I anticipated that there would be no zionist media coverage of the NJP’s recent protest out in front of Governor Mike DeWine’s house. I was wrong.


The Governor of Ohio and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faced protests at the weekend over the state’s response to a train derailment near the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania and the shipment of toxic waste from the site.

Mike DeWine faced calls to resign over the state’s handling of the crash, while the federal agency was told by lawmakers and concerned residents in other states to dispose of the waste in Ohio.

You can see some of that below.

Norfolk Southern also faced a protest at their HQ in Atlanta. 

The demonstrations came as the EPA told railway operator Norfolk Southern—whose contractors were responsible for waste disposal—to “temporarily pause” shipping of waste to disposal sites in Michigan and Texas.

Video footage shared on Twitter showed a group of protesters outside the Ohio Governor’s official residence in Bexley, Ohio, on Saturday chanting “DeWine must resign.”

This is all pretty vague. Who were the protesters, Newsweek? 

Ctrl+f for “njp” gives us no results. The same is true for any other NJP related keyword. This is not because the policy of Newsweek is to be as vague as possible in all cases, as we see the following in this very same piece.

On Sunday, a demonstration was also held by local Republicans and residents in Romulus, Michigan, in response to news that hazardous materials from the crash site were set to be transported to a hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility nearby.

Luckily some retard named Ron labels the group.

Well actually no, he just says “a White Nationalist group,” indicating that he knows precisely who it is, but has received orders from Big Nose to refuse to mention the NJP.

The top reply is from Grug Allman with a protest sheet from NJP. I actually couldn’t find this sheet when I wrote the previous piece on the protest, but here it is. A very solid breakdown of Governor Mike DeWine’s history as a complete and utter shill. Obviously you could write books on this, but a one page highlight cheat sheet is the best we can do in this format.

The rest of the responses are a mix of people saying “well this is actually good,” and brains utterly broken by Finklethink.

It’s Bidens[sic] fault, it’s Trumps fault, it’s Buttigieg fault, its [sic] DeWines fault.

Is anyone protesting outside the head office of the train company or are they getting a pass?

Yes, literally the very same group. Plenty of replies to xir said this. Some of which were so spicy that they had to be hidden, due to containing offensive content.

My goodness, what could this be? Let’s click that “Show” button and find out!

Oh it’s the absolute most unobjectionable thing possible, with some guy retweeting another tweet that is about seven seconds of no one saying any curse words, let alone racial slurs or threats of violence. Thanks Musk, really happy you’re so committed to free speech on twatter.

Anyway, back to the replies. 

It can be extremely tiresome having to deal with the finkleright, but the butthole-left is, somehow, even more obnoxious. I could have posted another fifty images of just wall upon wall of “muh Fox News,” “muh Republican huWhyte Supreeemacists,” and so on. BANG user Swamp Creature took this screencap of the thread with the tweet at the bottom highlighted. 

It’s a recruitment tool. Who fought for you when no one else did? Everyone better buckle up for a bumpy ride because this is a very astute political move.

Well not that heartbreaking, after all, that was the point. Governor Mike DeWine is absolute scum, and the NJP is the only real group out there doing anything about it, including demanding that he declare a state of emergency. These finkled losers are a lost cause, but the more regular people have it drilled through their heads that the only group actually standing up for them is a meanie bad people group, the less they’re going to care. 

Fox 8:

(WJW) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine suffered

a leg injury in East Palestine Tuesday. 

Good enough.

His office confirmed with Fox 8 Monday morning Columbus Dispatch reports that an injury above his left ankle will require him to wear a boot for the next few weeks.

The injury happened on the stairs at the First Church of Christ in East Palestine. He was in the village with state and federal officials in the aftermath of the Feb. 3 train derailment.

I guess stairs are as much of a public health crisis as uppity White People. And more so than toxic chemical sludge.

At this point it is simply undeniable that these propaganda outlets are told to never mention the NJP in any context. For what it’s worth, while the PPC is a fake political party here in Canada, the propagandists do the same thing there. The solution to this is to continue to do activism louder and prouder (with Crowder) and use this to further discredit the Ghost of Kiev Hallucinators. Remember, we don’t just comment on the news, we are the news.

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  1. Weasels rip our flesh
    This Ohio gov has certainly read the best-seller “Advanced Face Pinching”.
    Protesting is as lame as voting.
    Speaking of Canada for some reason I thought you lived in the US now.
    When I think of Canada couple things come to mind, some damn funny TV shows like trailer park boys, crap band called Rush (I don’t care how many wankers love the drummer, the singer voice is like sandpaper on my neurons – similar effect to stevie nicks) – A great band called… “the band” … and that’s about it because a little hockey goes a long way. – Oh yeah, and freezing yer arse off up there.

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