It has become clear to me that this site needs more articles. It is after all, the daily Rake, and while I don’t feel compelled to live up to the name, I’ve decided that Monday-Friday will have short pieces scheduled for the morning. The weekend, and spare time during the week, will be used to write and edit the much longer works that are more important, but also far more time and effort to produce. I don’t want a situation like we have currently, where I’m working on a number of massive articles behind the scenes, with little to show for it as far as the audience is concerned. 

Speaking of that audience, I recently had to put out a bit of a spergfight in the article on Matt Parrott. Someone criticized the site for not producing enough cawntent for them to consume, unlike their favourite zionist dick pill salesman, Alex Jones. Glorious Mr. Jones never fails to produce his highly entertaining four hour long daily show, where he tells the Goyim that things Jews are doing are secretly being done by Communist Chinese and their reptilian overlords, meanwhile I can’t even write an article a day. Someone else jumped in to defend me, and I had a full blown Telegram spergout happening on this very site before I holocausted the entire comment thread. 

I found this more amusing than irritating. I don’t consider Alex Jones fans to be serious people, even the slightest bit interested in taking serious political action against ZOG. Frankly, I’ve never understood how people can enjoy watching cretins like him, Juden Peterstein, Ben Shapiro, and the like, especially if they’re also fans of this site. How does one go from enjoying the unfiltered truth, to enjoying subversive charlatans? It’s a mystery to me. 

It is not an exaggeration to say that revolution is needed to overthrow ZOG, and that requires revolutionaries instead of Alex Jones Enjoyers. Not all political actions need to start with that goal, but eventually you run into the brick wall of ZOG not obeying their own rules. I talk about this at length in an upcoming piece originally part of the Steak Knives series, although it’s obvious to anyone who has ever done activism, or even just paid attention to Weimerican foreign policy over the past twenty years.

While seemingly scary, revolution is precisely what I thought I was getting myself into when I started my political career, and what I mistakenly thought NJP leadership was aiming for, instead of throwing sausagefest parties in barns before going belly up. If we’re just producing cawntent for the sake of cawntent, then I’m out.

I’m not really sure if I’m in or out at this moment. I’m continuing the job search, with some partial luck, and we’ll see where that takes me. As of right now, I have plenty of time on my hands. The most productive use of this time is working on the site, but I’m not happy with having never run an electoral campaign. After almost a decade of the alt-right doing next to nothing in the real world, it’s become clear to me that most people are either not in a position to, not capable of, or disinterested in getting the ball rolling politically, which is what has been needed for the past ten years. I’m far more interested in the happenings surrounding Judd Blevins than I am anything else. At this point, you’re supposed to be the content. 

I promise nothing in the long term, but in the short term this site is regaining much of its former activity. That may seem contrary to what I just wrote about producing content for content’s sake, but every bit of journalism has value, I need to get back into the swing of things politically, and I don’t have anything better to do right now anyway. 

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  1. Reading the comments on those Judd Blevins articles is quite the blackpill. I think things are still going to get a lot worse before they get better, Whites are just too self-deprecating for self advocacy even now.


    1. White folks need to go and forgive their mama’s so they can stop being afraid and stop believing in racism and all kinda isms.

    2. Reading boomer opinions is very blackpilling yes.

      The whitepill is that the crystalized brains of the boomers… who’s interaction with diversity is limited to the wait staff at restaurants (and others who work for tips) will be a non factor very soon. Also, did you know that the MSM audience has an average age of60+?

      Things will get worse before they get better bro, we haven’t hit bottom quite yet. That comes later.

  2. – Below are reproduced NeoSpartan comments that were deleted.


    You are very wrong guy. Canada is on an accelerated path to USA style dystopia, much like Ireland was, the only difference is Canadians are weaker, having never had a history of resistance to occupation.

    Literally every other group but whites has a racial advocacy group. There are thousands and thousands but to name a few…

    Blacks: NAACP, SPLC, UNCF (Caveat with blacks is these are mostly run by jews because.. well, I don’t need to explain to WNs why that is)
    Mestizos: LA RAZA, MESA, LULAC
    Arabs: CAIR, UCMO, MAS
    Asians: AAF, AAA, NCAPA
    Jews: ADL, B’nai B’rith, JF, ACLU, SPLC, etc. etc.
    Whites: …….N/A

    This should be our first goal. Like them, we should pretend it is something other than what it is. Jews used weasel words to justify the founding of all their supremacist organizations and every other group but whites has done the same.

    I think the main reason NJP failed was it attempted to do this with the wrong people, the NJP was stained from the start. They are a radio show, not a legal organization. They should have instead focused on growing pool parties and once large enough, some of the better opsec members who had the means (money and law degrees) could have made steps to fund and found a real white civil rights organization. TDS could have promoted it, as well as the rest of the far right ecosystem but remained officially distant from it.

    That should be the plan. Joining local groups is good too. If, but really… when, things collapse it’s going to get hairy out there and this country is fucked up enough that a sharp dip in the value of our currency could very easily lead to somewhat anarchical conditions.

    And by this country, I mean all White countries really. I’ve never been to Canada but I do remember reading that your main cities have quite a few apes living in them. The west doesn’t produce enough anymore to support itself, what remains of our living standards is procured through credit and the structure of the international finance system. A system which is collapsing as you read this, has been for a while, slowly then.. more quickly now… and much more quickly in the short to medium term. That is how complex systemic collapse goes. Little by little and then all at once.

    Remember BLM? Imagine if they had a real issue to riot about. Like the gov’t not being able to pay out benefits anymore. If you have been paying attention to geopolitics and know the basics of how our financial systems work… this is not unlikely to occur in not too much time from now. Not next year, but within the next 10 or so? Very high chance. Very high.

    Our planes are falling out of the sky almost daily now, if that does not portend to you dire times approaching, well… many people are great at ignoring uncomfortable truths, but not when things really get bad. Inertia keeps that at bay for now, but the IMF, the petrodollar, World Bank, these are dying. BRICS just doubled it membership last year. The Saudis just agreed to trade oil in Yuan.

    It’s cracking fast now. Hard times are in the horizon for us all.

    Anyway, doom post. But European greatness has always manifested in response to times of strife.

    The black death lead to the rennisance.

    Spain was occupied for 700 years before they retook their birthright and initiated the Inquisition, these events preceded their golden age.

    The fall of the USSR led to a decade of strife, but look at them now. Putin removed many jewish oligarchs and put the rest under his heel. Now, they are winning a war vs. the entire western world.

    We beat back the Huns, we ended the Ottoman empire, we controlled the world for hundreds of years before we lost it all in a jewish instigated war against ourselves. (Look up who owned most European newspapers and publishing houses in the 20th century, they have controlled our media for a longer time than most of us know)

    We have been through worse and come back stronger.

    And we will overcome this current clownworld too.

    1. Tbh, I kind of enjoy the jew and sperg comments XD

      I think they cast a light on how retarded our opposition really is.

      Look at this guy for example.

      One of the top jews. Fucking pathetic. The IQ lie is a bigger myth than the holobunga. Shoutout to JLP jones.

  3. I think that in order for revolution to take place, our guys are going to need 1 ml (around 1 dropper) of Super Male Vitality, a day, or Super Female Vitality if Super Male is sold out. Then they are going to need to go and forgive their mother so that they can drop the anger and just live their life.

    1. Definitely. I’ve added three sets of mother forgiveness to my workout routine and the gainz are off the charts, especially when supplemented with Super Female Vitality.

  4. “How does one go from enjoying the unfiltered truth, to enjoying subversive charlatans? It’s a mystery to me. ”

    Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro and Juden Peterstein are the Fichte, Schelling & Hegel to your Schopenhauer.

  5. A guy like Blevins will be unable to defend himself as long as he sticks to ‘conservative’ tropes like ‘leftist’. The better response to be called a ‘white nationalist’ is to point out that the charges come from ‘black nationalists’ or ‘homosexual nationalists’. Shoe-born *nationalism* into every response, painting every enemy with the ‘nationalist’ brush. Force the other side onto the same level they’re trying to drive you. Ordinary people will see that something’s not right. They won’t know what it is, but it will create a penumbra of FUD around the ‘white nationalist’ attack mode. Don’t ever fight the enemy on the ground of their choosing. Force them outside their comfort zone. Remember, in the eyes of ordinary people, saying you’re not a ‘black nationalist’ is the same thing as saying ‘blah blah black nationalist’. They don’t care or hear the denial part at all.

    1. I generally agree with this advice.

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