Two weeks ago, just after writing my last article, I came to the realization that I was too old for this. I published the piece, then made the usual rounds on Telegram. A few people were talking about Striker’s new substack articles, combined with the success of Striker and Warren’s new show “Warstrike”. Their first episode received over 10k views on Odysee, and over one thousand on Rumble.

The commentariat brought this to my attention, thinking that it’d be relevant for the Steak Knives series. Makes sense, as I had already publicly stated my hope that Striker would wake from his political hibernation and collaborate with Warren to start something to compete against TRS. Yet, once it happened, I realized that couldn’t possibly care less. 

I haven’t watched the show, so I can’t comment as to its quality. I did read the first of Striker’s articles, albeit a few days late, and thought it was fine. 

Joseph Jordan “Eric Striker” Substack (Jan 5th):

British historicist Arnold Toynbee once described Judaism as a unique aberration within the human experience. Fossilized in their fanatical hatred of non-Jews, Jews throughout history have been ready to violently oppose every single culture and nation they encountered, even at the cost of their internal intellectual and civilizational development. For the Jewish people, the story of “Hanukkah” is a vital reference point central to their antagonistic and insular identity.

Striker goes into the history of Hanukkah, and finds that it is, surprise surprise, yet another slander that Jews created, this time of the Greek Goyim. It’s nothing that should surprise any readers of this site, but it’s always nice to add this kind of journalism to our body of work.

But is it though?

I’ve been asking myself that question for a while now, not just with the collapse of the NJP, but for most of 2023. What are we doing here? What is the point of this? Why am I spending so many thousands of hours working away at this site? What is the tangible, positive impact I can point to, aside from entertaining the readers? I’ve come to the conclusion that there simply isn’t one.

I’ve written so much that I’ve forgotten what I’ve written about. Random things that stick in my mind, like the tranny who told everyone that he was a wolf, and was taken seriously on cable television, that Sam Smith fag who liked getting pissed on, or the “puppy playing” nuclear energy fag named Sam Brinton who got arrested for stealing women’s clothes at the airport. There was Madonna’s Sexy Dancing, and something about Denise Richards. Something about Ana Kasparian’s vagina exploding too.

Remember the Traffic Soyboys series? Remember Waukesha? Remember that time I called in to the Winnipeg Police for fourty five minutes? Remember Daniel Schmidt? What about the Gravocaust Slander? Did you know that in April, 2023, Mr. Beast, a popular YouTube Kids content producer, had one of his sidekicks troon out and then retweet cartoon CSAM? I totally forgot about that one, despite writing about it, and can’t even remember half the celebrities I cast for my “Daily Rake sits down with,” series, despite thinking that all of those articles are among my best.

The above is not even 10% of my total output. However, it shares something in common with the unnamed other 90% of my output; It has amounted to nothing. Nothing has changed because I decided to write anything, and nothing will change if I continue to write things. I will toil away for years and years and years and all my hair will turn grey and it won’t amount to anything. There comes a time when you are forced to look at the larger picture and rationally ask yourself if you’re spending your time productively. 

Forget this site in particular. Instead, think of the “movement” commonly referred to as the “Alt Right” more broadly. It’s been around for ten years and the one and only real, tangible political victory that this “movement” can claim is that this one guy won a council position in Enid, Oklahoma. That’s not exactly a great return on ten years of collective effort, now is it?

In the Steak Knives series I’ve argued that there is no point in doing anything without a political party behind you, or at least a loose association of serious people actually running for office. The problem is that, well, that’s true, and there isn’t any serious political party that even pretends not to serve zionist interests in America or Canada. As a result, there’s not much point in doing political writing, now is there?

I have such a negative reaction to Striker’s new substack and show with Warren because I’ve seen this before, and seen it better. I’ve seen this infotainment back when people still had uncensored YouTube channels and Facebook accounts, and the numbers that these guys would pull were in the hundreds of thousands. I’ve seen what that amounted to, which is one small town councilor seat per decade.

So what’s the timetable for this new round of infotainment? Do we redpill da normies on Rumble for another decade before we win our next council seat? I’ve heard that there’s a part time volunteer librarian spot up for grabs in Prince George, Canada. Maybe if we all slave away together for the next five years we can think about snagging that position.

It’s impossible not to be snarky with these people, since they have produced so little. That’s even true of the infotainment itself. It occurred to me halfway through grinding out the Traffic Soyboys series that I was working far harder than anyone over at the NJP, who were too lazy to edit their own show, let alone perform the Herculean task of uploading clips to TikTok. The rest of the “dissident right” infotainment industrial complex was just as lazy. These people are entertainers, not political actors, and they suck at their jobs. 

I haven’t published anything in more than fifteen days, but there was a time when I couldn’t go fifteen hours without working on the site. If I wasn’t going to post for a day I would announce this on the site, as well as on Telegram and Poast. Now I’ve taken an entirely unannounced two week vacation from the site. I should have announced this. I shouldn’t have allowed the readers to be so concerned. For example, I got the following comment under the last article. 

“TDR are you still THERE? Did Hovator’s goons get to you? It’s been almost a week since you made a new post.”

The sad truth is that Tony Hovater’s goons didn’t get to me. What got to me is the realization that I have spent thousands of hours of my life toiling away making infotainment for people to consume and then do nothing about. Spending thousands of hours of my life accomplishing nothing isn’t hitting quite like it used to. The itch to write just hasn’t been there, for some strange reason.

I’d had these feelings before, which is why I quit the site late last year, only for the NJP implosion to happen. I felt that needed to be written about, but that was when I felt there was still something to be salvaged from the National Just Podcasts LLC. Unfortunately, while many of the rank and file were great, and very well-meaning, it’s over. I was murderously angry at the time, but I’ve moved on. The guys at TRS aren’t real political actors, and never have been. I care about them about as much as I care about English soccer players who retired fourty years ago. 

I am tired of being attached to a “movement” run by totally disinterested “leadership,” far more interested in making money than doing anything substantive. I’ve watched my bank account slowly dwindle to nothing, while turning away people who wanted to give me money, since I felt that we ought to have a few more political victories first before taking payment. It’s very upsetting to see it all amount to this. 

I was in my twenties when Hyphen Report started. I’m turning thirty two next month, and have already seen a few grey hairs infesting my beard. My knees hurt. The bags under my eyes have taken up permanent residence. I feel old, or at least too old to care about Striker’s Hawt New Substack. I can no longer justify these unproductive pursuits, and I’m kind of pissed that I blew these years on politics while being surrounded by so many totally unserious people.

I don’t mean you. I don’t blame average people for not taking the world upon their shoulders while I sit back on the sidelines. I do blame the Andrew Anglins, Nick Fuentes‘, and Mike Peinovichs of the world for squandering the great populist moment of 2014-2018 and giving us nothing.

Speaking of age, Andrew Anglin is 40, and last time I looked at him he was seething about not getting 13 year old pussy. “Young kid” Nick Fuentes is 28. The TRS guys are in their late 40’s, and have grey hair. They’re all too old to be playacting at politics, and so am I.

In early December I applied for work, and realized that I have a pretty hard to explain gap on my resume. Even still, I made it to the interview stage, and things seemed to go very well. However, things then mysteriously fell through, and I can’t help but think that this site didn’t help my cause.

I happily brought this upon myself. Serious political action needs to be undertaken seriously, and not with monikors like “Kikeslammer88.” I’ve laughed at self-proclaimed “moobment leaders,” who whine about doxxing, and have utter contempt for people who don’t want to sacrifice anything yet expect revolutionary political change.

But it’s one thing to sign up to be a soldier for the cause, suffering on the frontlines, cold every day, hungry, and facing constant death. It’s another to be cold everyday, hungry, and risk your life only to find out that you were never a part of any real military, and were just doing this on your own for no real benefit. It’s a feeling that I’m done having. 

This site will remain up in perpetuity. There is a goldmine of actually useful journalism on here, and ZOG really is awful and deserving of death. I truly hope that someone more serious that those that have come before will take up the mantle. If there’s anyone who wants me to help their electoral work in any way, please contact me, as I’m happy to help. 

In the meantime, I will keep the audience more informed, and I won’t ever have another long post drought that is unexplained ahead of time. However, I’m not writing about politics. I won’t even publish the almost done next two pieces in the Steak Knives series. I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s like writer’s block, on steroids. I physically can’t do it. 

I need something to let the creative juices flow as I find gainful employment, so maybe I’ll actually work on that novel I said I was writing all that while back before abandoning. Not to publish, just to have a good time with while I flush this bad experience from my system, and off the front page of this site. Maybe I’ll do a book review or two. Maybe mix in some comedy stuff. Hell, I came across this guys work in the past two weeks. He might be fun to write about.

No, this is not a parody.

I’ll be active responding to your comments. 

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  1. I feel the same about the “movement”. It’s not going anywhere.

  2. I’ve felt the same this past year, and your writing here, I think, will put this despair into words for a lot of us. I saw every effort I made kicked aside and, loud and clear, every “ally” let me know I was on my own in 2023.

    What I’ve come to appreciate is that this sort of despair might be new to us, but it would hardly be new to our ancestors. Millions of them, likely, if we go back far enough, watching their homes taken from them by corruption and evil. In that, we’re not alone: that thread of loss and despair links us to our ancestors, perhaps more authentically than … marching with … Tiki torches… y’know – hang on! – somewhere there my bar dropped way too low! But you know what I mean: surely in a moment like this, our ancestors must look down on us, their wayward children, wandering in darkness, and feel a glow of kinship with us that no podcasting can ever hold a candle to.

    Where did this dust come from … ahem …

    Perhaps that is a kind of achievement. I feel I have so little to account for from my own decade or more of struggle against globo-homo that I can hardly justify scorning this pitiable win.

    Not pitiful! This win evokes compassion, if only from our long dead ancestors. Not scorn. Never scorn, not for us.

    Thank you for your work. The legacy that you leave here will serve those who pick up this fight next, I’m sure.

  3. I think Anglin is 38. Nick’s age is surprising, he acts like he is 23. Both Nick and Anglin are closeted homosexuals. Taking this movement seriously is a waste of time. TRS was nothing but a money grift. Hopefully Sven and Mike have to work real jobs for a change now that the scam cash has stopped rolling in. It is entertaining to keep up with these clowns.

    The good news is anti-Semitic views have taken hold throughout the world. The Jews crested back around 2005 and are now hated again. I don’t think the movement had anything to do with it though. Jews will always self destruct. Richard Spencer, another closeted homosexual, is the image I always think of when I hear of the alt right being referred to. It really is a complete clown show filled with closeted homosexuals, degenerates, grifters and just all around life losers.

    Getting some distance from this shit-show is a very healthy and wise thing to do. It’s good for some laughs l, but it’s not to be taken seriously. Remember Matt Heimbach and the cuck box? LOL And he was taken seriously for a time. All of these e celebs like Baked Alaska and Milo (both homosexuals) had their time in the sun and were eventually exposed as total garbage.

    Good luck on your future endeavours and thanks for keeping us up to speed on this movement drama for the past few years. It’s a good move to create some distance from these clowns, don’t embarrass yourself by being at all affiliated with any of them.

    1. Exactly my thinking man. Anyway, Fuentes is allowed some fame because he is an off-putting weirdo. “Groypers” wtf is that to call yourselves? Gropers? Proud incel groper groupies? I fail to see the mass appeal. Kudos on tricking that retard rapper tho.

      Good news is like you said though, they are defeating themselves and at this rate it wont matter that they have unlimited money and media control.

  4. Dear Mr Rake,

    I understand, I get it I’ve been involved in this since the attack on the WTC on 9/11/2001. I started on thw Knazzeee path days later when i set up my first Big Box computer on 9/13/2001. I discovered that It was Da Jooz when I discovered “Stormfront” day later, when I was searching for “patriotic groups” to align with. I got to know people form that site IRL. I attended events and rallies. It was fun, There was also a ton of nonsense involve. People come and go, Crash and burn. I’ve seen all kinds of antics and self-immolation. The world wags one,,,,

    Re: the NJP – self-obsessed manchild brat Sven actually did us a favor by blowing up the NJP and TRS by the way. He pulled the rock off the scam. I don’t believe the NJP began as a grift. Jesse, however, apparently resented the whole thing from the outset. Moike however, turned out to be a TERRIBLE manager and Judger of Staff. I have a sub to TRS until June – but I can’t bother to waste my time. I don’t want to hear the sound of their voices I still tune into Randbot, occasionally – but the moment he does any TRS stuff I’m out. He seems to do very little except post video game stuff, which I think is a SHOCKING waste of time for allegedly adult males. To me it’s akin to wasting time, energy and resources on niggerball and porn.

    You are going to be 32? I laugh gently at the idea of you “feeling old”. You are a young man, and you are IN YOUR PRIME YEARS. You need to rebuild your life. You obviously know this, hence the content of this post. It’s not just jobs, though – you need real friends and allies IRL – and ALSO A MATE. You need a mate. A wife and kids. You are too smart and valuable as a Human to allow your DNA to wash down the drain of oblivion.

    I am a Pagan. Today is one of our most important Holy Days. It’s Imbolc! Imbolc celebrates the coming of Spring. Our true, authentic beliefs are so telling and wise. Imbolc is about renewal. If you search images you’ll see depictions of the hares and snowdrops. We know that rabbits and hares are fast-breeders. Snowdrops are flowers that bloom IN snow. And there are images depicting the most important symbol of the meaning of Imbolc – snowy, icy Wintry landscapes with and image of a female body (women give birth) from UNDERNEATH the frozen Earth, re-awakening. The meaning should be obvious. By this time of the year, Northern Europeans are weary of the dreary cold land. It seems like Winter will never end, and we know Winter can deliver many blasts yet to come. Yet the Earth itself is stirring, Life and growth is renewing itself. Preparing to bloom. Forever and ever and ever and ever………

    The White Movement (we can’t even settle on a name) is like February. The Winter of our enemies have done a brilliant job of freezing us out of our own societies. We are still here, though. The White Race is the Show Me Race. We’ve been sleeping for eons. Lulled into false promises of (((Liberté, égalité, fraternité)))). We DREAM of these things being true. We must awaken, as a Race, to the fact that it’s all a lie. It is happening. The true nature of our enemies are being laid bare by their OWN deeds. All we can do is sound the word, and force the truth of Race into unwilling ears. It’s it happening …but it’s glacial at this point, because day to day life of most people is still pretty cozy. People do NOT act until it HURTS.

    Discover things that give you joy every day. I do. That first cup of coffee in the morning. Looking up, at twilight, and unexpectedly seeing the last burst of glorious, astonishing color of a Winter’s sunset. Taking a second to look in the face of your wife or husband or mother or father or daughter or son or friend, or anyone you love and instead of taking them day-today for granted – take one second to truly BEHOLD that person and realize just how much you love that wonderful, miraculous Human Being .

    I’m a woman – so I can get pretty sappy, I try not to do this – but be that Snowdrop. Bloom in the ice.

    Much love, dear man, and may you have a Blessed Imbolc. And Happy Groundhog Day! Phil did not see his shadow!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly Denise with everything you said – I think Jesse got really ticked off that his gravy Bowl got knocked over for a political movement that had no real leader or assets but oh well- I think in the beginning they were having fun and that was what attracted to me when I first heard them and enjoy their shows but like a lot of people I really enjoyed Strike & Mike – not that I agreed with everything but it was entertaining and valid- I have a feeling they’re monetary numbers have drastically shrank – anyway I’m with you as well on the Pagan rituals because that’s what our white ancestors did and believed in

    2. Yes yes. Very kind words.

  5. You should do what makes you happy. Write about whatever you want, or don’t write. A lot of times when people wake up to everything that’s happening, they feel like they need to do something immediately, they think that, if everyone else knew what they knew, that change could happen overnight. But there are cycles of historical and psychological time that cannot be altered. Right now there are two opposing currents happening simultaneously: on one hand, everything is getting worse, on the other, radical ideas are seeping into the mainstream and people are slowly waking up.
    Unfortunately, things will continue to get worse and worse, and people will begin to notice more and more, and still, nothing will change. Perhaps when we are very old, we will begin to see meaningful change. But that doesn’t mean that this is all pointless. Far from it. Simply by being aware and helping to spread awareness of the problems, we are participating in the world historical drama. In this time of darkness, we keep our little flames alive and help lay the groundwork for what is to come. Each meme, article, podcast, song, and video is an act of alchemy. It takes the heavy lead of melancholy which is the awareness of some evil and, by recognizing it’s inherent absurdity, turns it into a joke, a ray of light, a source of joy.
    In every instance, when we confront the absurdity of the evil in this world with laughter, love, and most importantly, the light of the truth, we act as harbingers of the incoming dawn. We should not expect things to change overnight, or even in our lifetimes. Don’t worry about whether things will work out or not. Just do what is true to you, and have fun.

    1. That was quite beautiful fren. Thank you for that. Really brightened my lunch break.

      I do think there is a very good shot of things changing in our lifetimes though. Even if the main catalyst is due to their own hubris more than it is by anything that we do. Losing a great deal of control over the POC was a big blow to the current order, even if we are still as of yet relatively voiceless. And that seems to be slowly changing too, MSM adjacents saying things unimaginable even 10 years ago, the overton window has moved substantially. Vanguards like this site and others are responsible for much of that imo.

      Anyway, back to earning back 10% of the value of my labor XD Haha it’s not so bad, I do sort of like what I do.

  6. I don’t know if this is helpful, but I like to look at it as that old quote goes “To move a mountain, you begin by carrying small stones”

    Our homelands have been manipulated from behind the scenes by a shadowy and immensely powerful tribe for a very long time now. An international empire built on usury and vice. They run our central banks, they fund our politicians, they write our history books, control our media and academia and worst of all, seem to actively hate us and have manipulated our peoples into ways of thinking that have led to our great diminishment and if nothing changes, if things were to remain on the trajectory that they have been on, our eventual extinction..

    It’s hard to achieve much headway when they have such a strong ability to censor any criticism of themselves. It’s David vs. Goliath for anyone who opposes them, and that’s a bit demoralizing. So too is the apparent listlessness and incuriosity of the average pleb. How can such a small minority exert so much misanthropic control over so many? Well, nearly unlimited money certainly helps.. yet still, it’s very apparent that they see their hold as tenuous and are continuously fearful of losing their grasp on the throat of the west.

    And they should, really. When you think about it, if the average person were to become, on mass, aware of their malcontent and of the scope of human disaster that their malevolent machinations have wrought.. well, 110 certainly and maybe worse. Actually probably something more like 150, with the ease of global communication such an event would be devastating for them. Which is why Israel is so important to them, most don’t want to live there as they would have to do actual work there, but they do realize that after everything they’ve done to the goyim, they may one day have to go back as a last resort. But.. no shabbos for them to throw shekels at to do the heavily lifting there, no golems in Israel, so most stay here.

    Hitler’s plan, I have heard, was to eventually deport them to Madagascar when the war was won. I don’t know if that’s true, but Israel would work just fine instead. Though they would have to stop genociding Palestinians on mass and learn to get along with them. If they were to lose the shield of America, they would be forced to do this, especially after all that has happened over there.

    That’s a tall order, but here’s where the hope comes. They are never been so weak and so close to losing their power over us than they are now, and they mostly have themselves to thank for that. The great replacement and anti-whiteness are terms that have been forced into the public consciousness now, largely as a reaction to their actions against us and the actions of their POC attack dogs who they constantly ply the ire of with a steady drip of anti-white blood libels.

    And while it may not seem like it sometimes, the white masses are finally taking the first steps to regaining our sovereignty, we are finally starting to redevelop a group consciousness. After all, the first step towards solving a problem is admitting that it even exists, which is also the hardest step, and one that they have successfully prevented the public from taking for a very long time. But no more, the White Christian masses are finally beginning to move. Slowly it may seem to us, but history does not move at the rate of the individual.

    Don’t put yourselves out, lord knows I don’t do as much as I could because family, friends and neighbors are the most important things in life and should take priority always, but we shouldn’t stop doing what we can to chip away at their control. If you see an opening to weaken them, take it. Hear someone complaining about a jewish caused malady within our society? Might be fun to drop a few names. Don’t like the NAACP? Just saw a video of a dozen blacks beating a white child to death in some school somewhere? “Well you’ll never guess who started that organization, lemme drop some facts on ya rite quick buddy.” Small stones add up over time.

    Glad to hear you are alright Tim. Keep your head up man. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

  7. Please do not despair young leaf, I know these times can be trying on one’s soul. I would like to commend you on your efforts, and your commitment to the truth, even though it has brought you so much worldly suffering.

    If I can make an observation: I have noticed a pattern in the psychological operations conducted upon us. It’s probably best described as warfare against the will, and it’s about the most insidious thing I can imagine. That our own brothers and sisters would engage in such activity against those of us that just want what is best for our people, it makes my blood boil thinking about it.

    I’ve separated this “willfare” into four categories: fear, confusion, impotency, and distraction.

    Fear: Propaganda meant to instill fear, usually appealing to reprisal by institutional power. “They are all feds.” “You’ll be put on a list.” “You’ll be doxed.”

    Confusion: Propaganda spreading typical conspiracy nonsense that you’ll see on the front page of shitchute.

    Impotency: Ideas that are essentially fatalistic. Notions such as “ride the tiger,” “accelerationism,” “Spenglerian cycles,” and “elite theory.”

    Distraction: Phrases like “community building,” “self-improvement,” and “dragon slaying.” come to mind.

    Why would they put so much effort into attacking our wills? Maybe they understand something about politics that we don’t. Maybe the will of one man, or a few great men, is all that is needed to change the course of history.

    1. Great will, great discernment, indefatigable will and a special genius for speechcraft yes. Had been done before and sucessfully. But now is not yet. Good chance soon enough but not yet. Hyperinflation would be required. I do strongly think that. The average person goes along to get along 99% of the time, it is only by necessity that most take any real risk. And risk is required to go against the grain.

      Def could be soon though. American empire fraying by the day. Not a sage, can’t predict the future at all, but I do see a lot of cracks. And history often rhymes. They are very concerned with Isreal, maybe they will all move back there someday in not too long and leave us alone. Stranger things have happened.

  8. Crestfallen! This was one of the last websites worth visiting on the internet.

    It is foolish to think your work here was for naught. You brought joys upon many a reader. But yes, politics is in fact completely gay. One cannot force a political solution into being. Just live your truth and ride forth my dude.

    You sir have a talent for writing and I would be very interested in any novels/short stories you produce. I find your best writings to emerge when on the attack – as with Anglin or TRS. You get on a ruthless groove there. Anyway, good luck I guess.

    1. Nah there’s plenty. Do you think most normies know who the Rothchild were yet? Plenty to be done, be stronger.

    2. Also, don’t be helpless. We are all agents of our own destiny. Relying on someone else to do it for us is how we got into this mess. You are stronger than that. We all are.

  9. I entirely stopped paying attention to TRS/NJP in 2022, and then discovered your work because of Steak Knives, which I inhaled in one 6-hour straight truly fascinated reading. I’ve been checking every day for the next article.

    The points you made as a post-Mortem I think are immensely valuable for how we proceed. We need our own culture and content because there isn’t anything else for us. I am ok with TRS returning to being just podcasts, because we need them. And now we know people like Hovator are poison to the whole well. We need to know who is poison and who can actually help. In this sphere, Infotainment isn’t any longer asking me to risk myself and my family for nothing, but they are at least still giving me the commentary I need on what looks like the start of WWIII over Israel & Khazaria (Ukraine) and awareness of the constantly moving threats to our regular lives as society implodes because of these vampires.

    Now, we need new blood, new approaches, and your commentary is critical to helping that emerge.

    And we need to learn from this and not doom future generations to repeat the same things that haven’t worked, over and over.

    I get burn out and the need for employment. Do what you’ve gotta do. But I implore you to find a new way to help move us forward. In fact, your takes are already doing that, and, as their points express, they are desperately needed. Now is precisely the inflection point to *not* give up and diverge towards what we should’ve been doing, with 20/20 hindsight.

    Thanks for everything you’ve done so far. It’s been wildly fascinating.

  10. This is sad news. One more reason to despise TRS/NJP for wasting people’s time and energy and demoralizing them.

    But maybe you just need to broaden your horizons. The former Alt-Right is full of unserious people. But there is a bigger movement out there. It was there before the Alt-Right. It is here now. Your Waukesha journalism was first rate. I’d be happy to publish work like that at CC.

    Also, although I am happy to see people organizing politically, I think that is the best way to measure what we are doing now. Political change follows intellectual and cultural change, and there’s often a long lag. We have made great advances in metapolitics, and there’s a lot more work there to do. You as a journalist are doing metapolitical work, and good work. You need to keep doing that.

  11. Correction: political organizing is NOT the best way to measure what we are doing now.

  12. Thanks for all the work you’ve done thus far rake. While I did appreciate the other work you did before the steak knife series, I think the work you did on the NJP collapse was your greatest yet (though I’ve far from read all that you’ve written). As I’m a young guy the NJP collapse was the first real disaster in WN politics I witnessed so your commentary on it has been vital to me in understanding everything that went wrong. The work that you were able to put out non-stop, criticizing the strategy (or lack thereof) of the NJP has been extremely valuable to me. I’m certain that any political work I do from now on will be far better than it ever could have been had I not read your work. I’ve never felt the malaise you do now about the movement, as I’ve never been as involved with it as you, but I can certainly empathize with you; in the past few months I have been shocked at how the quality of the movement leaders and many supporters too (i.e. that beermin guy) is, to put it kindly, not at all the best our people have to offer. I think it’s great that you’re looking for a job, and I really wish you good luck, it worries me how many content creators in our movement rely entirely on donations when many of us have little to give. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your many articles and I look forward to what you will publish in the future. Though I do hope that you will continue to share any thoughts on political strategy that come to mind, maybe on telegram instead of the website!

  13. While I agree on your assessment of the seeming futility of e-Activism, I think it’s worthy of being said that while writing explanations of why Nick Fuentes is a horrible person doesn’t do much for attaining real power, it does have some impact on protecting people from falling into the orbits and discord cults of these freaks. Actual power has decided that it’s going to let these people hurt others as long as it stays locked away on the internet, and shining a light on them at minimum helps pen them in. Writing about the Hanuman statue in Brampton won’t help tear it down, but detailing Anglin’s abuses might just keep someone from falling prey to him.

    I wish you the best on whatever future endeavors you undertake, but I’d encourage you to post the remaining two Steakknives articles, even if they’re unfinished, to cap it off. To reinforce the prior point, if you’re trying to make something happen by writing about it, the chances of someone at the very least not wasting their money by giving it to Peinovich are higher than the chances of getting Trudeau out of office. I, for one, feel that your detailing of these events has been very enlightening, and quite frankly if you hadn’t done it I don’t know where I’d go to find out what the fuck happened here. On /pol/, schizo ritual posters post links to your articles whenever a TRS thread crops up people start getting the itch to throw money at manchildren. That money is better served not being in these people’s hands and your efforts, however small in comparison to the enemies that we face, have a part in that.

    If nothing else you have done a valiant effort in helping White Nationalism have a memory that lasts longer than the wait until the next podcast episode and have helped clarify as to why rallying around celebrities, internet or otherwise, is not a serious endeavor. I would count your work alongside the Hammer and Anvil article detailing WN 1.0 leaders and their failings as part of a genre that details what to stay away from, and hope that in a decade’s time the more historically minded members of this movement cite your articles on those grounds.

    1. I’ll probably finish up the next two articles and publish them, albeit perhaps not under the “Steak Knives” title, and not for many weeks. They heavily criticize the NJP’s activism and propaganda, but are more instructional than just a condemnation of the NJP.

      1. Yes, THIS. PLEASE.

  14. Off for the day and have time to read the article with full attention rather than skim as I do for most of my readings. All I can say brother is that I think most of us get it. Take all the time you need, though I do hope you still post on occasion about the goings on of our wiemerica and wiecanadia. Always thought your takes were very very spot on, if nothing else they do help keep up the morale and that is definitely worth something. Also the censorship algorithms are not perfect, cracks still get through on occasion.

    For my part, I don’t do nearly as much as I should but I do try. Twitter has become much better since Pajeet Agwala or w/e his name was was removed. It’s not much, but I think I may have made a small dent here and there, with twitter, irl and in other places. Small dents add up I think, and I don’t know what else to do so I’m going to keep doing it, even it’s 10 minutes a day it is still something and I can feel good about that. We are actually, for real “On the right side of history” and maybe someday those who oppress us will finally bleed out, rhetorically, by the principle of “death by 1000 cuts” Not that I think we should torture or harm them, I just think that the worst possible punishment for them would be to force them to only be with their own kind forever.

    Sort of like the parable about heaven. “Heaven and hell are really not that different, both are a great table where every person is given a spoon that is too long to feed themselves with, and it’s the exact same in hell… but the difference is that everyone in hell is starving because no one has had the thought to feed their neighbor but in heaven, we all feed each other and are satisfied” Not perfectly apt because they certainly have tribal loyalty when they have golems to do the heavy lifting and foreign aid and remittances from goy countries, but what if those were to dry up? I would love to see the day and find out, and from what I have seen I doubt that it would be a good time for them.

    Anyway man, like others have said, continue writing or not, we appreciate what you have contributed and we all wish you the best.

    1. And for what it’s worth, pretty poor but if you ever end up in socal for whatever reason and got nothing to else to do drop me a line man. You got my email I think. I at least know some cool spots around here. Even in the heart of darkness there are silver linings to be found. I can’t fund much but I am relatively rich in time, and you seem like you would be a chill ass dude to hang with, def would buy you several beers bro. Good luck man, and it may be a good idea to change your name. In the US it only costs 500$ probably not much more in Canada and you are probably on some lists for sure, unfortunately. Me too maybe XD Doesn’t matter though, I know I am a good person and if so, well, life is short, never done or advocated violence, nor would I, spreading the truth is the only thing that will save us anyway, and.. not least, I believe in God and Jesus and follow their example. Life really is too short to worry overly much about the material world. Getting older too, about the same age as you. 50 years left at most.

      1. MY gf is so cute XD. Bro another thing, it really sucks to not have a gf. Girls are so nice, and you are a handsome man no homo. Any addvice this moron who is me can give ya, a gf makes life so much more nice. If I’m not a retard, I will say that having a girl in your life is one the best things that makes life worth living. Girls do take abit of learning to figure out, I bet you probabl don’t nned this advice but too many guys in our thing are incels. And shit, that depresses me but it really should not be so. First thing, look up female romance novels,I get it, seems fucked up but when you think about it it’s not really 50 shades of gray girl was focused on one guy. She was not actually a slut. Think about that. Utilize it. I have notches, and I want the best for my bretheren. Look it up and learn. Safety they want but also strength. Nice guys may finish last but strong good guys finish first. Bad guys cuck weak guys. Too many bad guys not enough strong guys and that is by deseign. Buck the system boys. Fuck jewish lies. Do what is natural.

        1. Also to thin of it fuck sven. TRS should have been helping out our boys with women. Another failure on their part. Sven is a selfish prick. I’m far more handsome than that bargain store clooney. Suck my dick Sven.

          1. Sven really is a POS. I always wondered how he afforded $3000 pieces of obscure 1980’s audio gear and voluminous numbers of brand name guitars, and because of Rake now I know. May dunstan, peinovich, mcknob and borzoi (and of course hovator) rot in hell for what they’ve done to our people these last years.

            I won’t tar Joe and Warren with the same brush though. They’ve shown their hearts (if not wallets) are in the right place. And bills need to be paid and kids fed. Warren seems like a nice guy too, ditto Emily on the girly side, and I wish them well. It seems the trs scum only had Warren around to gain some WN 1.0 cred from Alan.

            I also wish you well Tim. Do what you need to do, get some meat on those bones, and remember to HAIL VICTORY!!

          2. It’s not necessarily that Striker and Warren are bad people, only that I’m tired of this infotainment.

          3. Sven is def a selfish asshole…. Mike… he always seemed legit to me. Jew ex-wife notwithstanding.. I dated jews before too, live in Socal all my life, hard to not, they seem white… but fuck man, I do think it’s not a question of selling out as much as it is a question of being weak and greedy. Which is the same fucking thing really. That’s how the tribe controls us, through bribery and exploitation of vices. Just because they are mad at TDS does not make TDS infallibles. Not bad, but not strong enough either. Plues, overton window has shifted, maybe thanks to TDS in part but really thanks to all white people who have pushed back against anti-whiteness. It’s fucking bullshit that they claim they are totally locked out of social media btw, I’ve tested that shit. Does exist, elon is scared shadowbanning is real but not even trying? You can get thyrough with drone strikes. They have partiot missle systems mebbe but they cant stop a zerg swarm. Nigger TDS did not even try.

            Lazy at best, traitors at worst. Apologies for typos. Using my phone, going fast, and turned off autocorrect cause its gay af.

      2. If I ever find myself in SoCal again, I’ll get in touch.

        1. Please do borther. Have read enough of your columns to not be in doubt of you being legit. Twitter I’ve been using is @JimothyTrundle. Check that far more often than email. Not big but I do think I might have influenced some larger accounts with ideas that they may not have considered before. Doing what I can with what I’ve got. I’m not a public speaker, do not have that skill unfortunately, but am pretty okay at one on one. When we do progress in a substantial way, I hope to offer good advice where I can. Harry potter is gay but Jews are Voldemort, Sauron, Big brother. They need to go back. Deportation is not genocide. They have their own country already and we need ours back as well.

          1. I do still like Strike and warren. This Striker did alert me to evangelical history and I think it a is a very important bit of history to know. Joseph Jordan is a good guy. Bit long winded maybe, bit talking over people maybe, but heart in the right place most def… and if that’s why mike fired him then… see how well you do with beta borzoi bro. Borzoi is not an enemy but he is def a sperg.

            We don’t need spergs, we need chads at the helm. Spergs are lame and gay. And his weird sort of… uhh what would you call it? Pseudo intellectualism is gay as fuck. What’s your IQ borzoi? Bet I beat you. 95+ on all the standardized tests. Read Nietzsche, read Plato, come at me bro. Fake smart guy. Let’s logic fagggot. Also dont have a speech impediment.

  15. Agreed with Jim Beamer.
    TDC, we love you. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been (and many days still am) there myself. Granted I haven’t poured as much time and sweat into this as you, but it is draining emotionally and financially/opportunity cost wise.

    Don’t give up, that’s all I can say. As Our Uncle said, Never Despair.
    Striker and Warren are good and genuine people, and many cuts above the now-revealed grifters in the movement.
    I’m sure they feel the same as you do. We are in a real pickle. Redpilling and political organizing is like a chicken and egg scenario. Maybe what is necessary are external sparks/catalysts, namely of the geopolitical variety. It will likely be a combination of many things at once. Certainly no one man, nor any one group, can bring down the largest, most malevolent, evil, and well-armed empire the world has ever seen, so don’t beat yourself up about it, but also don’t quit. Every action adds up. ZOG wants you and us to quit. My hey face growing resistance abroad, and any letting up of dissent internally would give them breathing room that we must not allow them.

    Hail TDC!

  16. I don’t even know of an uncensored news source that isn’t controlled opposition now. So I suppose I will just go into “sleeper cell” mode and just be a normie who is not paying attention to news or politics.

    With luck in 8 years I’ll be one of those Americans who doesn’t even know who the current president is.

  17. Thank you for your work Timothy,
    You were a pleasure to read because you saw the world the way it is, and never took it too seriously unlike Anglin, and Fuentes who still believe to this day believe they are leading white liberation armies. I wont use the word movement because that is too generous- it is full of grifters and dishonest rats, NJS is so lobotomized it doesnt matter what their intentions were past or present.
    Eric ” once I expose hannukah as anti-goyim libel because the historian josephus is a liar and historians from antiquity never lied- Israel will be over in a year” striker is retarded and simply a distraction to honest people. I hope you post a weekly infotainment article, it would be shame if you stopped

    1. Bruh, wtf. Striker never claimed a few articles, let alone one, will unseat Jewish global financial & terrorist power. You’re not linked to the Blood Tribe that’s cheerleading/recruiting for ZOG’s terror war in Ukraine, are you?
      Timothy does great work, and I wish I wasn’t as financially fucked by ZOG as I am, or I would be forking over shekels to TDC like it’s going out of style. With that said, his articles also will not immediately lead to ZOG’s downfall, but intellectuals have always been, and will always be necessary in any movement. Hell, Jews themselves had many intellectuals (deceitful liars albeit, and many of them objectively unimpressive, but intellectuals nonetheless) as part of their takeover of the world’s superpower and vassals.

      1. Tighty whitey, never confuse an intellectual with someone who knows how to register an email, and then start pooping on substack. when people begin to drink their own koolaid, they stop being effective. The same goes for keith woods who has failed to show any progress, despite the support. I dont blame them for failing- thats naturel considering the circumstances facing our people, I fault them for failing then pretending they won.

  18. Tim is right to criticize the failings of the grift-right – if the National Pool Party is indeed the best we can do, then we really don’t deserve to be put in charge. It’s as simple as that.

    That being said, one reason behind the failure beyond everyone’s control is that the time simply isn’t right. Even if we had people with The Right Stuff (as opposed to a bunch of lazy, middle-aged chucklefuck LARPers), they would not sweep into power overnight. As bad as things are right now, they are still nowhere near bad enough to trigger the kind of broad-sweeping political change we want to see. Just a cursory glance at the rise of Communism in Russia and the rise of National Socialism in Germany will show you that you need two things to topple an existing political order:

    1) Years of grass-roots political agitation (in the case of Russia, you could argue that their agitation phase lasted decades).
    2) A complete collapse of legitimacy in the existing regime, typically brought about by extreme economic hardship and widespread popular anger. In Russia’s case it was World War I, but for Germany it was the degenerate clown show of Weimar that finally broke that proverbial camel’s back.

    As bad as things are right now, they’re still not bad enough for the public at large to lose faith in the existing political/economic system. People for the most part are still too comfortable – their living standards are declining, but we’re still far from people queueing for bread in the freezing cold like Russian people were in February 1917. On top of that, the internet has left people lonelier and more atomized than ever before, which is precisely what our ruling elites want (a bitter irony when you consider that one of the hopes for the internet was that it would bring us all together). The collapse of social capital has made the task of agitation and organization that much harder, and that’s assuming you can even get somebody to snap out of their social media induced dopamine stupor long enough to even give a shit about what you’re saying.

    As far as I can see it, the powers that be appear to have learned from history – the decline of the West is being stage managed far better than it was a century ago. Instead of trying to destroy us inside a decade or two, they’ve stretched the project out over multiple decades. Millenials and Zoomers will probably not even live long enough to see the flame be fully extinguished.

    1. Right on,
      There is a so much talk of how incompetent the ruling class is, but the the truth is they are a highly proficient class of managers. And it is we who are incompetent

      1. The ruling class have been making mistakes, but so far nothing they’ve done has been catastrophically stupid enough to threaten their grip on power. And honestly, I’m not sure if that is going to change anytime soon.

        But you’re right, we’re the ones wearing the dunce’s cap right now, and deservedly so.

      2. It doesn’t take all that much competence to stay in power for what is in historical terms the blink of an eye while controlling the money supply and therefore media. They are malevolent for sure. Competent, maybe a little bit but nothing particularly impressive.

    2. NJP wasn’t the best we could do. It was just promoting itself to a certain demographic that was drawn in. Here’s a clue: Anyone who is following Adolf Hitler’s ‘program’ for ‘seizing the means of decision-making’ is off the rails. I don’t care how snappy the uniforms are.

      In general, most people are *consumers* of politics, not producers. In the liberal/left, they have lots of producers of politics because they were – and in many ways still are – outside looking in. Consequently, they had to learn how to effect political change without access to the corridors of power. I know that seems like nonsense to anyone who believes ‘conservative’ media’s depiction of history.

      Just like there’s a ‘jewish conservatism’ and a ‘white conservatism’, there’s also a ‘jewish liberalism’ and a ‘white liberalism’ as well as a ‘jewish leftism’ and a ‘white leftism’. In general the ‘white’ parts of the ‘liberal/left’ side of the political spectrum have been able to work in coalition with the ‘jewish’ parts of the liberal/left part of the political spectrum. The recent falling out about the behavior of Israel toward Gaza is an opening of one of the fracture points between the jews and the whites in the liberal/left.

      If want real politics, you need real analysis and you need to be able to test that analysis. Political infotainment rarely rises to the challenge of providing its consumers with actionable intelligence on how to proceed to get the things that *they know* their consumers want. Infotainers are simply not political actors. And consuming infottainment is never going to lead to political action *unless* the content of that infotainment says *how to act*, not just how to think or argue. And I’m not talking about the utterly counterproductive use of violence.

      The way forward for Whites is, in my assessment, to build up *nullification infrastructure* which will provide the ability to reject or ‘nullify’ the edicts and demands of ZOG. In Europe, Whites can, if they wish, rally around their *traditional* national ethnicities and promote resistance and recovery using the tropes of ‘heritage’. North Americans, at least Americans, don’t have that option. So, nullification and enclavation is the more actionable approach.

      And that’s what’s *spontaneously* happening in North America with truckers strikes and individual US states setting up a situation where precious metals might be used as money. You don’t have to take control of the central state to have the life you want. You just have to prevent the central state from having any impact on your life and community.

  19. There exists in every western country two nations, the actual people of the nation and their families, social circles and cultures, and then the ZOG government and elite power structure that is in place in those countries, I only care about the former and you have contributed to that.

    I think most people in most nations throughout history lived under a corrupt regime of one sort or another and they had no power to fix it, they would just be killed if they tried, but many of those people still lived good lives and made good art, music and writing and essentially were a major part of any redeeming quality of their corrupted place they lived.

    Politics has always been fake and gay, and the domain of pedophiles. I think you should keep writing whenever stuff comes to you and continue your blog. It’s important to have areas of white nationalist culture and the daily rake is that. You shouldn’t feel as if your work amounts to nothing just because you’ve yet to have political victory against one of the most evil corrupt regimes in human history.

    1. Politics hasn’t always been fake and gay. That’s just defeatism masquerading as cynicism.

      Since TheTDC wasn’t stumping for any particular political action, it’s not TheTDC’s fault that their work hasn’t produced any. That wasn’t their job.

      But the fact that *the entire movement* for pro-White political assertion has not had a single durable success – no matter how small – in 70 years should give one pause. At the same time, various attempts at White political assertion (looking at you Posse Comitatus and Aryan Nations) have set pro-Whit e politics back decades. And then, of course, there was SaluteGate.

      My view is that pro-White politics has been hampered by being associated with right-wing politics.

      All the expertise (and a great deal of the money) in politics is on the liberal/left part of the political spectrum. To gain ground politically, pro-Whites need to realize that they cannot promote ‘right wing values’ and ‘pro-White values’ at the same time. That’s like trying to build the boat while trying to paddle up the rapids. Toss the right-wing crap overboard and concentrate on pro-White messaging.

      Almost no-one in the ‘dissident right’ has any political knowledge or experience. And nothing could be easier to acquire. All you have to do is volunteer and show up when you say you’re going to show up and do what you said you would do.

      But I think far, far too many people in the ‘dissident right’ are simply too dysfunction for politics. And they know it. So they reject politics as such rather than admit their limitations and find some other way to be useful to ‘the cause’.

      Politics is about effectiveness. It’s about about acquiring the power to set policy and have those policies implemented *at the cost of the public*. That last part is key.

  20. “Politics has always been fake and gay”
    I understand why you have said that, but all you have done is demonstrate that you have no idea what politics actually is at a fundamental level.

  21. The only reason to do political infotainment is because (a) you love it or (b) you’re making money from it. In TheTDC’s case, it appears their (very fine) work was done out of love and that love has faded. Good of you to notice and make the conscious decision to not just become some self-loathing journo who infuses their self-loathing into everything they do. Still, I was really, really enjoying the Night of the Long Steak Knives series. TheTDC is a very entertaining writer and a fantastic journalist. In any functioning world, you’d get paid to rouse the rabble or at least call it as you see it.

    An earlier respondent said that ‘the movement’ should not be judged by it’s political successes. It’s hard to imagine a more obvious condemnation of ‘the movement’ as it currently stands. If not ‘political success’, then what? When does the ‘metapolitics’ end and *practical* politics start?

    The liberal/left has been winning every single major policy project for 300 years. Now the *other side* cannot even *imagine* doing effective politics. That’s what I call winning. But, never, ever learn from those people. Never ever actually mix it up it the actual political arena because, well, then one might find out that ‘pro-White’ is popular but ‘right-wing’ is not. Then what? Become more ‘left’? Of course not! That would be ‘betraying one’s principles’ (which apparently is taking money to produce no beneficial effects)!

    I encourage folks to look at this series of articles by David Hines. Hines lays it out for anyone who is interest how ‘community organizing’ on the left works.

    If you want to know what *liberal* organizing for political change looks like, take a look at The Main Street Journal Substack.

    Lastly, if anyone is looking for what *actual* dissident politics looks like – one that might, in fact, lead to a more White future for White people – I can recommend the Tenth Amendment Center. Everything about nullification and ‘states rights’ favors White folks in the long run.

    In my view, the problem isn’t ‘White politics’. The problem is the association of ‘White politics’ with *right-wing* politics.

    And right-wing politics has been on a continuous losing streak for 300 years.

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