Two days ago the Daily Rake’s YouTube channel received its second active strike. That’s the fourth strike overall, and it shows that the channel is on its way out. Honestly, I’m surprised that it’s lasted as long as it has, although that’s probably mostly due to the relatively smaller subscriber count of just under 900 as of time of writing. Even still, I barely ever self-censored on that site, and there are plenty of videos like this.

The number one thing that determines censorship is efficacy. The more you say things that are damaging to the (((narrative))) the more censored you become. The bigger your audience, the more censored you become. It is simply not possible to be big and uncensored while speaking truth to power, and I guess previously the channel had remained small enough to stay up. Or maybe some troons got insanely assblasted and mass reported that one channel in particular, who knows?

I commanded people to go and follow us on Odysee, and I saw about 20 new followers on there. If you haven’t already done so, please make an Odysee account and follow us on there. Follow the NJP while you’re at it. Hell, give Randbot and John Fashcroft a follow. Why not?

I appealed the strike just for the hell of it, and of course they reviewed themselves and found that they did nothing wrong. In the meantime we’re unable to upload to YouTube for two weeks straight. I decided to sign up for Rumble, after hearing Steven “Turn Jew Toddlers into Powder” Crowder talking about it. They have a “sync with YouTube” feature, so I made an account, a channel, and started syncing.

Right now there are no videos. This process can take a few weeks, which is understandable. The entire Daily Rake video library is well over 300 videos, most of which are 720p. 

The list of pending videos to be uploaded is growing nicely, but again, this could take a few weeks.

You don’t need to wait weeks to follow us on our new Daily Rake Rumble channel. Any video that we make will be getting uploaded to there, and the old videos will be streaming in. In fact, I am demanding that you sign up to Rumble and follow the channel. While Odysee is excellent in many ways, the technical performance of Rumble is impressive, and the site is fairly slick.

Do think that Rumble will never holocaust any serious political channel? Not really. Do I think they’ll be better than YouTube? I’d certainly bet on it. And since the Traffic Troon series is coming to a conclusion, and will soon be turned into a series of videos, I think it’s of the paramount importance that we have some platform to work off of. Odysee is great, and Rumble could be great as well. Please sign up for both.

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  1. I’m not a “Beedio” (that’s how they say it in Mexico) guy.
    I find my brain immediately going “get on with it, man”.
    I went to a private catholic school. When I took teaching classes I was amazed they had high school students watching lots of videos in class. Freaking retarded and everyone knows since television began, the glowing screen puts you in sleepy mode and turns off higher functions.
    As I get older I find I’m even more intolerant of communication that doesn’t get to the point and stay there, it’s my science background most likely.
    I’m sure yours are more funny and efficient, but I’m not a “sign up to watch” guy either.
    Bar-jeezus I’m a crotchety old fart.

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