie, Phil McColeman, Alexander Nuttall, Pierre Paul-Hus, Blake Richards, Gerry Ritz, Andrew Scheer, Bev Shipley, Robert Sopuck, Kevin Sorenson, Mark Strahl, Brad Trost, Dave Van Kesteren, Peter Van Loan, Cathay Wagantall, Mark Warawa, Chris Warkentin, Alice Wong, Bob Zimmer

Andrew Scheer.

Considering that Scheer the Queer and Candice Bergen voted against, I don’t think any props should be given to those slimeballs. You don’t get points for doing the bare minimum. However, it is absolutely a mark against if you voted in favour of this. So let’s see who did just that, with one name in particular saved for last.

Rona Ambrose, Mel Arnold, Luc Berthold, Steven Blaney, Sylvie Boucher, John Brassard, Gordon Brown, Michael Chong, Tony Clement, Michael Cooper, Gerard Deltell, Kerry Diotte, Jim Eglinski, Bernard Genereux, Marilyn Gladu, Joel Godin, Jacques Gourde, Matt Jeneroux, Pat Kelly, Denis Lebel, Ron Liepert, Larry Maguire, Cathy McLeod, John Nater, Rob Nicholson, Deepak Obhrai, Lisa Raitt, Alain Rayes, Scott Reid, Michelle Rempel, Jamie Schmale, Martin Shields, Bruce Stanton, Karen Vecchio, Kevin Waugh, Len Webber, David Yurdiga, 

Michelle Rempel Garner is exactly what you’d expect out of a rising servative star. She’s an anti-White pro-Groomer Conservative, and is very well respected in that party.

Kevin Waugh came on my radar for sponsoring the lampshadocaust no fact-checking bill. He also looks like this.

All of the names were listed alphabetically, so I had to take out the third cuck on the list. A man who got kicked out the servative party due to apolitical realpolitik, and has turned that into a neverending grift operation where he calls antifa the real fascists constantly.

Maxime Bernier

Don’t believe me, check for yourself. Here’s a screencap of Mr. Freeeeeeeedom voting to throw you in jail if you “misgender” a troon.

Now which prominent shills abstained from voting? 

And just so you understand, they were both in the legislature at the time. O’Toole was there since 2012. Career politician Pierre Poilievre’s been there since 2004.

The whole “I abstain from voting,” thing is incredibly annoying to me. It’s these cowards way of doing what their donors want while not having that vote as a permanent mark against their record. It’s even worse here, since every single servative MP could have just voted against the bill and nothing would have changed. So there’s an extra level of faggotry going on here, where they’re not even bothering to signal that they give a shit about what their own voters want.

The CPC remains fake and ghey. Bernier’s irrelevant “people’s” party grift is also fake and ghey

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  2. Governments, big banks like TD, and other businesses enthusiastically support this shit. For examples, see this one-of-many pro-faggotry website:

    These businesses need to be loudly shamed and boycotted. Especially TD. They sponsor this stuff across the country.

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