You may remember that two weekends ago we went into the den of the MonkeyPox and braved AIDS, Chlamydia, and a couple of diseases that doctors don’t even know about yet to bring you the footage acquired from Bill’s Standard Groom Party. We wrote about that here, and you can see our brave men risk life and limb in the below video.

I never actually saw the footage of the low energy grooming inside the Kelowna Library until the article we’re about to take a look at, but it’s exactly what you’d expect. A weird dork named Tyson Cook, but who would rather be called Freida Whales, utterly failed to entertain a bunch of children while pretending that he did. I also have no idea what he was wearing on his head. 

If you’d like Mr. Cook to fail to entertain you, feel free to watch this bizarre video I only found now where he lip synchs to some random pop song. 

The chorus contains the lyrics “I’m not a man, I’m a free woman.” Being sung by this guy…

All of which pails in comparison to what you see at 1:20 in the video. I can’t even explain this you have to watch it yourself.

I did not expect randomly being greeted by five female dorks “sexily” stretching in the middle of downtown Kelowna. 

Well anyway the stretching continues for a while. 

Then they spontaneously break out into a “choreographed” and “synched” dance routine. I put that in quotations because I am amazed at how out of time they all are.

I know that might not seem relevant when we’re dealing with a mentally unstable man who wants access to small children, but come on. In the below shot they were all spinning around and literally none of them are facing the same way. 

Shameful display.

But really, what should we expect with a guy who looks like this and thinks he’s a woman? 

At one point he calls in the tranny backup. 


And then it turns to this, which is just incredibly bizarre. The amount of dysgenics we see in one still image should be impossible, although I give the actually retarded girl a pass because it’s not her fault. I’m more concerned with whatever is directly to the left of the old woman’s head. A third troon? An unfortunate looking, but real woman? It’s hard to say.

Global News:

A new banner in West Kelowna, questioning what children are being taught in school has been sparking outrage due to its message and the graphics on it.

The billboard, stationed along Highway 97 in West Kelowna, shows a cartoon woman, who appears to be a teacher, wearing a mask in front of a rainbow flag with a caption reading “What are your kids really learning in school?”

One advocate of the queer community was shocked to see the billboard, calling it ‘discriminating.’

“It’s promoting hate against the 2SLGBTQ, against educators who are supportive and trying to create safe spaces in schools, and discriminating against a whole community,” said Wilbur Turner, Chair of Advocacy Canada.

One of the Co-Organizers of Get Awake Canada, the group responsible for the billboard shared what the message means with Global News.

Part of the statement reads, “The billboard is about political and ideological indoctrination of children in Canadian Schools.”

In a phone call, the co-organizer asked to remain anonymous and said parents involved in this group are concerned that they are losing their rights to parent their own children, adding that they are trying to start a conversation about what kids are being taught in school.

Here’s the billboard. The troon flag is a good sign, the mask front and center, not so much. I headed on over to their site to see what they were all about.

I can’t say I’m particularly impressed. I’ve made my thoughts on Covid-19 very clear. While it wasn’t crucially important to me, I never got Pfizer’s shot, and don’t look down on anyone who did or did not. What I do look down on is people who are responsible for passing up a great opportunity to demand borders be shut down, and point out anti-White hypocrisy, what with our government promoting BLM chimpouts while telling us all to stay home and outright denying us healthcare.

I don’t want a fight against child sterilizing perverted evil people to take second place to the vaxxxxxxx stuff that was poorly done at the time and is just flat out annoying now. Our children are exposed to extreme anti-White curriculum that should accurately be referred to as anti-White hate propaganda. They are also constantly groomed by disgusting perverts, especially those in the foster care programs. These are serious problems that I don’t want FREEDOM FIGHTER Q-Anon tier “allies” with, who will just stab us in the back when we start facing real oppression from the system.

From their site.

I don’t hate these people, since I think many of them are just confused but genuine. They even wrote a pretty decent piece on their site “children need love, not masectomies.” I think there are some opportunities for some of those people to come over to us, but for the most part we should be focusing on building our own political activities and leading the charge. This is too important of a fight to leave to conservatives.

According to a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer, even though the billboard appears to target and offend a group of people, nothing about it violates the law, since there is no hate speech on the billboard itself or on the website, advertised on it.

“The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects people’s rights to free expression and even when somebody has a political opinion that’s distasteful they are entitled to express that opinion as long as they don’t verge into prohibited grounds such as hate speech,” said Kyla Lee, Lawyer at Acumen Law in Vancouver.

Kyla Lee

I have no idea who this Kyla Lee is. I’ve never seen her before, and I’ve done some journalism on the legal situation in BC, and Vancouver specifically. She’s referenced by Global News, but it might be simply because she’s puts out a lot of instructional videos. I found four on her site, and they seem relatively apolitical.

So maybe this is one of the few trannies who passes, or maybe it’s just a random Vancouver lawyer. No idea the significance of this. These types of local news stories don’t get much readership, so maybe it’s the case that they just reached out to a random lawyer because there won’t be enough eyeballs to justify a more committed propagandist.

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