It’s been a long time since I wrote about the Brave Wakandian Schizo known as Kanye West. Or rather it was before he decided about a month ago that he actually preferred silence + money to uppityness + still lots of money. His Instagram was entirely wiped, until today.

What’s this we see here?

Kanye West Instagram:

Watching Jonah Hill in 21 Jump street made me like Jewish people again

No one should take anger against one or two individuals and transform that into hatred towards millions of innocent people

No Christian can be labeled antisemite knowing Jesus is Jew

Thank you Jonah Hill I love you

He has now decided that silence + tons of money is not as good as bootlicking + copious amounts of cash.

Like this, but in reverse.

I’m not really concerned, because I never thought the Wakandian Freakout was anything other than a funny joke that might have some slight upside.

I thought it was hilarious when he exposed Alex Jones as the total consubversative that he is, and I appreciate the perspective that he gave to certain events, like the Balenciaga Saga.

It was also nice to see him force Musk to admit he’s a White Housenigger by censoring Kanye. And of course, it was all good content.

There were some in the Weirdly Uncensored Community who were not so measured with their enthusiasm.

This is from today…

Our favourite biological failure is still singing the praises of Jesus, Kanye West’s dead on arrival presidential campaign, right next to his unresolved hatred for White Women and creepy fetishization of Asian women.

It’s not even worth dissecting the contents of Kanye West’s obsequious prostration towards Heeb-Kind. He’s always been, at best, an idiot savant, and I’ve never appreciated his music. It was fun while he was causing a freakout, but it’s over now. YeGate surprised me by how long it went on.

It has now surprised me again by how abruptly it went dormant, and then the depths of its cuckoldry.

In a way, Kanye West is almost like the Black Donald Trump, but on a shorter timeline.

At least the memes were fun.

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  1. That first photo of him should be converted into a flag to represent the entire generation of whatever the hell they are calling this generation entering the workforce – Holy crap prepare for mediocrity and recession worldwide.
    And his new-found entirely predictable twatter (or wherever the hell he posted them) comments… freaking… retarded.
    Mel Gibson needs to flog him with a pool noodle, wait until he has an organism of gay bliss…. then stick a thick metal pole inside and smash his batch with it. …. I’m not a great writer but I am unique.

  2. Savage nigger animal. Good to see the simian finally show his real colors. Hopefully he is gone for good now from the headlines.

    The Asian fetish for Anglin is more of an attraction to prepubescent boys. Asian women’s bodies are built that way. I have always thought that White men attracted to black females are also homosexuals. The average black female has more testosterone than the average Asian male. Different sides of homosexuality, the pedophile and the subservient in these two cases.

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