One of the reasons why I feel that Jimmy Dore, for all his flaws, is so important to study is that he shows that the left side of the Kosher sandwich is just as fake as the right. After all, it’s not like consubversives never win on anything. They’ve won completely on wars for Israel, they’ve won completely on doing whatever big business wants, and they continue to win bigly on those fronts. Don’t confuse their unbroken string of L’s doing anything for White People, or fighting back against the groomers, for them having no victories. They exist to get out in front of you and make sure you get nothing. You losing is them winning.


Congress enshrined a debt-limit deal late Thursday that makes modest progress toward Republicans’ goals of cutting spending, streamlining red tape and attaching more work requirements to federal safety-net programs.

Democrats had to console themselves with the thought that the bargain wasn’t even worse.

It is insulting to our intelligence the idea that there is some sort of hard won deal being agreed to behind the scenes. The (((Democracy Class))) felt like cutting benefits to the peasants. Muh DEMONrats didn’t have to console themselves with diddly squat. To the extent that they ever were, they’ve long since stopped being the party of the peasant economically, even if they still occasionally pretend.

These are some of the biggest highlights in the compromise’s spending and policy provisions — a deal that leaves major White House priorities intact but lays out a road map for what conservatives may demand in future fiscal showdowns:

“Lays out a roadmap for what consubversives may demand in future fiscal showdowns,” might be the fakest and gayest thing I have ever read. This system is so fake that I can’t even bring myself to point out how fake it is. This garbage simply does not deserve any long form analysis. If you think that some horse trading actually happened here then you’re a moron.

For the fiscal year that kicks off in October, overall discretionary funding for non-defense programs would stay about the same as today’s total, while defense funding would get about a 3 percent bump. A year later, those funding ceilings would increase by less than 1 percent.

What Republicans got: Democrats agreed to essentially static funding for non-defense programs, a far cry from the 7 percent increase in President Joe Biden’s budget request.

In other words, there were no cuts to the “die for Yidsrael,” budget. Simultaneously, they have backed off going after normal White Men in the military, while trying to push less POZ in their recruitment ads.

At the same time, they’re doing their best to economically impoverish the Goyim, so they can get that economic draft machine running again since recruitment is in the toilet. Don’t you just love Weimerica?


The US debt ceiling deal, which passed through the House and awaits Senate approval, would remove some Americans from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), widely known as food stamps, while adding others.

At present, adults ages 18 to 49 without children can only receive SNAP benefits for three months in a three-year period unless they work a minimum of 20 hours per week. The current debt ceiling agreement extends this age range to 55.

You know who’s excited about taking foodstamps away from Americans? The guys who have net worths in the millions because they’re handsomely paid to thieve from Americans.

Ladybug Lindsay Graham is positively giddy.

Notice anything absent from the deal? Notice any particular institution that isn’t having its budget cut in the slightest? I ctrl+f’d for a certain three letter institution, and got nothing.

Consubversives make a big deal out of fighting the FBI. Then, when given the opportunity to shut down the Government over the FBI’s $10 billion budget, they’re silent as the grave.


Both the Senate and the House have now passed a bill to block President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, which promises to cancel up to $20,000 of debt for millions of borrowers but has been held up by courts.

Some moderate Democrats joined Republicans in voting for the bill. The Senate passed the bill Thursday and the House passed the legislation last week.

Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana voted for the bill, as well as Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, an independent. The resolution did not pass with a veto-proof majority.

Joe Manchin is a very familiar piece of shit. He’s so awful that consubversives praise him – as well as CNN – as being the “moderate” voice in the Democrat Party.

Electoral politics in this country is so fake that it’s simply not worth commenting on, especially if you aren’t running your own candidates. The Kosher-Right has a 0% winrate on social issues, despite that being the only part of “their agenda” that is popular. The Kosher-Left has a 0% winrate on anti-war or anti-corporate/billionaire issues, despite that being the only part of “their agenda” that is popular. As if to hammer that point home even harder…

Although we already knew that butthole-leftists were anti-union. After all, the glorious Bipartisan Congress of the Ultra Rich People outright banned the rail workers from striking, headed up by Biden himself.

Bud don’t worry. We’ve found a strike that even Joe Manchin will support.

Imagine being invested in this totally fake system.

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  1. Expect summer 2023 to be even worse crime-wise on account of riot-Americans being hungry cuz dey can’t get dey food.

  2. >Glacier Northwest Inc

    I’d not heard of this case and have no opinion about it — but it seems the general situation is this:

    1) a strike does not harm or materially damage a company in ways other than what one would normally expect when workers don’t show up;
    2) the strike results, or would result, in some damage to the company and/or its assets beyond what one would normally expect just due to workers not showing up;
    3) the strike could cause or causes serious harm to the company and/or its assets far beyond what would normally be expected by workers not showing up.

    I guess 2) and 3) may be seen as, and may be, motivated by some degree of malice on the part of the union — meaning the union intends or intended to harm the company by e.g. damaging its assets.

    1) is the ordinary case and a company cannot sue a union over that — or maybe they can, but it probably should and normally would be thrown out.

    3) Apparently there are a few examples of this where a union has been held culpable — also there are occasions where strikes are forbidden via some ‘greater harm’ criteria, e.g. see the Biden tweet above.

    The case of Glacier Northwest Inc seems to fit the in-between case 2), which is why people find it interesting: it looks like the walkout was deliberately timed to happen right after concrete trucks were filled with wet concrete, which is usually promptly delivered to the job site — in any case, it cannot be allowed to sit and harden inside the truck because this would cause great damage to the truck — so it seems the question was whether the actions of the union in timing the strike to begin after trucks were filled with wet concrete rose to the level that would allow the company to seek legal redress.

    One might suggest that this legal issue would not have arisen had the strike been announced in advance, i.e. in a way that did not damage or threaten to damage to the company’s equipment — but I don’t know.

    This link provides some background:

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