Yesterday was an optics holocaust. 

For the backstory on East Palestine, go here. Instead of working with our brave Republicans, who I freely admit aren’t always perfect, the NJP doubled down on blaming our only defense against the DEMONrats and their globalist agenda.

Worse, they went to Norfolk Southern’s HQ in Atlanta, Georgia, and protested them as well. Norfolk Southern is a wonderful free market enterprise that had the misfortune of having one of their trains derail just because they were lax with the maintenance and lobbied for expensive railroad regulations to be removed.

This would be like if your car had rust build up on one of your axles, and you knew about it forever but decided to not fix it because it’s cheaper that way. Then one day it flips over and crushes a grandmother, while dumping tons of chemical waste in the town.

You’re already wondering why everything bad needs to happen to you, but then, as if the world could not get any more unfair, a bunch of peasants start protesting you at your HQ.

Some of them even have the audacity to demand that your business be nationalized. 

Look, we can’t be having this dooginist red-brown alliance garbage messing up our infiltration into Mike DeWine’s Republican Party. Leave Britney Norfolk Southern alone. It’s just a human rail corporation.

Mercifully this terrible optics only lasts a few moments.

Unfortunately that’s only because it’s time to move over to the NJP Protest in Columbus, Ohio. This took place right outside of Governor Mike DeWine’s humble mansion, signified by the Ukrainian Flag flying over one gate tower. The other had the Israeli flag Norfolk Southern patch American flag, as Mike DeWine is a true patriot. And being a true patriot, he’s not having any of this European socialist crap, nor is he declaring a state of emergency over something as trivial as a chemical spill that required evacuation. Does this look like an emergency to you?

Mike DeWine isn’t some DEMONrat, he doesn’t declare state of emergencies just with the snap of his fingers.

Public Health Crises’ sure. But that’s not technically a state of emergency. 


Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) called racism a public health crisis while releasing a report from a task force created to look into how COVID-19 is hitting people of color disproportionately.

The minority health strike force identified dozens of issues to address disparities when it comes to health issues for people of color, known as social determinants of health. 

With that report, DeWine is challenging all aspects of state government to fix disparities.

The governor says there are many causes for the lack of equity, including systemic racism. 

“We have an obligation to look at these racial disparities and say ‘that’s not right.’ We have to do everything within our power to deal with this,” says DeWine. 

Okay, but that was just a one off and he had to say that for the optics. It’s really popular with his donors base to say these things. If he doesn’t the LiBUrAl MeDIa is going to be breathing down his neck, and what Trump 2016 showed beyond a shadow of a doubt is that everyone loves the WMD Liars and hangs on their every word. 

Idea Stream:

Gov. Mike DeWine dedicated most of his regularly scheduled coronavirus press conference Tuesday to discussing racism in the state. 

“The essential function of government is to protect the most vulnerable among us,” DeWine said. “I am the governor for all of the state of Ohio. It is my job to serve all the people for the state of Ohio. It is our job to defend the defenseless, and it is my job to bring people together.”

You said it Governor DeWine. Vulnerable people are criminals of colour, not normal White People who had to evacuate their town because railroad corporations that put money in your pockets spilled chemical sludge all over the area.

I can’t even commit to the bit anymore. East Palestine is not eligible for FEMA because this fucking faggot refuses to declare a state of emergency. He has to wait until March 4th, a month after the derailment, at which time he can no longer declare a state of emergency. And he’ll do whatever it takes to wait that long.

It was funny seeing the protest move from the front of his gigantic mansion to the back. Which appears just as monstrously large as it does from the front. Oh and he has two mansions that he gets to live in. 

Really hammers home that being a shill is a lucrative gig in this system. 

One last point to raise with this servative named Mike DeWine. He sure doesn’t seem to have a problem forcing the taxpayer to pay for room and board for people, as long as they’re not White.

And one final point with regards to protests. Obviously “DeWine Must Resign,” is a great slogan, and slogans are necessary. But once you get a big group of guys in the area, it helps to have some marching songs and chants, especially if you’re there for hours.

Below is one that I wrote fairly quickly. One person leads and then everyone else follows. 

I don’t know but I been told. (Crowd follows)
Mike DeWine’s vote has been sold.
Hey Ho,
I heard today,
He’s owned by the damn Railway.

I didn’t have the numbers in Kelowna, or the trust with the more conservative crowd that was there, but I wrote a bunch more of them for us to sing there. It’s always a good time chirping these shills as a team. 

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  1. How about “DeWhine should resign but won’t! Let’s make that happen!” ??

  2. > Piderjewkraine flag.
    And the funny, albeit also tragic thing since 2014 onward, is that my take on “ukraine” all these years ago was the correct one. Was not fooled by the “nazi” rethoric of some of its defenders that it was anything else than a globo-homo project, than the system doing system things.

  3. How about,
    “Mike DeWine
    The rat-face jew
    Gives to Ukraine
    And takes from you!”

  4. […] forced evacuation from out of pocket, and their own Republican “representative”, Governor Mike DeWine, has still refused to declare a state of emergency, which would be necessary for FEMA to be […]

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