A week ago, I finished the Felting of Fuentes Greatest Hits article, which you can read here. I made a note to check in about a week later with various places, such as this kiwifarms thread, to see if there was anything new worth adding. 

Well the child saviour of the Whyte Race is continuing to be a complete faggot online, whining about his twatter being taken away, and pretending that he’s a Chad for being a virgin. Below is what was found from his twitter spaces. You don’t need to watch it all, in fact I didn’t even bother myself.

Keep in mind this is in response to people getting mad at Groypers for laughing at murdered White Girls aged 8-12.

It’s about this tweet. Hating women’s funny, based and correct actually. I challenged, is there any one among you who’s going to come on here and say ‘hating woman isn’t funny.’ Of course not. Of course not, because women are ridiculous. Because when they’re subject to abuse and other things, it’s very funny. Everyone knows this. It always has been.

And the other thing is hating women is based. It’s not just funny, but it’s also based. Do you know a lot of based guys? Like when you think about a based versus a cringe guy. You know, would you say that the based guys are more or less friendly towards women than the cringe guys?

I’m going to be having an upcoming series on Andrew “Weinstein did nothing wrong” Anglin. That will come later, but I have to put this out now, because that same Kiwifarms thread mentioned the below DailyStormer article.


Nick Fuentes’ Interaction with Vile Old Cunt is Worth Talking About

Nick Fuentes was a guest on Elijah Schafer’s show on Blaze TV last week.

The thing is kind of like a morning zoo situation, or maybe like Fox’s “The Five” (it’s no McLaughlin Group, I’ll tell you that), so there is a lot of irrelevant people speaking in-between Nick. It’s worth a watch though if you’ve got nothing better to do, if only just to see how capable Nick is of carrying himself in this kind of situation (something that 97% of people couldn’t do, even if they think they could).

Alright, let’s break this down for a second. First, he’s a 24 year old virgin. I mean, I could give him a break on that, except he pretends that it’s because he’s some tradcath who also hangs out with catbois. 

Second, he’s asked the entirely reasonable question of “how are your opinions on women valid, coming from inexperience? To everybody over the height of 5’7, this seems like an entirely reasonable question. And Fuentes handles this by saying, “I’m having an experience with a woman right now,” in his typical whiny high pitched annoying voice.

“WTF kind of faggot am I looking at here.” – Sydney Watson, internal monlogue.

The look on her face as the virgin explains how hating women is based or something, is absolutely priceless. She’s literally trying not to laugh at this LOLcow, because that would be rude. 

“Hey guys, I’m the real Chad for not having sex with a woman at the age of 24.”

The most interesting thing on the group show was the “conservative cockguzzling hooker” having a freakout after Nick said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and isn’t really interested in one.

This is something that is just as much a blasphemy on the right as it is on the left. All men have to submit to being controlled by women, or they must be brutally mocked and publicly shamed – it’s the iron law of our values and who we are.

This shit hasn’t worked on me since I watched Fight Club at 13 and knew that every word was true.

Goy, you watched a work of Hollywood fiction at 13 and realized that not having any pussy in your life was a good idea? Why are you admitting this in public?

Nick was asked by the resident cunt “have you been in a relationship?” and you’re not allowed to say “no” and then have an opinion on relationships.

You can sit and watch your father and all of your male relatives and friends be destroyed by women, but unless you have personally been destroyed by a woman, you don’t have any right to say that women destroy men.

Pussy is cringe bro. God is great. Catboi cock is okay to suck as long as you do it ironically.

This is literally no different than saying “I’m not interested in being attacked by a shark” and a shark asking you “have you ever even been attacked by a shark? I don’t understand how you can hold such a negative opinion of shark attacks if you’ve never even had a shark take a bite out of you.”

It’s actually more like someone pointing out that your anti-social and weird take on a nuanced subject comes from inexperience far beneath the average member of the public. It’s like that, because it is that.

If someone spent the first 25 years of their life in complete social isolation, nobody would give a fuck about their opinion on social dynamics, no matter how many hollywood movies they watched, or how many sociology books they read. Likewise, if someone spends the first 25 years of their life in pussy isolation, their opinion on said pussy gets immediately discarded, no matter how many “Pick Up Artists,” they’ve read, as Nick alludes to later in the interview. 

PUA == Guys who pretend to get laid with women.

Frankly, the more PUA stuff someone has read/watched, the more their opinion should be discarded. Any guy who has any experience with wahmen’s thinks that it’s absolutely hilarious the idea that these guys are studs just plowing through puss after puss.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a collection of goofballs in one place. Literally every guy in this pic is a bigger loser than anyone I ever know in real life.

I could, and maybe will one day, do an article just on the PUA faggots of yesteryear, but suffice to say, they are not the pussyslayers that Fuentes and his pure as virgin snow followers appear to think they are. PUA’s hating wahmens is because they can’t get laid, not because they’ve just slain so much poon that they’ve “discovered the dark nature of wahmen,” or some other retarded shit like that.

Anyway, Anglin then brings up this MGTOW fag.

This MGTOW guy did an analysis of the exchange with the dried-up old bag that’s pretty good.

This is the video he’s referencing. I’ve started this from the point where Fuentes has already said that he would hate the idea of spending the rest of his life with a woman. Yes, I know, but it’s the next part, from about 1:00 to 1:18 that’s really bad.

Transcript from 1:00-1:20.

You know I don’t know how thrilled I am with that whole idea [having a wife]. I’m kind of a solitary individual. I like my privacy, I like my autonomy. And just the idea of like, nagging GF, nagging wife. It’s kind of nightmarish to me.

I know that LMAO what a queer is great content, but my autism just got triggered. What exactly is Nick Fuentes’ plan to get pussy?

Marriage in a traditional society exists to channel young men’s desire for pussy, and girls for schlongs, into a productive enterprise. The reason many actually Christian men get married so young is so they can finally get pussy. And the same is true in reverse for the girls. Because marriage is the thing they have to do so they can fuck.

Sydney Watson, looking fetching.

Here’s Sydney Watson in a different context. Be honest with yourself. When you look at her, what do you think? Personally, I think she’d look really cute flipped over on her tummy, with that elegant dress pulled all the way up. 

The logical part of my brain tells me that maybe Sydney is a bit too old for me. Maybe she’s not great to live with. Maybe her and I don’t see eye to eye on everything, and the relationship wouldn’t work out. It might be a terrible idea to slip a ring on Sydney’s finger, and make her Mrs. Shekelstein.

And yet, if I was standing right there in front of her, and I was told that all I needed to do to get up her guts was slip a ring around her finger, in the moment it’d be hard for me to say no. That’s the thing about being heterosexual, your behaviour revolves around getting pussy.

And yet Fuentes isn’t even not currently getting laid. He’s a virgin, saving his ass for marriage. And yet, he has no desire to get married. It’s almost like he has no desire for pussy at all.

It’s almost like that, because it is that. This is, quite simply, not heterosexual behaviour. 

He points to the fact that the cunt brought up Nick’s mother. This just proves the point. Women do not have shame, and they cannot behave with basic dignity. “Oh this man said something that hurts my feelings – let me try to emotionally abuse and exploit him by bringing up his mother.”

The fact is, 99% of MGTOW men have better relationships with their mothers than the mommy-worshipping “boyfriend” class. If you are a “boyfriend” then your “girlfriend” is your new mommy. Look around at these boyfriend-girlfriend relationships – the girlfriend does everything that a mommy would do. She directs the life of the boyfriend, and usually actually micro-manages it, and creates a system of rewards and punishments for him. The psychology of the boyfriend is to obey women and to be completely controlled by them.

Yes, Mr. Trebek. I’ll take Facts I Pulled Out of my Ass for $800 please.

So, the kind of man who becomes a boyfriend is also the kind to still view his biological mother as an authority figure. What happens in that situation is that the girlfriend, who is now the mommy, often views the biological mommy as competition. It becomes a “you can’t have two bosses” situation, and so the girlfriend attempts to manipulate the boyfriend into limiting – if not outright severing – his relationship with his mother. In fact, girlfriends often try to cut off all of the boyfriend’s contact with their entire family. This is most obvious when the girlfriend insists that all holidays are spent with the girlfriend’s family, and can escalate to the point where the girlfriend decides it’s time to move to a different city, so the boyfriend can’t see his family at all.

You all know that everything I just wrote is true. You’ve all seen it, and most of you have had it happen to you. But again – shark attack.

My brain doesn’t understand where to begin. I mean, what? What is even his point here? That men might view their mother as an authority figure, except not if they have a girlfriend? What is Anglin even talking about?

Have I just been missing the epidemic of girlfriends completely isolating men from their families through cleverly moving cities just so she becomes the biological mommy replacement? And even if so, how does this justify Fuentes not wanting pussy?

Because this “what about your mother?” thing is so ubiquitous with these cunts, let me just explain that to you.

My goodness is this next part long.

In a healthy mother-son relationship, her authority over you ends as soon as you’re taller than she is, and probably before. From that point, you are higher in the family hierarchy than she is, both in terms of your own decisions and in her decisions. That’s nature. Obviously, you can’t override your father (assuming you’re in an intact family, which you probably aren’t, statistically), but if the father is not around, you have authority over the mother.

When the father dies, you have all of his authority (if you’re the only or eldest son) over your mother, including full control of finances. She can nag you and worry over you, as is the nature of women, but she has zero right to tell you what to do or make any decision for you.

This is not new thinking. It’s in the Bible. Also the Koran and whatever else. But it goes back before that. It is the order of nature.

In some ways, the question these women ask – “what about your mother?” – is very relevant, because of all of that stuff I just said. A man who grows up still viewing his mother as an authority figure, and who has not forgiven her for all of the cruel things she did to him when he was helpless, is never going to be capable of having a healthy relationship with a woman.

Goy what the fuck happened to you? Is this some sort of satire? Was Anglin abused as a small boy by his mother? It feels like I’m reading Anglin’s cry for help.

Of course, at this point, no one can have a healthy relationship with a woman, because divorce is incentivized, and nothing is good enough for a woman.

I always have an abridged list of men who were not good enough for women:

Brad Pitt (handsomest, most popular celebrity)

Johnny Depp (same)

Jeff Bezos (richest)

Elon Musk (second richest)

Vladimir Putin (ruler of a superpower nation)

Yet weirdly enough my own parents appear to have a perfectly healthy relationship. And I know plenty of men and women who have healthy relationships. But then again, those men are all tall enough to ride the big boy rides at disneyland.

Maybe the message should be “don’t marry a Kardashian.”

You can now add the most successful rapper of all time, who is now a billionaire, to the list.

His wife left him for a sex adventure with a Jewish mutant.

Kanye still can’t even process what is happening.

He’s going to understand well when he’s forced to write that cunt a $4 billion check.

The Donda song about her breaking up with him and basically begging her to come back to him literally broke my heart in two.

I keep waiting for him to say something funny so I can relax, knowing this was all satire. For reference, he even includes the song he’s talking about, and after listening to it, I burst out laughing.

Sounds like a fucking retarded homeless man was screaming while they were recording and they just went with it.

Startin’ to feel like you ain’t been happy for me lately, darlin’
‘Member when you used to come around and serenade me
But I guess it’s gone different in a different direction lately
Tryna do the right thing with the freedom that you gave me
Your gun off safety, speak first don’t break me
Harsh words, you’re angry
Lord, don’t take me


May Christ save Kanye. I hope Kim and the Kike die in the most miserable way and he gets to keep his money.

If not, no one is going to shed a tear if he goes full OJ.

Anglin even includes some lyrics, and all of those emojis. I swear to god I’m not making this up. Then he includes a bloody picture from OJ simpson’s murder of his wife and her jew lover. I’m not going to include that.

Listen to me: If you think you’re somehow better, more attractive, and more alpha than the most famous and powerful people in the world, then you are literally deranged, disconnected from reality to the point where you should be hospitalized.

If your marriage works, it is either luck or it is Jesus Himself. There is no strategy of being alpha enough to keep your wife in this society.

Is there anyone in here who is a facially hideous sperg who’s had sex with a grand total of one non-prostitute in his entire life?

Oh of course, didn’t see you there Andrew, my bad.

But seriously, this is the bizarre, caustic thinking behind what PUA retards promoted above about “be alpha and get every girl,” and other idiot shit. It’s not “luck,” or Jesus that’s kept my parents marriage together, it’s neither of my parents being crazy or having other serious personality disorders. Once again, the lesson to be learnt is:

“If you marry a crazy bitch, you can literally be Brad Pitt and she’ll still leave you and take everything from you, so don’t do that.”

And I would just like to make it very clear that this is very different from:

“Pussy is gross bro. God is great. Catboi cock is delicious. Pre-Marital sex with a woman is cringe but also never get married. Save yourself for marriage but also every woman in the entire world is just looking for a moment to fuck you over and divorce you.”

That there is a discussion to be had about repealing (((feminist))) laws around marriage, does not mean the turbo-sperg incel demographic deserves to be a part of it. But wait, because he finally stops sperging out on wahmen’s, and gets back to talking about homosexual republican party outsiders.

You need to learn this stuff. If you don’t get it, reread the above and then look around at your life. Try and tell me I’m wrong.

The good news is, in the coming apocalypse, pussy is once again going to be what God designed it to be: a commodity.

The other good news is: America First is inevitable.

Whenever you look at Nicholas J. Fuentes, you need to remind yourself: that is the man who is going to be your President some day.

And every minute that passes, the Coronation Day of King Nick draws closer.

I’m sure he’s just days away from the presidency.

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  1. “And yet, if I was standing right there in front of her, and I was told that all I needed to do to get up her guts was slip a ring around her finger, in the moment it’d be hard for me to say no. That’s the thing about being heterosexual, your behaviour revolves around getting pussy.”

    I mean,true,but what if she said all you need to do to fuck her was to let her paint your fingernails and toenails and put the dress she was wearing on you?

    Women are mentally fucked up. You can’t let a woman turn you into a fag because you want pussy so badly,and lots of them will try to do it through various emotional and psychological tricks if you’re not obviously able to easily beat the shit out of them.

    Have you ever seen what women watch for entertainment? It’s almost all trannies and fags,and what isn’t trannies and fags (who are usually White-presenting) is hyper-masculinized niggers who are clearly meant to be sex symbols. Then,every single commercial is a White woman with a nigger,possibly with an obviously gay mulatto son. The ad companies market to women like that because that’s what women are intellectually attracted to.

    So yeah,Nick Fuentes is obviously a fag but that doesn’t mean that at this point women aren’t essentially female faggots themselves,i.e. they have the same interests and personalities as male fags.

    1. I decided not to delete this comment, because I think we should have a hands off approach to censorship. Having said that, if you think that advertising is based purely on appealing to the popular sentiment, go read that classic Stonetoss again.

      “I mean,true,but what if she said all you need to do to fuck her was to let her paint your fingernails and toenails and put the dress she was wearing on you?”

      That would be incredibly weird behaviour, and would wilt any normal guys boner.

      “Women are mentally fucked up. You can’t let a woman turn you into a fag because you want pussy so badly,and lots of them will try to do it through various emotional and psychological tricks if you’re not obviously able to easily beat the shit out of them.”

      If you talk about beating women up again we’re going to IP ban you. Talking about beating women up is, ironically, quite fucked up.

    2. “Have you ever seen what women watch for entertainment?”
      Downton Abbey and Pride & Prejudice. TV shows and films about middle-class women seeking marriages with high-status men. Downton Abbey was the most popular British tv show in history with over 120 million viewers worldwide. It was entirely White and based around courting men for marriage. Women also like crime thrillers, and the older the time period, the bigger the audience. They like shows about dancing, singing or cooking. They love nature programmes. They like RomComs where White Men and Women court one another and live happily ever after. They almost unilaterally love Disney movies, which are adventure stories where a Princess is courted by a Prince.

      “It’s almost all trannies and fags”
      It’s not. That is simply what the system forces upon audiences, but it is not demanded nor wanted. There are exceptions, but they are generally unpopular, and white masculine alternatives would absolutely be preferred if they were an option.

      “and what isn’t trannies and fags (who are usually White-presenting) is hyper-masculinized niggers who are clearly meant to be sex symbols.”
      How many of those were in Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice or Sleeping Beauty? White women do not seek out the form of ‘entertainment you describe. It’s not true. Why are you lying?

      “Then,every single commercial is a White woman with a nigger,possibly with an obviously gay mulatto son.”
      This is a system driven anti-White narrative. It’s intentionally demoralizing. Despite decades of this interracial social engineering, it remains extremely unsuccessful. Most White women I know complain about this. They are apolitical and they are strongly dislike the lck of White people in advertising and entertainment. This is biology and identity 101. White women want to see themselves in the storytelling. Interracial is undesirable, low-status and unimmersive. It ruins any form of escapism. Even prostitutes, who have the lowest status women of all, generally refuse black clients. Women also hate the fact that most comestic application tutorials is taught and promoted by homosexual men. Again, this is enforced, not desired.

      “The ad companies market to women like that because that’s what women are intellectually attracted to.”
      Disgusting lie. You have very strange and nefarious motives saying shit like that. This implies some libertarian profit-drivne motive within this system, which is clearly and demonstrably not the case. The system cares little of profit or public demand. It enforces extremely unpopular content that people do not want. It doesn’t sell product, it hurts the sale of product and they don’t care. It’s extremely ineffective and they do it anyway because the goal isn’t to make money, but to destroy White people and expand in power.

  2. Dude,I agree. I wasn’t recommending beating women up. I have never recommended that. Some people are unironically saying it. I understand that. That’s not what I’m doing or something I would ever do.

    What I’m saying is, when you see a 350 lb jacked dude and he’s all surly and aggressive-looking,you don’t go up to him and say “Hey,man,just came from your mom’s place. She says you need to clean your room. And while you’re at it, you can wash my spooge off her mattress” or do something intended to be emasculating to him.

    I appreciate that you are not censoring but understand that you have to do what you have to do when it comes to people encouraging violence.

    However,not only am I NOT seriously encouraging violence against women,what I said was not even intended to be a joke about encouraging violence. Anyone claiming that it was encouraging violence would either have misunderstood what I said or misconstrued what I said.

    I assume that you simply,in good faith, misunderstood what I said because it wasn’t entirely clear the way that I said it and a lot of Anglin’s and Fuentes’ idiot supporters do indeed say stupid shit like that intending it to be an endorsement of violence,which I do not endorse.

    Looking like you could in a theoretical sense beat the shit out of someone who’s messing with you, or verbally or physically threatening someone for messing with you/actually beating the shit out of someone for messing with you are different things.

    One of those things is perfectly legal and socially acceptable and the others are not. The former thing is the one I am talking about.

    1. in minecraft

  3. Catboi Culture
    Compliment your wife at your wedding: “Cringe and Gay, bruh”
    Celibacy, Fortnite poses, IRL livestreams with a guy that drinks from a horse cock while dressed a pink tutu, and mocking victims of an anti-White terrorist attack: “Based and redpilled!”

    Domestic abuse has never been ‘based’ or ‘chad’. it has always been looked down upon. If it were high-status, then men would have bragged about it. Domestic abuse was something husbands kept to themselves. They didn’t tell their friends they smacked their wife. Their friends would be horrified. At times, people knew of abuse but didn’t intervene, but they didn’t think highly of it. It disgusted them. Imagine a man punching his wife in the stomach in public in the early 20th century. Would people laugh, Nick? Fuck no. They would either intervene or silently turn away and pretend not to notice the scene. The things Nick has been saying lately are just weird. It’s freakish. It’s not impressive or funny. The comments he is getting clearly bother him. Just as an example, Teddy Roosevelt called for the public whipping of wife-beaters in 1904 and was met with wide approval from the Church.
    And Anglin is also getting weirder overtime. He doesn’t get the issue with the men and women he listed. They’re promiscuous men, likely abused from a young age, drug users and marry women who are also drug-users who are also dealing with the abuse they get in that industry. There is a reason hollywood actors marry other actors and people in ”’entertainment”’. Most of it is fake, but when it’s real, it’s people just like them who went through the same shit. They’re freaks and fucked up people who got fucked up by the system they are in. Look at Elon Musk’s wives, an actress and a popstar. What did he expect? These people are broken and twisted.
    Just look up the backstroy of Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder. It’s weird. Ryder was part of some kosher cult, and Depp got sucked into some weird drug world with Hunter S Thompson and other hollywood weirdos. He likely watched his woman get passed around like currency. These are not normal people, Anglin. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not normal people. If Pitt married some normal girl in his twenties and split from the hollywood scene, he would like still be married to her today. The man is fucked up and has unreachable standards for most women. The type of woman who would eagerly settled down with him for life is not on his radar. They go for models who went through the same pedo-ridden abusive meat-grinder.

    MGTOW is the most cringe subversive messed up philosophy imaginable and fundamentally a product of zionist supremacist subversion.

  4. […] Weinstein is a huge part of my Anglin Felting series coming up, specifically his defense of him. You can read the first part, which doesn’t mention Weinstein, right here.  […]

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