Anti-Hate Canada:

While more often talked about for its culture, coastline and housing costs, British Columbia is lesser known for its biker clubs.

This lesser-discussed heritage was quietly on display during a recent protest outside of a Kelowna library event for children that included a drag performer.

Hell of a sentence to describe my PTSD journey in Kelowna. An event for children that just happened to include a drag performer. 

This was right next to the event for children that just happened to involve a stripper. Down the street there was another event for children involving everyone’s favourite crackwhore. And just around the corner was an event for children involving that monster from the Stephen King book, It, which feeds on the psychological terror of children as much as their physical flesh.

Just to be clear, above is the drag queen, not the eldritch horror conjured up by the mind of Stephen King, only able to sate it’s lust with the taste of innocent childflesh.

Reports place the total crowd at around 200 people, with a small minority gathered to voice their objections to the event and most attendees there to support and protect the event’s performers and attendees. 

Waving signs and slogans, the protest resembles similar events that have been taking place throughout the country. Like many of these other events, counter-protesters have been essential in not just allowing the events to continue but in drowning out the chants and blocking the signs of the anti-drag and transphobic protesters. 

In attendance, often shown shouting at the counter-protesters, draped in a red, yellow and black biker cut reading“Sons of Thunder,” was David Weiche.

Weiche is the leader of Bikers Against Pedophiles, a group he founded in 1997 and revived earlier this year. 

I met this guy, and he seems nice. Big teddy bear type. Let me guess, they’re going to imply that he’s responsible for multiple murders or something?

However “Concrete Dave” and his group Bikers Against Pedophiles (BAP) have a long history of activity, and making headlines, in Canada – but not for anything to do with children

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the group only ever received minimal coverage outside of London, Ont, where it held protests in tandem with the city’s annual Pride event. According to recent posts online, Weiche claims the group disbanded in 2006, the same year as another significant event in Canadian biker history. 

Wayne Kellestine, a member of Bikers Against Pedophiles and a close friend of Weiche, was convicted of killing eight other members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in 2006 in what is now called the Shedden Massacre. Both men were members of the Bandidos at the time. Weiche was described by one biker as Kellestine’s “right-hand man.” 

Nice, friendly Dave is something something murders. Sure, why not? This is the site that told us that Uppity White People were “grooming” kids online after all. It’s not like this is the biggest stretch they’ve ever gone through, even ignoring Peter Smith and Kurt Phillips‘ prolapsed anuses.

The Bandidos are a 1% motorcycle club founded in the 1960s. The “1%er” title indicates they self-identify as an outlaw club, separating them from other MCs or “Riding Clubs” (RCs) who might look similar, but are more often simply motorcycle enthusiasts. 

Weiche relocated to Winnipeg several months before the killings, which one witness testified had been ordered by the Bandidos’ worldwide leadership within the United States

But… the killings were in Shedden, Ontario.

Am I getting through to everyone just how truly abysmal the quality of “journalism” is at Anti-Hate Canada? And yes, this one was written by everyone’s favourite mentally unstable crossdresser, Peter Smith. Sometimes they don’t give the name, but I guess Mr. Smith really wants the attention and credit.

He even includes a picture of David Weiche that does not appear to include Wayne Kellestine, who was one of the many murderers. In fact, none of the pictures include Wayne Kellestine, his “right hand man.” 

So the guy was in the same gang as one guy who was part of a house party gone wrong, and which did not involve any other members of the Bandido gang. He was also not even in the same province as the murder at the time. But untermensch Peter Smith just throws these random factoids out there as if they really bring home his case against Mr. Weiche. 

Peter Smith

However, there is one pretty based thing about Mr. Weiche that Peter Smith uncovers.

Weiche also has a family connection to other extremist movements in Canada. Besides his own previous affiliations, he is the son of Martin K. Weiche, a German immigrant and business owner in Ontario who fought for Adolf Hitler’s regime during the Second World War. 

I’m listening.

After emigrating to Canada, he ran unsuccessfully in a federal election as a “National Socialist” in the 1960s. The elder Weiche eventually became known for the large swastika that he cultivated at the edge of his Ontario property, hosting Ku Klux Klan cross burnings, and styling the interior to look like Hitler’s mountain retreat. 

Jonathan, take it away.

I can’t believe that Peter Smith accidentally did some good journalism, and connected me with one of the most righteous Canadians to have ever lived.

Toronto Sun:

LONDON, Ont. — The stately home guarded by two Third Reich-style eagle statues was once the sanctuary for Canada’s most radical and reviled Nazi.

It’s a place where a giant swastika was cut into the lawn out back, a place where Ku Klux Klansmen were allowed to burn their crosses.

Having someone share your politics is one thing. Having them share your home decor eccentricities on top of that? 

Martin Weiche

Unfathomably kino.

Inside, lived a man who not only modelled the spread after Adolf Hitler’s Bavarian mountain home, but who also fought for Germany and spouted some of the Nazi regime’s most disturbing beliefs after finding new life in Canada following the Second World War.

“I am a Nazi, I am not a lunatic,” the late Martin Weiche once told a divorce judge.


Makes first of two failed stabs for federal office, running for National Socialist Party.


Crashes Social Credit Party convention with Canadian Nazi Party leader

A man who refused to retreat into his awesome house, but who took the fight to the QAnon tier cucks of the day. 

Appolonian. Hegellian. Nietschian. And I’m sure a few other philosophers whose names I can’t spell would have approved.


Failed London mayoral run.


Among leading voices in Canadian Nazi Party and Canadian National Socialist Party.


— Fined $300 for disturbance, after brawl with anti-racist group outside Sarnia radio station.

— 40 Ku Klux Klansmen seen burning a cross on his property. Weiche was “nothing more than a friend. He doesn’t necessarily agree with our principles,” Klansmen’s leader says.

— Financial troubles, sells several buildings; says living off cashed-in insurance policies.

Letting the spergy KKKers burn their crosses on your swastika lawn because, even though you secretly look down upon them for class/intelligence reasons, they’re your spergs after all and you’re aiming for Big Tent Adolf Hitler Enjoyment. 

I feel like this guy would be nodding his head when I tell him what I have to put up with with in the Daily Rake telegram chat.


Identified by ringleader of plot to overthrow Dominican government as one of his financial backers. Weiche denies supplying $10,000 but admits was interested in the Caribbean island as a possible new colony — “all pure-white, Aryan stock, physically as well as mentally.”

This is the highlight reel of a life worth living.


— Fined $500 for assault after using baseball bat to smash window of a car in which he found his teenage son and a girl smoking. Complains he was prosecuted by a “high-priced Jewish” lawyer, who was the Crown in the court. Tells judge “thanks for nothing” as marched out of courtroom.


Files human rights complaint after London refuses to declare a “European Heritage Week.” Ontario Human Rights Commission rejects it because the group “promotes racism and homophobia.”

Buddy literally doing the “make them admit to being anti-White” routine from almost before I was born. Students for Western Civilization a good twenty years earlier. 

Look, this isn’t just the best Canadian I have ever written about, no offense to Monika Schaefer, Paul Fromm, or anyone else. This guy has a biography I could put up with anyone that I have ever read about, political or apolitical. It feels sacrilegious to use terms like “based” or “Chad” with this man. I humbly propose that we take a minute of silence to respect the life of the late Martin Weiche. May we honour his name. 

Martin Weiche’s residence.

Anyway I do have to include one last excerpt from the weirdo Peter Smith’s attack piece on Dave Weiche.

Ahead of the protest, Weiche promoted the event on his Telegram page, where he goes under the name “Canadian Dave.” 

Some posts within the channel paint the federal government as Nazis, while others maintain that the Holocaust never happened. 

Me seeing the spergs call Trudeau a natzee before typing out “the holocaust never happened” on all of my alts.

Look, it is what it is. I just want to get back to appreciating Martin and his swastika lawn.

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  1. Idk about modern day kkk but I see the original real kkk as just some normal southerners lynching some of the antifa/blm scum of their day who were terrorizing the south after they lost the civil war. Apparently they did the ghost hood thing was because nigs thought they were actually ghosts from the civil war.

    I have always wanted a cool Hitler Castle too. I’m gonna build one in Colorado some day.

  2. My thanks to CAH for highlighting a little-known Canadian Europhile. On the flip side, that I never heard of this gentleman before points to a failure of our K-12 and post-secondary education systems.

  3. Wow. Herr Martin Weiche was a MAN. And Ubermensch among ants. HEIL!

    Martin Weiche feasts in Valhalla!

  4. I’ve noticed that these ‘anti-hate’ groups never consider *not* doing all the sick, destructive things that make normal people hate them.


  5. I gloss over all your quotes from Jew-Spew media.
    When you get my age you will too, life is short.

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