L., a 21-year-old discharged soldier, is the main suspect in the murder of Yoel Lahanghel, an 18-year-old yeshiva student from Manof HaGalil. Lahnghel was murdered in a mass brawl that broke out at a birthday party held in Kiryat Shmona between Thursday and Friday. The suspect completely denies his involvement in the murder and described the sequence of events to the investigators.

L., who lives in Kiryat Shmona, told how about 30 young men and minors were involved in the mass brawl and attacked each other with kicks, punches, planks, knives and pocketknives. It is believed that some of those involved in the fight were drunk and that the background is most likely a comment or a curse towards one of the girls who was at the birthday party, which ignited the event into a deadly fight that ended in the murder of Lehneghel. According to a publication in “Yediot Ahronoth”, the crowd that attacked Lahnghal did so while shouting “China, China”, mocking his origin.

The nasty racial comments that you see from Israelis is Bitchute tier, but in real life. That’s because they are allowed to do this. Their hilltop down syndrome yoof in particular are empowered by the state and the rest of their society to be the retard shock troops of the Heeb Empire. You can’t expect the racial slurs to be directed at the right country when they’re being spouted by people who look like this.

Inbreeding and privilege are a vicious combination.

Times of Israel:

Three police officers were indicted Thursday for allegedly obstructing with an investigation into the fatal stabbing of a [Yoel Lhanghal] in October, with prosecutors saying one of those charged passed on information about the probe to the person who eventually was charged with the murder.

Haim Gabai, Shai Cohen and Yitzhak Ben Shayah were charged with obstruction of justice, fraud, and breach of trust at the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court, the Police Internal Investigations Department, which is part of the Justice Ministry, said in a statement.

This is where the debate is at with the Israeli Heebs. Do we let individual Jews get away entirely with racially cleansing the undesirables, or do we do this slowly through more official channels, while giving them slaps on the wrist? 

It’s a tough decision for the humanitarian superstars chosen by the Volcano Demon to bring light into the world.


Ramat Gan (Israel) (AFP) – Two years since Israeli soldier Amit Ben Ygal — an only child — died in service, his father has not given up hope of becoming a grandfather.

For now posthumous in vitro fertilisation (IVF) rights are reserved only for the widows of fallen soldiers in Israel.

But a draft law seeks to expand such rights to their parents, with an activist insisting Israel has a “moral obligation” to families whose children died in service.

“Amit was everything in my life,” father Baruch, 53, told AFP. “I want to be happy again… The army has a responsibility to help me become a grandfather.”

His 21-year-old son was struck in the head by a stone hurled at him by a Palestinian during an Israeli military raid in the occupied West Bank on May 12, 2020.

Can someone please remind me why our (((Democracy Class))) has refused to condemn Israel’s ongoing slow motion genocide of the Palestinian Goyim, while seething about Russia invading Ukraine eight years into a civil war where tens of thousands of Russian ethnics were killed?

And I don’t want to hear any conspiracy theories like “Israel controls US congress.” Get that nonsense out of here. Everyone knows that Putin is Leet Haxxxoring into the brains of Ladybug Lindsay Graham. So, taken that as a given, I’m struggling to make sense of all of this, and if someone can help me out that would be mucho appreciato.

The father had sperm extracted within 72 hours of his son’s killing, quick enough for it to be frozen and remain viable for IVF.

He plans to use the late son’s sperm to produce a grandchild with a female volunteer, but cannot do so until lawmakers approve the bill, which passed its first hurdle in parliament but has also raised ethical concerns.

I understand on a utilitarian level the desire to get your fully grown son’s sperm to make grandchildren. It’s just sort of odd to make that request. Is there a form that you fill out? Do you talk to someone important? If so, what do you say?

IDF Spokewoman (They/Them): Mr. Ygal, I regret to inform you that your son has died in combat.

Ben Ygal: His balls. I need his balls.

IDF: We know this must be – I’m sorry, what did you say?

Ygal: His cum. I need my son’s cum. This means the world to me.

IDF: We all take grief differently. We won’t –

Ygal: Why are my sons testicles not currently in my hand? He was my everything. The least I could have to remember him is a nice thick rope of warm jizz.

IDF: Ben, I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Ygal: You shouldn’t be bearing anything but Ben Ygal Jr.’s hot spicy dick milk. When I see you next I need a solid quart of my son’s spunk or you’re getting a rock all of your own thrown at your head, buddy.

IDF: Ben, the bad news is that our electronic warfare operators noticed that the night before your son was deployed, he was looking at a particularly set of videos on SchlomoHub.

Ben Ygal: Oh no… that can’t mean…

IDF: I’m afraid that it does, Mr. Ygal. Your son downloaded Arab Dominatrix 9: Backdoor Edition. Reports are that he drained his balls thoroughly to one particular girl repeatedly pegging an IDF soldier.

Ben Ygal: That means…

IDF: It’s where a woman puts on a dildo and –

Ben Ygal: Not that! I mean with respect to my sons babygravy.

IDF: Yes, Mr. Ygal. I’m sorry, but there was no cum left for us to collect. 

Back to the article.

Ben Ygal and Amit’s mother were divorced. The father and son lived together in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan, where Amit’s room has been transformed into a mausoleum.

Baruch told AFP that “it’s hard to say ‘he died’. I can say it for my father, but not for Amit.”

Photos and sketches of Amit cover every inch of the walls, and on the bed, his father laid T-shirts bearing his son’s image and the front page of a newspaper showing the mourning father posing with dozens of babies named Amit in his honour.

Ben Ygal said that to fill the emptiness, he wanted to host “one or two babies from Amit” on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Sucks that your son was murdered while occupying those Goyim.

It’s nice to see that these Israelis are finally agreeing that murder is bad, occasionally. 


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  1. Wow, those yid pics – they are, they are … so Orc looking. Revolting. Merely posting these pics has turned me anti-semitic.

  2. Jews are fucking obnoxious and I could go the rest of my life without reading about them or watching their newz or media crap………
    I just heard an Amen from the minority who don’t enjoy being nauseated and certainly won’t go looking for jewsreel toxins to ingest.
    And Israel does control the congress, that’s some basic shit there I first heard from my history teacher in undergrad – won’t happen in this lame age.

  3. The story of the ‘Indian’ guy’s genetic origin is even better. In Northeastern India, the people there aren’t ‘brown’, they are more similar to people in neighboring Myanmar, but due to colonial era shenanigans they’re now part of India. They used to be hunter gatherers by the time the Brits showed up. Literally never wrote a book despite bordering India, Tibet and Myanmar, all literate lands.
    >The movement began in 1951 when a tribal leader reported having a dream that his people’s ancient homeland was Israel; some tribal members began embracing the idea that they were Jews. Before the movement’s start, the community was largely a Christian one.
    >In the late 20th century, Israeli rabbi Eliyahu Avichail, of the group Amishav, named these people the “Bnei Menashe” based on their account of descent from Menasseh.[5] In 2003–2004, DNA testing of several hundred male community members did not yield conclusive evidence of Middle Eastern ancestry.
    They’re a random group of Burmese chinks who scammed the Jews into giving them citizenship to escape India.

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