Cat Haines says she did not see many trans people when she was growing up in Regina. Now she is starting Into the Streets, a mentorship program for trans feminine youth, to help the next generation.

“Within Regina, there’s still a big lack of visibility of transgender communities, especially trans women and girls. There are huge levels of discrimination and harassment,” the 36-year-old said.

Another story about the Troon Lobby, another visit to “Horrendous Trannies: Pharmageddon”. That telegram channel does the Lord’s work documenting these creatures, usually without comment. Because honestly, what exactly is there to add?

Every time I check that channel again they’ve got another few dozen pictures. These troons may be a tiny percentage of the population, but they are enormous in absolute terms, and they are all disgusting. Despite this, they are convinced that they are sexy.

How do you satirize this?

“There’s employment and housing discrimination, which again affects the social determinants of health. This program provides them with an opportunity to find and use their voice, and power to make change in their communities.”

The program will also help trans girls and women build skills to boost their employability, Haines said. 

“Trans women” == men wearing dresses. “Trans girls” == boys who have been psychologically abused and groomed into believing that they are girls. Beyond that, this is an insanely discriminatory policy, where they are only offering services to the tiny percentage of the population that has not only trooned out, but currently has or at least were born with penises. They would never allow something like this in reverse, and we can’t let them get away with that without comment.

Local activists are facilitating this peer mentorship program with administrative and fiscal support from Ivy+ Dean Consulting and UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. It will pair up to five youth aged 15 to 25 with experienced mentors.

“The anchor peer mentor will be a trans feminine person in the city who is an experienced community advocate or organizer or leader.”

Haines said a diverse range of mentors will change “the constrained view of how trans women should look or act,” and break barriers to inclusivity.

“One of the ways this program addresses that is through building intergenerational communities. Though it’s a small cohort, through community gatherings and public events, it will build networks of self-confidence and resilience,” Haines said.

“I hope it would bring the capacity in the community to build the next generation of youth who can take the torch of trans activism.”

This is transparently grooming. There is really no other way about it. This disgusting creature below, Cat Haines, wants unsupervised access to as many young buttholes as possible. Then the state propaganda writes a thinkpiece on how wonderful and courageous this is. 

Just another day in ClownWorld.

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  1. Haines is a university/government/media creation. Haines also writes fot the CBC. So the CBC is basically writing a story about one of its contractora.

    In short, Haines is a mutant parasite and lives off government grant money.

    Haines is also a self-described weirdo. For example: “Cat Haines (she/her) is a neuroqueer trans woman, femme dyke, and academic/artist weirdo.”http://intothestreets.ca/team/

    And: “Cat Haines is an emerging academic and artist weirdo based in Regina…”https://artsandscience.usask.ca/galleries/capacitor.php#MeettheCapacitorAdvisoryCouncil

    Honestly, at this point, I don’t know what is worse – Weirdos getting access to children, or being on the public payroll.

  2. I’m pretty sure they can google ‘how to hang yourself,’ without any help from the CBC. But I suppose there is no reason to risk it.

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