I stated this in the last article, but that was a long piece and this information was buried fairly deep. In short, I’m writing the next two entries in the Steak Knives series, possibly not under that name, starting March 1st. Until that time, I’m not interested in covering anything political in the slightest. 

What will I be doing in the meantime? Probably a whole bunch of (mediocre) creative writing. Commenter “WLM Guy” forwarded me to a short story competition put on by “Raw Egg Nationalist.” The contest was announced on December 5th, 2023, but I’m only hearing about it now. There is a fairly broad “pulp fiction” theme, and there are no limitations on entry. I’ll be writing a good number of stories for that contest, and publishing the rough drafts here. 

I can’t blame you if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea. If so, I’d recommend heading for the exit for the next three weeks. I figured it’s best to make it very clear, so that no one keeps checking the site and wondering why there’s all these random detective stories instead of whatever it was they were expecting.

I considered writing all these privately, but it’s polite to publish something, if for no reason other than preventing anyone from thinking gthat I’ve suddenly died. 

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  1. I’m impressed you’re doing this. Will be checking in regularly.

  2. Aww that’s too bad man, was curious to hear your take on the Putin thing. You should def watch it, 2 hours but some fun stuff in there. Gl, on the contest! Will check in also from time to time. I’ve always loved writing too.

    1. Russia didn’t pay him his feb shill check so he is protesting by not writing about it.

      1. Harsh bruh. V dogg aint paid me it neither. keep telling him, “bruh, P-dawgg, if yous wants me to save you Slav whiteboys from genocide I needs them shekels but stingy fuck is still jewing me after 500k slav goyim deaths. Can u believe it? Fukk em tho. Is a nazi for sure. Pale of settlement must be avenged. 1 drop of chosen blood worth 1000 cattle dead amirite?

        Lakers doing great tho, uncut diamonds. Super bowl ads we bought def gonna trick the goyims. White people are the worst right? POC’s would never see us jews as white. We are chosen by god and immune from logic. Shalom my chosen. Smooth sailing forever, out actions have no consequences and we are geniuses.

  3. Good luck.

  4. Short stories are the most difficult and I used to only read short stories to pick the authors I was interested in, then I would go ahead and read their longer novels.
    The sorta snobs that listen to straight jazz and classical (I never figured that out, music must have soul and these are the same twits that don’t understand old Grateful Dead so they don’t understand improvisation) …are the ones who look down on Sci Fi and Fantasy stuff… but… if you want to read some great short stories and excellent Novels read Roger Zelazny.
    If you get into writing Caper-type novels, crime stuff or detective stuff I’d be all over it.

  5. Funny, I wrote my comment before reading the whole post and you did indeed write “detective stuff” in there. Cool. I prefer the Caper type stuff written from the point of view of the criminals, because the characters can be so darn interesting ..as in ..”what a character”..and there’s usually some great humor in there… but the detective side extracts some of that usually.

  6. What’s your stance on posting images in your creative writing posts? I’m sure your work will (eventually) stand on its own if you feel like visual aids cheapen it, but with the age of easily accessible AI-generated art that’s not shitty, they can add a surreal, dream-like quality to certain works. You’d have to pick an image anyway for the thumbnails.

    I’m honestly excited for you to have your mind free to roam without the shit baggage of a terminally-ill movement that devours the hopes, dreams and potentials of good men instead of gracefully passing the baton to them. I also know that you’ll still have the overwhelming urge to tell the truth and you’ll come back to cover politics occasionally. Some of the most effective messaging comes through satire

    1. It’s interesting, although I’m going to try entirely without visuals to start.

  7. Hello, my dear Mr Rake. Just checking in. I hope all is going well with you.

    Love and Best Wishes,

    1. Yeah, I’m just struggling a bit writing.

  8. Bro I think your telegram is hacked keeps shilling crypto/investment groups in the daily rake chat.

    1. No. It was just another fake account. Deleted.

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