Now that Target has rolled out its Pride apparel collection for 2023, various anti-LGBTQ+ people have rolled into stores with their camera phones to reveal just how “out of control” the retailer’s “grooming” of children is.

These adults are horrified by the rainbow-colored baby onesies and swimsuits that are apparently indoctrinating children into the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. So horrified, in fact, that they’re willing to give Target free advertising on their social media accounts.

Pervert clothing aimed at literal babies is designed to indoctrinate them into being perverts.

There’s only so much “Wow, Just WOW,” that I can tolerate from the Monkeypox-Community, so we’re closing that LGBTQNation piece. To cleanse your pallet, here’s a sexy little strumpet who does a little VLOG of her time at Target.

You may have noticed that she mentioned “tuck friendly bathing suits.” What could that possibly mean?

Daily Mail:

Target has been criticized for selling ‘tuck-friendly’ [female] bathing suits as part of its Pride collection, which also includes items for babies and children.

The swimsuits, which appear in sections set up for Pride month in June, include a label which advertises the ‘tuck-friendly construction’ and ‘extra crotch’ coverage. The design is made to help conceal a person’s private parts.

The item is listed on Target’s website for $40 in the ‘Pride Adult Clothing’ section. Critics have claimed the item is also available to children. Target has been approached for comment and asked to clarify the claim. 

The company has already faced a backlash for including items for babies and children in the collection. Some have accused Target of ‘indoctrinating and grooming’ and others have said it ‘deserves the Bud Light treatment’ – a reference to the boycott of the beer after it partnered with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In case you were wondering what this meant, these are female swimsuits that are intentionally designed with enough space inside for your female penis.

Finally us women are getting bathing suits designed to comfort our penises. I don’t know how many years we in the Penis-Women Community have been asking for this, but we have it now, courtesy of Target. Thank Yahweh. Thank the Volcano Demon. Thank George Soros. Our female penises will finally be comfortable in our swimsuits.

However, is it really true that Target is offering our trans babies of colour the penis-friendly female swimming suits that they would tell us they want if they were able to speak?


Claim: Target store’s 2023 Pride collection includes a “tuck-friendly” bathing suit for children.

Rating: False

Well if Snopes says that it’s not true, then that must – 

Context: Target’s 2023 Pride collection includes items labeled in stores as “tuck-friendly,” but none of these items is available in “kids’ sizes,” designed for children, or marketed to children.

Both of these products can be found on Target’s website, and neither of them is designed for children. Claims that the products were for kids appear to come from an apparent disbelief in the notion that some adults are small, and the fact that some Pride collection displays were near a children’s clothing section.

You hear that you fucking troonphobes?! These are for adults who are the size of four year olds. You’re the real groomers.

Unfortunately, Target is backing down and supporting the literal genocide of trans bodies of colour, even after initially staying the course.

Metro Weekly:

Target is removing some Pride-themed merchandise from its stores after outrage from conservatives over items marketed explicitly to the LGBTQ community.

I’ll stop you right there. Normal people hate this garbage. Don’t try to pretend that there is some sort of ideology that is required to disapprove of this. Consubversives are just there to capture the natural sentiment of society and make sure it goes nowhere. 

The outrage from conservatives over the Pride line has been ramped up by videos on social media with customers ranting over Pride-themed merchandise, confronting store employees, or destroying displays. They claim the company is seeking to indoctrinate people — particularly children — into either being LGBTQ or accepting LGBTQ people as normal.

On Tuesday, May 23, the big box retailer said portions of its “Pride collection” will be removed from stores “amid threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and wellbeing while at work,” Target spokesperson Kayla Castaneda said in a statement to Newsweek.

Threats impacting our workers safety? You mean like criminals of colour murdering them?

Apparently not. They mean some LITERAL TERRORIST threats that the Trannyphobes of WHITENESS called into their stores.


An anti-Target song topped the iTunes sales chart on Tuesday, prompting cheers from conservatives despite negligible performance on streaming apps, like Spotify.

Target is the latest company being targeted online by conservatives with boycott threats over support for the LGBTQ+ community. The popular big box store chain recently announced a scaling back of its Pride Month merchandise selection, claiming to have received threats to its employees over the products. A store in Layton, Utah, meanwhile, was forced to evacuate after receiving a bomb threat, a similar tactic reportedly deployed against Anheuser-Busch. Justin Wolfers, a professor of Public Policy and Economics at the University of Michigan, called these behaviors “literally terrorism.”

It’s literally terrorism and I’m literally shaking right now.


The terrorism threats were done by mentally ill perverts? I am shocked, SHOCKED. Well, not that shocked.

For the record, Target is also partnering with GLSEN, the “Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network,” a groomer indoctrination organization. They’re a very worthy target, no pun intended, for a boycott. Previously we saw the relatively unorganized Bud Light “boycott” work wonders on them, but that’s a different market that is very responsible to consumer preference. Is Target hurting from their promotion of child grooming?

NY Post:

Target has lost $10 billion in market valuation over the last 10 days as the popular retailer continues to face backlash over its Pride-themed clothing line for children.

A week ago Wednesday, Target enjoyed its stock value at $160.96 a share, but following the calls to boycott the Minneapolis-based retailer over its “PRIDE” collection, the value plummeted and closed Friday at $138.93 a share.

The nearly 14% drop in value for the blue chip stock roughly translates to a $10.1 billion loss in valuation to just $64.2 billion for Target, which has nearly 2,000 stores nationwide.

That appears to be a promising first start, but what we’re really concerned with is sales. The market valuation of a corporation can be quite fickle. Unfortunately, we’re not getting any sales data.

While many have likened the conservative boycott against Target to that of Bud Light – which saw sales crash after partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz doubted the backlash against the retailer would be as impactful.

Speaking on his podcast Friday, the Republican said that while multiple alternatives exist to replace Anheuser-Busch’s brands, the same is not so for Target.

The Texas politician said the efforts against Target could quickly wilt because “historically, conservatives have typically been not very good at boycotts.”

Historically consubversives have been terrible at boycotts because their leadership intentionally throws the fight, something that Ted Cruz, who has a “bisexual” daughter, appears desperate to do with Target as well.

I don’t know what the final result will be here, but I suspect disappointing results, especially with consubversives desperate to throw the fight. We saw Republicans do this with Bud Light, but that market is legitimately competitive, so they were unsuccessful in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Department stores are also competitive to some extent, but not as much as alcoholic beverage brands. If Republicans were legitimate political actors they could probably destroy Target as a corporation with an organized boycott, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. I don’t need no tuck-friendly suits, I prefer to buy women’s bikinis and test the tensile strength of various brands of duct tape. It’s a wonderful hobby, most unusual ones are !
    Actually that chick and target is a skinny skank.
    There’s a reason models look like Skeletor with zero secondary sexual characteristics, male hips, pointless little bump boobs and weigh 90 pounds. And it’s because EVERY person in charge of hiring these “handsome” large-mouthed skanks is a homosexual (they want their women looking like pre-pubescent males) and quite often a jew.

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