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White neighborhoods have greater abundance and diversity of animal life, and Canadian researchers say racism is to blame. 

“Systemic racism alters the demography of urban wildlife populations in ways that generally limit population sizes and negatively affect their chances of persistence,” write the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg’s Chloé Schmidt and Colin J. Garroway in a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  

In a study that examined 39 terrestrial vertebrate species in 268 urban locations across the United States, the researchers found “generally consistent patterns of reduced genetic diversity and decreased connectivity in neighborhoods with fewer White residents.” 

Schmidt and Garroway say racial segregation practices during the 1950s suburb boom played a major role, as they blocked racial and ethnic minorities from more desirable neighborhoods. This had the effect of sending white families in to the suburbs and concentrating blacks and other minorities in urban cores that grew increasingly dense. The effect was compounded by physical barriers, such as railroad tracks and highways.   

It’s real. 

I had to go and find the original study and see for myself.


In the United States, systemic racism has had lasting effects on the structure of cities, specifically due to government-mandated redlining policies that produced racially segregated neighborhoods that persist today. However, it is not known whether varying habitat structures and natural resource availability associated with racial segregation affect the demographics and evolution of urban wildlife populations. To address this question –

Thank God someone’s finally addressing the crucial question of how redlining devastated the local squirrel population.

– we repurposed and reanalyzed publicly archived nuclear genetic data from 7,698 individuals spanning 39 terrestrial vertebrate species sampled in 268 urban locations throughout the United States. We found generally consistent patterns of reduced genetic diversity and decreased connectivity in neighborhoods with fewer White residents, likely because of environmental differences across these neighborhoods. The strength of relationships between the racial composition of neighborhoods, genetic diversity, and differentiation tended to be weak relative to other factors affecting genetic diversity, possibly in part due to the recency of environmental pressures on urban wildlife populations. However, the consistency of the direction of effects across disparate taxa suggest that systemic racism alters the demography of urban wildlife populations in ways that generally limit population sizes and negatively affect their chances of persistence. Our results thus support the idea that limited capacity to support large, well-connected wildlife populations reduces access to nature and builds on existing environmental inequities shouldered by predominantly non-White neighborhoods.

If you squint at the screenap I took you’ll see that this was edited by Harvard University and Cambridge. So yes, this is an absurdity, but a system supported one.

Obviously I won’t stoop to the level of actually responding to any of the points raised by these two researchers. Instead we must skip to psychoanalysis, aided by imagery of the two mutants.

Colin Garroway, associate professor at the university of Manitoba, has his pronouns in his bio. 

Chloe Schmidt is some weird mystery meat creature of unknown origin. It was extremely difficult tracking down a picture of her, since she uses an illustration for her twatter account, and even for her website. She also has her pronouns in her bio.

I was planning on leaving this story here, but I was contacted by a bunch of the cutest little woodland creatures who wanted to tell me their side of the story. Makes sense, as they are being attacked by these anti-White propagandists. We scheduled them for an appearance on the Rake Rapport.

SCENE: The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein throws his long hair over his shoulder in an effortlessly romantic fashion. He looks like Fabio, but more handsome. This isn’t really relevant to the story, but the best writing throws in a lot of these sorts of details to build the mood. 

Anyway, he’s surrounded by an adorable collage of woodland creatures. Owls, raccoons, hedgehogs, baby foxes. Whatever you can think of that’s cute, they’re there, and there for one reason only, to have their voices heard. 

Dr. Shekelstein: Welcome back to the Rake Rapport, my beloved audience. Tonight we are joined by some very special guests. They have elected to have Ryan the Raccoon speak for them as their elected leader. 

*Turns to Ryan the Raccoon*

Ryan, how have things been?

Ryan the Raccoon: They’ve been a lot worse ever since these niggers moved into the neighbourhood.

*Shekelstein visibly flustered for half a second.* 

Dr Shekelstein: Mr. – I’m sorry what was your last name again?

Ryan the Raccoon: Refuse.

Dr Shekelstein: Ryan Refuse the Raccoon, usually we use euphemisms around here for that kind of –

Fiona the Fox: It’s the niggers Dr. Shekelstein. It’s the niggers.

Owen the Baby Owl: Yes it’s those filthy niggers.

*The scene devolves into chaos as all the adorable woodland creatures confirm that  niggers are a real problem in their adorable sing song voices. After about ten seconds of this Dr. Shekelstein holds up his hand, a fatherly smile on his face.*

Dr. Shekelstein: Well what specifically do these niggers do my woodland chilren?

*Scene devolves again as the adorable baby animals all make sure to proclaim that niggers smell, are loud, and are no fun to look at. Shekelstein again holds up his hand.*

Dr. Shekelstein: Please children, one at a time. Raise your hand.

*Ryan the Raccoon raises his adorable little paw*

Dr Shekelstein: Yes, Ryan. 

Ryan Raccoon: The niggers have these animals. Pit Bulls I think – 

Larry the Lynx: The niggers of the dog world.

*Scene devolves again as the woodland creatures angrily recount their experiences with the horrid things. This time Shekelstein holds his hands up faster.*

Dr. Shekelstein: Ryan. *Said with a gesture for him to speak.*

Ryan Raccoon: These pitbulls. They’re aggressive for no reason. They attack us when we’re just minding our own business. 

Peter the Pidgeon: Filthy pitters.

*Brief, but subdued murmur of agreement.*

Ryan the Raccoon: And the niggers all get a kick out of it. I’m just sitting there, trying to eat their trash – which is already bad enough let me tell you. I’ve slurped down enough grape drank mixed with hair product to last me a lifetime.

Dr. Shekelstein: No doubt Ryan, no doubt.

Ryan the Raccoon: We used to have the pitters in check. Co-existing so to speak.

Dr. Shekelstein: What changed?

Ryan the Raccoon: Well *glances around* it’s the rats Dr. Shekelstein.

*Murmur runs through crowd*

Thomas the Tomcat: They always say that German Shepards nibbled off their rat penises in the ratocaust.

Sarah the Squirrel: They use that every time they get caught. A bunch of filthy no good rats with dual citizenship to Israel. I wish they really had been lured into cheese mazes that ended in volcanos like they had said. 

*Adorable woodland creatures heartily agree.*

Ryan the Raccoon: Dr. Shekelstein, the rats started telling the pitters that they were systemically oppressed. They even blamed us for stealing the pitters snacks, when we have evidence that it was the rats all along. 

Dr. Shekelstein: I understand, my woodland creatures.

*Oh, by the way, the most adorable baby creatures crawled up onto his lap. Many of them are now sleeping on his chest, unperturbed by the commotion.*

Dr. Shekelstein (cont): What have you done, and how can we help?

Ryan the Raccoon: We’ve formed the Woodland Justice Party, good doctor. But it’s an uphill battle when the rats control all of the major woodland institutions.

Dr. Shekelstein: No doubt, no doubt. This has been a most disturbing story, but we shall see what aid we can bring to our most wonderful of Aryan Race Warriors, the Squirrelwaffen, when we come back from the break.

*With that the camera pans out as he pretends to shuffle some papers around.*

I had no idea that animals were so based.

Well, I had some idea.

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  1. When I was a kiddo, I actually got saved from my neighbors aggressive German Sheppard that got lose, by my pitbull. But I really don’t see pitbulls as nigger dogs because they are a breed created by the English and are therefore English dogs. They were the most popular dog in America back in the day and never had the reputation they have now. They were breed to be fighting dogs, but an important aspect of a fighting dog nobody considers anymore is that it doesn’t bite the people watching or breaking up/starting up the dog fights, no matter how intense the fighting gets. I’ve seen this first hand once when I had two male pitbulls fight unintentionally over a bone. They were gonna kill each other but paid no attention to me, and showed no aggression to me whilst I desperately tried to break them up, despite me pulling their tales, hitting them, and spraying them, and even hitting them with a shovel, I had only known these particular pits for a day so I was a stranger to them still.

    Niggers wouldn’t have been able to selectively breed such a cool creature. Even the ancient romans had pitbull like dogs. they are really just mastiffs and terriers mixed together. I love all dogs, but pitbulls are great for home defense. someone could be hitting your pitbull in the head with a hammer after they break into your house, and they dog will just keep thrashing and tearing to the death, naturally without any training. They also make it hard for someone to sneak into your house whilst your asleep.

    I’ve also seen videos of Dobermans and German Shepard biting women’s lips like that tik tok girl. What happens all to often is a girl gets a big ‘fuck you’ dog that she cannot control, and cannot provide exercise and training for. The novelty wears off and she keeps it in a kennel in her apartment 99% of the time so she can go out to bars and hang with her friends, the dog slowly goes mad. Then she tries to kiss it on the lips for tik tok (something you shouldn’t do in general especially when you don’t know your dog) and her crazy dog she hasn’t spent much time with bites. Even domestic house cats have snuck into cribs and mauled babies. This happened to my uncle when he was little.

    Of course it is even worse when non-whites own pitbulls and hatefully abuse them making them mean as hell. Pitbulls are naturally protective and don’t need to be starved, strangled, burnt with blowtorches or hit with bats and shovels to make them good guard dogs but niggers don’t understand that sadly. The answer to the pitbull problem is the same as the gun violence problem, don’t let niggers have pitbulls or guns. It’s simple. Pitbulls or any other dangerous large dog, should be handled by responsible white men only.

  2. Doc Edwards is Harvard-based nigger/ornithologist/BLM-enjoyer/supporter. In 2020, Edwards biked across the USA because “It’s important for folks to see that African Americans do enjoy nature. It’s important to showcase that we like camping and show it’s not just the domain of white people.”

    Edwards, like a new-age evangelist, preached the BLM gospel to rural yokels, as “He noticed that in some rural communities, the movement has been associated with looting and violence. He tries to reason with people who think that, he said.” Lol.

    Edwards heard a racist joke. As a full-blown member of the elite’s protected class, Edwards even remembers the date he heard it. “On June 26, Edwards tweeted that he’d gotten his first racist comment of the trip from an 84-year-old white man in Monroeville, Ind. The man said, “Blacks got here when God ran out of white paint.” I am sure that Edwards then immediately clutched his pearl necklace and fainted.

    On a side note, Edwards’ go-to roadside lunch “…consists of a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” Probably some grape drank as well. Sadly, Edwards’ biking regime didn’t overcome the diabetes-inducing effects of his diet. Edwards noted that, “I’m a pretty regular guy. I often joke that bike touring is the one sport that you can do well and still have a paunch.”

    And there you go folks, just another one of the many geniuses inhabiting our esteemed universities.

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