We start off with Media Matters quoting a Charlie Kirk vid where he says something that is honestly hard to find issue with.

Media Matters:

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Not a single member of the Biden regime would dare to go to this portion of Ohio and breathe in the air because they know it’s dangerous. They know that it is actively poisoning the citizens of eastern Ohio. So, why is it that they kind of shrug their shoulders and they say, yeah, okay, whatever? It’s very simple. It’s because the war on white people continues. Why would you care for the white working class voters in eastern Ohio? You haven’t cared about them in other reasons or other portions.

And I will prove it to you. If this train derailment happened in downtown Atlanta in the densely populated Black neighborhoods, this would be the number one news story. It would be Flint water crisis 2.0. There would be clamoring and activism and talks for reparations. And Buttigieg, meanwhile, is out there saying, listen — while this derailment is happening, while the act of poisoning is happening, he’s saying, look, the problem is that workers are too white.

Buttigieg is out talking about how workers are too white. For the last couple of years, I have been warning about this crusade against white people. And people shrug their shoulders, say, oh, Charlie, why does that matter? I could tell you why it matters — when there is a crisis now and the leaders hate working class whites, they’re not going to scramble to save your life. They’ll lie to you and tell you to go back home while you’re poisoned.

Charlie Kirk’s rant is a more extreme case of what we saw with Mark Dice cockslapping Steven “Turn Jews into Powder” Crowder back into place. Mark Dice is someone who I find more boring than offensive, and I don’t watch his content. Nevertheless, of all the people remaining on YouTube, he seems like the most genuine.

Charlie Kirk on the other hand is an unapologetic shill with nothing to offer anyone. While the Alt-Republican “Groyper Insurgency” ended in total trad-virgin defeat, reasonable people supported trolling TPUSA because they are such obnoxious shills for Yidsrael. That’s why the first people who went and trolled them were doing so in Murdoch Murdoch shirts.

And of course, literally one day before this speech dropped people were making fun of TPUSA again for promoting this event.

I guess Kirk realized it was time for his quarterly based rant, and let it rip. You’ll have to wait about three more months, but then he’ll say something decent about crime, anti-Whiteness, or pervertism again. In the meantime it’ll be:

Kind of funny to see the emoji response is so clearly negative.

It’s amazing how Kirk will literally say that there is a war against White People, then go and throw an event about Goyim getting too uppity. When is Charlie Kirk and (((TPUSA))) going to throw an event on “The Rise of Anti-Whiteism” or something of that nature? Perhaps sometime around the heat death of the universe. 

As for Petey ButtGuy, he really did say that.

Fox Jews:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg focused on racial disparities in construction during a Monday conference, claiming that construction sites are not employing local workers in minority communities and outsourcing to White people. 

During the National Association of Counties Conference, Buttigieg urged those in attendance to work with their contractors and community colleges to build a workforce that reflects the community. 

“We have heard way too many stories from generations past of infrastructure where you got a neighborhood, often a neighborhood of color,

I hate the parasite class. I hate everything about them. I hate their anti-White attitudes, and I hate the way they talk even more. 

that finally sees the project come to them, but everyone in the hard hats on that project, doing the good paying jobs, don’t look like they came from anywhere near the neighborhood,” Buttigieg said. 

Buttigieg previously raised eyebrows in April after he said “there is racism physically built into highways.”

Your fuel tank is full of dead dinosaurs and you ride on highways made from the bones of Hebrew toddlers of colour.

Throughout Monday’s conference, Buttigieg failed to mention the train carrying vinyl chloride, a dangerous colorless gas, and operated by the transportation company Norfolk Southern Railroad, which derailed in Columbiana County, Ohio on Feb. 3.

That article is from February 13th, a full ten days after the East Palestine train derailment. Luckly Buttgoy has broken his silence on the whole White People’s water being contaminated.

Zero Hedge:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has broken his silence on the disastrous derailment of a train in Ohio that released a toxic chemical, sparking health concerns.

During the on-stage discussion, Buttigieg touched on topics like racial disparity and mentioned the safety risks of “balloons,” drawing laughs from the audience. But his avoidance of the topic of the derailment and the toxic chemical release didn’t go over well on social media, where critics complained that he seemed to be dodging the subject.

I will give credit to Kirk purely in terms of his rhetoric, while giving him no credit as far as his motives are concerned. He didn’t mention “conservatives” or anything else like that, since this is purely a racial issue. The White People of East Palestine, Ohio, are being totally ignored because they are White. Pete Buttpirate views his job to be a sinecure where he travels to conferences, shakes hands, and auditions to the donors for his next presidential run, all while pushing the anti-White policies that his donors want, and which he, as a spiteful mutant, probably agrees with.

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