Today when I cruised through the twatters I found myself confronted with this video below.

I honestly assumed it was another DeepFake. There’s been a few of those going around and they’re often great.

I collected a few of them and turned them into these two videos.

But it wasn’t just me. Plenty of people have been putting out videos of AI Deepfakes with Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, and everyone else. You can tell that they’re not real, but honestly, they’re pretty good. Here we see some public figures talking about Fire Emblem.

All of which leads us to the original tweet. Here is how it looked for me.

Even with the additional info, I thought it was a doctored video. It’s not like it’s the first time someone has added a doctored “twatter info” style disclaimer at the bottom of their message. And besides, it’s a low resolution video where Joe’s staring off to the side the entire time. That could easily be faked, right?

Maybe, but it wasn’t. Above is the real video this was streamed from. As you can expect, comments are holocausted and the dislikes are stratospheric.

Let’s see that clip again, I want to transcribe it.

And I had a nurse named Pearl Nelson in the military. She came in and do things that I don’t think did things you learn in the medical in the nursing school. She whisper in my ear I couldn’t understand it and she whisper she lean down. She’d actually breath on me to make sure that I there was a connection a human connection. She even went home and brought back a pillow from her own bed because the didn’t the neither one none of the one had it wadn’t comfortable.

But I’m not joking. 

Joe Biden is the prefect figurehead for American Decline.

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  1. President Potato. I just can’t even…

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