This story might be fake, as reasonable people had concluded that Ye24 was over. However, it is funnier to assume that every word is true, so we’ll be doing that instead. 

And it’s not like anything political is happening anyway. Writing about Milo, Loomer (she shows up) and Fuentes barely even qualifies as e-drama. It’s practically another episode of Gossip Goy.

TMZ stitched together the two emails that Milo sent to Nick Fuentes and Ali Akbar. However, what does this really mean? Milo could have just sent two emails to Fuentes and Akbar and called for their firing. I could send an email to Joe Biden calling for him to be fired. Here, watch me do exactly that. 

It’s been clear for a while that Ye24 is DOA, with Kanye publicly stating that he was done with his campaign, and learned to love God’s Chosen Heebs again because of Jonah Hill.

No, it doesn’t make any sense, but this is a guy who went on a dick pill salesman’s show wearing a gimp mask and said “there’s a lot of things that I lovvvvvvveeee about Hitlerrrrrr.” He’s been a schizo for a lot longer than he’s been a wannabe natzee, so expect the unexpected.

Milo was so careless that he forgot to delete old telegram posts where he was publicly trashing Kanye West.

Milo blamed Fuentes and Ali for his firing, which is undoubtedly true. However, now that Akbar has been exposed as being a homosexual pedophile, it looks like our brave Wakandian has decided to go with the less homosexual option, Milo.

Considering how incompetent the Catboi crowd is, I think that Ye24 is now in better hands. Does this have a hope and a prayer of leading to direct political gain for us? Not really. Is there a possibility of Kanye escaping Milo’s grasp and going full retard on the Jews again? There’s a definite possibility.

However, not all are impressed.


I don’t believe any of this actually happened but it’s so funny that Milo can give TMZ fake screenshots and humiliate AF so easily. They’re such trash no one bothers to get this shit confirmed before just pointing and laughing.

Bit your tongue, lanklet. Literally every single member of Catbois First is a future president of the united states of America.

Laura Loomer’s Twitter is off the hook today, she’s saying Marjorie Taylor Greene paid $7000 for the ye24 domain and like…literally no one fucking cares because she is probably the only bigger political loser in america than Jeb Bush.

Yet more criticism from these filthy heteros of America First Patriot Laura Loomer. 

I predict this is all fake and ye24 doesn’t exist at all.

That was my first reaction to this news, which is why I didn’t bother writing about it. However, this same story has been repeated by a few other propaganda outlets, so now I’m not so sure.

Rolling Stones:

Kanye West has rehired noxious right wing troll Milo Yiannopoulos to help him with his 2024 presidential bid. In turn, Yiannopoulos has fired white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and political advisor Ali Alexander in an email, Rolling Stone confirmed Thursday.

For all we know, Kanye West is going to quit and then restart his campaign another ten times before the election. For now, we can tentatively say that Wakandian Hitler is indeed running in 2024, and his campaign is being run by the totally not gay anymore man who once said “how many miles of Black cock do I need to suck before you stop calling me racist?”

But he’s a pious tradcath now, just like Nicky “Catboi” Fuentes, and he’s running the most important political event of all time, until Kanye cancels his campaign again in a week. For now, Milo is enjoying himself. 

What does this mean for the rest of us? For normal people, nothing. For the people who are torn between which homosexual tradcath grifter to side with, it’s complicated. This is undeniably a big blow for the catbois and a gigantic W for the fake non-homos. 

To clarify, I mean the fake non-homos who used to be openly gay, but now pretend otherwise. It’s the ones who were never honest about themselves that are taking the L on this one.

Anyway, lots of serious politics being done here.

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  1. Bar-jeezus what a joke “campaign” that’s got to be.

    Our undead piece of shit pedo sniffer says he’s gonna run again.

    It will be him vs Rumpt the second (DeSantis), you know, the florida guy who pledged allegiance to Israel his first day of office, passes “anti semistism” laws, and generally smooches kosher anus while pretending he’s against pedo queerdom (all that stuff is for this reason, dumbarses)….and… btw, amerika is a steaming turd.

  2. “Literally every single member of Catbois First is a future president of the united states of America.”
    That’s not entirely wrong. Being willing to make homosexual blackmail material for a career in politics seems to be the one and only job requirement for our politicians. If the Skull and Crossbones rumors are to be believed, that’s been the main job requirement for a long time.

  3. We now see clearly what it takes to be a “serious guy”

    I for one am impressed

    I thought they might make more of an effort to put together gay-ops that might attract normal sane White men…

    But they have not at all.

    I hesitate to be too pleased by this, because the clown show serves the purpose of turning some normal people off of politics, but it also hardens the resolve of our people to say “fuck that gay shit!” and concentrate on what we can do, not on GOP ball licking.

  4. For the love of God… please say this is for real.

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  6. So . . . . Kanye decided that Milo was slightly less gay than Fuentes? That must have been a really tough call.

    Also, people give Loomer a lot of crap, but she was pretty convincing as Billy the Puppet in the Saw movies.

  7. The optics debate is over. Nick lost to a gay jew who spies on everybody he interacts with and rats them out whenever it serves his purposes.

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