Originally published December 13th, 2023.

Tony Hovater, the guy who runs the official telegram of the National Justice Party, has been posting again. He’s not particularly happy with yours truly.

For the record, I will be publishing a piece on the AH Publishing fiasco. This will mostly focus on the incompetent, arrogant, and pathetic response from the NJP. As far as the specfic claims with respect to AH Publishing, expect a far more nuanced and light touch. In the meantime, I don’t want anyone posting about that on this site or elsewhere.

Back to the official NJP telegram channel, Hovater brings up Michael McKevitt’s double trouble. This reminded me that, after my article on the McKevitt situation, I got swarmed by T-Ho plantrusters. After his shitcanning, these comments have become outright hilarious.

Nothing new or interesting here. The Mckevitt’s are sexual deviants who constituted a dangerous liability for the party, Tony was perfectly correct to use any means necessary to get rid of them, that’s what a good chief of staff should do. Striker was also a libertine who posed a threat of blackmail or sexual impropriety investigations for the party, good riddance. All I am seeing is known perverts getting systematically squeezed out of a movement which started as a club for edgy memers and evolved into a serious organization of family men. – Rudolf, December 10th, 2023

Tony Hovater is a great chief of staff who has been adding a much needed seriousness and maturity to the National Justice LLC. It’s not his fault that worthless sexual deviants try lashing out at him. Brave Tony has acted perfectly correctly, and we’re lucky to have him.

The above comment was posted less than ten hours before the official announcement that Hovater had been fired. In addition to the typical NJP “ackshually, we always hated him,” line, Sven said “everything bad you read about him on the internet is true.”

The below comment was posted less than 24 hours before Hovater’s execution.

Poor Tony. All he wants to do is help run a party, and how he’s the star attraction of a Cinematic Universe and its novel fanfic. – NJPC “Saul Goodman.”

We were younger men in those far flung times of two days ago. Not so wise and learned, less grey in our beards. In those days Tony Hovater was a swell dude who kept being attacked by degenerates, schizos, and bad actors online. We had not yet learned to plantrust in silence.

I don’t think that Sven helped the situation much with pre-Hovater firing posts like these.

The daily Rake story is wrong on many, many details.

We can’t mention any of those incorrect details right now. Trust the plan. The NJLLC is in good hands with Eric Striker, Mike Peinovich, Greg Conte, Alan Balogh, Tony HovaterMichael McKevitt, and Warren Balogh.

Again, this is NJP’s fault for not announcing the deal with McKevitt months ago. If there had been a clear announcement about him being removed for general activity unbecoming of an officer, there would be no need to be down in the weeds inspecting so many penises. The truth of the story is both a better look and a worse look for NJP and the McKevitts.

Say what you want about Sven, at least he’s apologizing to the audience. He recognizes that the fake political party which stole untold amounts of money, energy, time, and optimism from some of the best people on the planet, fucked up and fucked up bad.

He understands that you have been hurt, that you have –

I’m the true victim here as this entire NJP project was built in the assumption you could hang it like an albatross around my neck every time it fucks up, and share nothing with me when it does well. But, not for much longer, thankfully.

I am so tired of the NJP reminding me of the Catboi Cult.

In fairness to Sven, it is true that there were two erroneous details in my story, right at the top of the article in the header image. Believe it or not, these two girls aren’t really Allyson McKevitt and Buttergirl.

Confusion over this was a real thing. Some people believed that Michael McKevitt banged two supermodels. More oddly, they were only moderately impressed. Below is a real interaction that I got on telegram.

FriendlyFash: Are those two chicks actually Allyson and buttertart ???

Usually I hate the internet, but it has its moments.

Anon 2: I hope so *salute*

FriendlyFash: Jesus.

What an absolute Chad.

If Michael McKevitt showed up to the NJP event with Barbara Palvin and Andjela Peric and banged them both he should not only be let back into the party, but made chairman. It may not be the best system for choosing leadership, but at least it would have kept the Hovaters and Borzois out, along with all the other spergs and weirdos.

I mean, they aren’t 10/10s, but with the multiplier effect it’s worth something.

A comment as stunning as the girls he’s disregarding.

What supermodel agency in heaven must this FriendlyFash character reside in? What quality of puss is FriendlySmash enjoying on a regular basis, where he’d only consider banging these two angels if they were offered as a package deal?

“Look, bro. I’m not saying I’d be RUDE to them or anything. But like, come on now, I think we should be setting our sites a little higher.” – Standard Telegram Enjoyer

The entire conversation was even funnier to me, because I’ve used this image of Barbara Palvin winking at the camera as the Daily Rake chat logo since it’s inception. Sure, it’s a different image, but they were staring at “Allyson McKevitt” the entire time.

You can’t not see this image. It’s on the side of the app, and Barbara’s sweet face is attached to every single one of my replies.

The original comment by Mr. Fash was left the day of the original article. At the time, I was far too angry with the failures of the NJP to do anything other than grind out the next piece, but the interaction I had witnessed stuck around in my mind.

Four days later, I decided to respond. I confirmed that yes, Mr.  McKevitt did in fact bang these two “not 10s” at the last National Justice LLC convention that he was allowed to attend.

A few other commenters recognized one of the girls, usually Palvin. I deleted their comments and DM’d them, asking them to play along. FriendlyFash never made an entrance, but one character took the bait.

He echoed FriendlyFash’s choosiness, and was unimpressed with Ms. Palvin.

I liked how the one on the left looked. If she has cake though of course. Hopefully that’s not Mcthreesomes wife I wouldn’t want to make him jealous.

– User “IHaveAutism”

IHaveAutism was a fan of Andjela Peric. That mid-tier Barbara Palvin chick, not so much.

Get this absolute dog out of my sight.

For the record, I don’t know what “if she has cake” means either.

I kept recruiting others. They kept delivering. The target switched from FriendlyFash to IHaveAutism after this outburst.

Hey who the fuck is the amazing broseph jones

– IHaveAutism

It took me a few seconds to realize what happened.

I had snuck into IHaveAutism’s DM’s, trying to get him to play along with us snookering FriendlyFash. I wasn’t prepared for him to be so skeptical, but you roll with the punches.

I was shocked. To think that some conniver would be hoodwinking my loyal telegram flock. I had to know more.

Loyal soldier IHaveAutism had been given a mission, and he was no quitter. One minor quip, his method of interrogation left something to be desired.

In the main chat, I told him to sus out what this character was up to. I then realized that I would actually have to come up with some sort of scheme for said impostor. I settled on a harebrained plan to rehabilitate Tony Hovater, and fed this to Mr. Autism.

IHaveAutism went rogue, and started demanding payment. I should have foreseen this. In the high stakes world of telegram trolling, everyone has their own agenda. Unfortunately, his agenda made the prank end then and there, since there wasn’t really anything I could do but stop talking.

Despite doing an unsanctioned side grift, IHaveAutism immediately returned to the chat, promising me screenshots of his smooth operation. I have no doubt that he had already edited out the shakedown, but a man must feed feed his family one way or another.

Thanks to IHaveAutism for being such a good sport after he figured out we all pranked him. For thirty minutes after, I kept kicking myself for not saying:

Yes, please DM them to me.

And seeing his reaction.

Telegram can be fun. It can also be productive, and many of the screencaps that you’ve seen in this series are forwarded to me on Telegram.

Most of the time Telegram is extremely unproductive. After getting the material I need, I turn it off while writing articles. It’s simply a drain on my time.

But that’s just me, a blogger, not a politician. I’m sure that the super serious political party known as the National Justice LLC had strict rules with heavy enforcement in order to root out unproductive Telegram usage.

Fuck it. I’ll tell the story. A rift had formed internally over how the McKevitt situation was handled. ThaiGuy apparently had some sticker pack mocking the situation when it involved the McKevitts and the third girl. He posted the sticker in a Telegram chat a bunch of people were in and it set Striker off. He accused ThaiGuy of doxing the girl and this exacerbated the already existing rift and tensions everywhere, especially with ThaiGuy and Striker. Things just kept escalating behind the scenes and added to the brinkmanship that fed into the Striker departure because how this stuff was being handled internally fed all of the other issues. This also fed into other people being upset about how this was being handled and the cycle repeating itself.

The lessons to take from this is Telegram is poison and you probably shouldn’t use it for organizing.

Telegram is to blame for party leadership being AWOL and middle aged men acting like catty preteens.

Borzoi gives us a number of reasons why Telegram holocausted the NJP.

  • The creation of numerous side chats and group chats that allow messages to be easily forwarded
  • The ability to make and share sticker packs to troll people with
  • The ability to delete conversations that allows you to hide details when interpersonal conflict erupts
  • The inability to control people who are addicted to group chats and trolling people with Telegram
  • The shitposting and silly culture of Telegram competing with attempts to be more serious

Nearly all my time as a staff member was being in two dozen different chats and watching it become a time sink and all of these issues play out.

I shouldn’t have to say this to adults, but I will anyway. The NJP is a political party. You set the rules, not Telegram. You do not have to tolerate anything from the rank and file, because you are not constrained by the limitations of the software, but the rules of your party.

You have complete control over party members on Telegram, for the exact same reason that you have complete control over party members at a protest, or any other IRL event. You have the power to fine members for misbehaviour, among other punishments. There are rules, there are punishments, and there is a chain of command. Or at least there would be if you weren’t a bunch of imbecilic children playacting at politics.

Borzoi whines about shitposting like it’s some unstoppable force of nature, as opposed to something that could be nipped in the bud with a warning followed up by a $5 fine. How much money do you think you’d have to take from goofballs before they stop shitposting too much, and do their work instead? Do you think they’ll continue after paying that $5 fine? What about $100? That would be a dedication to memeing that I have never once witnessed.

It isn’t just possible, but downright trivial to have a version of Telegram where everyone behaves. This is not hard. This does not require an internal KGB operation to constantly monitor everyone. The NJP failed at Telegram for the same reason that they failed at everything else. They are all a bunch of lazy, incompetent, feckless, catty dipshits who were in it to live off donations from people desperate for change. 

The NJP was Borzois all the way down.

And have you seen this fucking utter shitshow? Is it worth ruining your life over? I’m more worried about a mentally ill sociopath blowing my cover than some undercover fed.

– Armand Christophe

That is also something I’ve always considered.

Me not losing/quitting my day job was FAR, FAR more valuable to everyone involved but me. I’d have preferred the camaraderie, if it hadn’t recently been revealed that it’s spergs and weirdos all the way down. 

– Hera

Everyone I have talked to says that vetting is a tedious and drawn out process, yet this behaviour came from vetted members and even “leadership”. Your reward for going through the vetting process is to join a collection of bickering spergs and weirdos who spend 14 hours a day on Telegram and cause drama like they’re middle school girls. None of them have ever been fined for this behaviour, because the super serious NJP’s internal punishment is non-existent, except for the occasional power play.

This doesn’t even qualify as organizational failure. After three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars – at minimum – the NJP doesn’t have internal organization. This LLC never got to the point of giving the vetted manchildren some rules for their fucking telegram addictions, let alone for working on electoral campaigns.

Serious Guy Borzoi attributes this stunning, catastrophic, and entirely preventable failure of management to Telegram. His hands were tied. There was nothing that he could do, other than all the things that a political party would do immediately if it were run by adults.

Poor Borzoi has been “forced” to “manage” gigantic toddlers e-sniping at each other all day. Knowing him, this probably takes the form of whining everywhere, throwing out catty barbs, shitposting, and contributing to the problem. When he isn’t doing that, he’s regurgitating random factoids from the latest history book he half-remembered in an effort to make himself appear smart. If you don’t get why this is important you really need to mature a little. You seem very unserious.

This reminds me of someone I hadn’t thought about in years.

It also reminds me of a comment “SQRP,” left under the same article that Borzoi was whining about when doing his “reeeeee I couldn’t control the Canadian Blogger,” freakout.

SQRP (edited) (August, 2022),

There’s a big problem with right-wing types and respectability impotence. It’s like the alt-right just attracts these total squares who have no style and hate fun. I mean, there’s also a lot of good people, you know, it’s not everyone.

Idk, anyway, I love your e-drama articles. They’re great and were definitely needed and you’re right, the time to strike is now. You’re doing the right thing, thank you for your service, don’t listen to the anti-fun squad.

The Catboi Cult was imploding in the summer of 2022. The time to strike was then, and recruit the fallout into the NJP. I tried doing what I could, and was attacked constantly by this Borzoi faggot, and dismissed as just being a “bloodsports e-drama queen.” The fag even said that I was a “third grade interracial porn obsessed loser with a typo-ridden site”, an attack that came out of absolutely nowhere.

Now we know that, while I was attacking a rival political organization, the Serious ManChildren – who look like cruel nerd stereotypes from cheesy 80’s movies – were busy doing the very important work of recreating the gayest middle school drama ever on Telegram while living off your donations. Occasionally the 45 year olds would take a break from their literal e-drama to strawman me as an unserious guy who just wanted to focus on “e-drama.”

I am too vindicated to feel vindicated. Instead, I feel silly for wasting a single second of my life addressing their “criticism.”

I got a great email from [redacted] that feels highly relevant.

Fuck the NJP, and fuck these people. Such a disgrace! There is so much energy, talent, passion, and love that went into this and it was destroyed by UTTER incompetency. Negligence, incompetence, sloth, greed, these words are not sufficient but they’ll have to do.

I have been a manager in a globo-homo corporation since June this year and I can say with extreme confidence that I would run a far better party with that little experience. As an auditor, a key phrase sticks out in my mind: “trust but verify” the things you are told.

There was nothing serious about the NJP. Vetting was done atrociously, and didn’t appear to keep the shittiest people on the planet outside the party. It’s also not clear why you need to be vetted in the first place, just to pay membership dues and hold up signs. They do vetting (poorly) because That’s What Serious Guys Do.

They have a murky internal structure with ranks and titles, but no system in place to punish goofballs spending all day shitposting on telegram and starting fights. It’s not even clear what they’re “organizing,” on Telegram, as they never do anything other than very rare and very small protests where only the local chapter shows up. Flyering campaigns for the National Just Podcasts Party are also done with local groups. Their online activism is non-existent, to the point where they are too lazy to clip their own show and upload it to TikTok, and haven’t even taken Tony Hovater and Michael McKevitt off the front page of their website.

Also, I love how the Serious Guys at the NJP freak out about doxxing. So much so that they they seethed after I posted Borzoi’s name and (hilarious) visage, despite that information being on the internet for the past half decade. I found this cute, as I had written and done activism under my real name for years.

Even the first few articles I wrote for Hyphen Report were done under my own name, Timothy Coish. I was then informed that the Super Serious Guys at TRS/NJP thought everyone should use pseudonyms. I didn’t agree, but didn’t care to fight it. Thus the monikor “The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein,” was born.

At no point did I scramble to remove my many self-doxxes from other parts of the internet. I didn’t care, and found the worrying to be, frankly, pathetic. I say this having never had the support of a “political party,” behind me, which brings me to one of the most damning revelations of the McKevitt piece that almost no one commented on.

If I may quote myself.

A Zionist puppet party need not bother with any of this, but an actual, populist political party needs to take at least some responsibility for the financial/employment success of its followers. There must exist a plan to deal with the inevitable firing, debanking, etcetera.

We’re three and a half years past the formation of the Very Serious LLC known as the National Justice Party, and they’re still freaking out over doxxing. Not even doxxing, half-decade old public images being shared online, where the “victim” works only as a podcaster and faces zero risk of job termination.

The Serious Manchildren were too lazy, incompetent, and unserious to build anything even somewhat resistant to doxxing, let alone real oppression. They were also such pussies that they lose their shit when you show people their already public images online.These were the courageous men who were going to take on the American Empire.

One more thing before we go. Some people tried seeding the narrative that “Buttergirl,” really did bang ten guys or whatever. If true, it’s even more damaging for the NJLLC than her being slandered by a combination of scorned spergs and management doing a power play.

In fairness, some were intelligent enough to realize that it in no way absolves the NJP.

Commenter “Mefisto”,

Thaiguy was way more plugged in than you know. If you have any idea who that guy was, you would know everything he said about Kerrygold was 100% true. That’s literally exactly what happened. A 6/10 gamer slut sought out high-ranking members of the Very Serious Org, found a drunk Irish swinger couple, and used them to gain access to more high status men. The men found out about each other, and the resulting shitstorm literally destroyed the party.

The NJP got destroyed by some mediocre pussy showing up at a conference one time.

To be clear, I don’t have confirmation of this.

Allow me to quote myself.

It’s astonishing how much damage could be done to the NJP by an actual bad actor hiring a few legitimately gorgeous girls to show up at their events wearing wires. Start slyly winking at a few of these dorks, and make it a competition to see how many of these guys send you dick pics. Extra points for married men in positions of leadership, not like they seem any harder.

This is an organization that makes members go through months long vetting, then lets a cock crazed single mom show up and slam into their convention like a tsunami. Or, alternatively, that lets a relatively normal girl get creepily hit on by twenty different guys, including management, before letting spergs slander her afterwards.

There is no possible interpretation of the McKevitt affair that makes these clowns look good. The original interpretation actually makes the NJP look like less of a dumpster fire than Buttergirl being a MEGA WHORE and hopping from one dick to another. Imagine how many secrets she could get these spergs to spill during the pillow talk. Imagine how much dirt and blackmail she could collect?

When writing that story, I asked a half dozen people about the NJC code of conduct. They all told me that there wasn’t one. Yes, that’s right. Three years after the founding of the NJP, they still hadn’t written out a Code of Conduct.

It’s not that the Serious Manchildren drafted a poorly thought out set of rules, topped off with lax, spotty enforcement. They didn’t even do that. They failed to get to the point of failure, like always.

Sure did spend a lot of your money and time to get there.


So it was just a side project? [The NJP is] over?


Yes, we have no advocates and all the freak alogs were right.

Incorrect. Mike Peinovich isn’t bad because he’s a secret Jew, he’s bad because he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars, and tens of thousands of volunteer hours, from people hoping for change. He used these resources to play video games and watch YouTube. After three years of this, he decided that they were transitioning to the very same Bronze Age Dipshit 2-3 man teams that he had previously so harshly criticized.

Furthermore, I am your advocate, and am advocating for you right now by exposing this grift. A grift so embarrassing that Mike “I just wanna beach bro” Peinovich is currently in the process of removing all evidence that it ever existed.

Just noticed Mike’s taken down the NJP logo behind him. – Van Morrissey

As in all things, the National Justice Party never even got to the point of failing, despite burning through huge quantities of money and volunteer labour. It would have been tough to swallow down this ending after they ran a few dumpster fire local electoral campaigns where the candidates all lost horribly and the messaging was embarrassing. 

Instead, after three and a half years, undisclosed gobs of money (maybe millions), and tens of thousands of volunteer hours, they didn’t so much as lose one single election for local dog catcher. They never showed up, and the same can be said for every aspect of this clown fiesta, from their non-existent internal organizing, their shitty propaganda, their idiotic political strategy, everything.

The only story I can tell myself that does not result in complete despair is that the past 2 years turned up some actually competent people through organic local processes, revealing that as the best route to a resilient national party. Unfortunately, that’s not something I’ve heard anyone say. I may have missed it though, as I turned the second hour of TDS off in complete disgust.

As fun as I’m sure that [showing up to non-political event] is, I was never here to make friends. I came here as a way to address my grief at never having children. So a Halloween party, however cool the friends that may be found there, is just not going to cut it. I am looking for White people who are tribal and disciplined and competent enough to meaningfully engage in politics. My faith in that as a possibility is destroyed. I kinda hate all you now.

– Hera

Every single time I come to the ending of these articles, I sit there looking for some positives. There are none. I cannot describe my disgust and contempt for these people.

UPDATE: You can find the original article and 85 comments archived here. I’ll reproduce a few in the comments below.

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  1. Comment from “Womp Womp It’s Over,” that I reference in the next piece.
    The honorable thing that they should do is at least share pictures and video of their material possessions.

    I want to see the kitchen that my brothers and I bought for Sven. Do the appliances match and gel nicely with the vibe of the room? Does he have quartzite or granite countertops?

    Mike has a place in the woods right? Does he have one of those lovely staircases that leads to the deck, with a nice view of the mountains? I sure hope so.

    I didn’t give NJP/TRS a ton of money but I gave them a shitload of my time, and I’m fortunate enough to command a decent wage. I just want to see what I bought. I thought I buying white children a better chance at a future but if it’s just a couple of middle class houses and a unibrow’s European vacations, I at least want pics.

  2. Comment from “Candycane Transitioning to Denise”. I’m reproducing it because it’s one of the best and worst comments anyone ever left on the site.
    I am definitely enjoying the articles, albeit in a very bitterly satisfied fashion. Mr. Rake has quoted the people I loathe the most. I am a female, so it’s personal.

    Saul Asshole is the limey retard that insulted me after every post I made in BANG AFTER a silly thread about Pit Bulls. There was another thread about things we love. This is the loser that cited booze, and his son, in that order. I called him out. Booze first, and then his son? And no mention of a wife. Uh huh. Priorities and all. He replied in a huffy manner…”ahem ahem tut tut tut” that he married and he doesn’t talk about these things on line etc – but he still cited booze first, and then hanging with his son.

    BANG taught me to loathe Bore-zoy before I knew about any of his idiotic exchanges on Telegram. I’ve written before that he comes across as an utterly humourless, egoistic, scolding little bitch. Now I know why.

    Finally. Hera. The Queen of BANG. This is the Dedicated White Advocate who has given her LIFE to the Cause, who wished that I WOULD DIE IN A FIRE because I DARED to comment on one of her highly educated, supremely brilliant, Olympian Heights Political Instincts and Activism THREADS. I am a STUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPID MORON WITH SHITTY POLITICAL INSTINCTS and I AM STUPID STUPID STUPID. STUPID AGGGHH HAIR ON FIRE I AM STUPID!

    Who is stupid NOW?

    Ha Ha!

    I read and post on various sites to gain information, learn things, and enjoy myself. I live in a rural area that pretty much closes up and goes to sleep around 6PM after dinner. I have a 3D life – but I am often very bored in the evenings. I have met online folks IRL, and maintained relationships. Alas we Whities tend to live in far flung places so I only see my WN pals a few times a year. I met Amy Colbert from Shing in November when I drove to her home to adopt 2 kittens. I want to visit her next Spring, because she is a lovely, very kind, sweet lady.

    I enjoyed the TRS podcasts for years before I began commenting in BANG. I THOUGHT it would be a convivial place, and there are a few commentors that I do still like and appreciate – but the 3 I’ve cited made it a dreary and nasty place for me to comment. I’m delighted, in a very grim way, that they are devastated by the revelations of the NJP Shitshow. I’ll bet that I’m not the only person literally put off by the regulars. I wouldn’t she one salt tear if they met a tragic end. Especially the shriveled old spinster BITCH. The Gods were correct in restricting her from children. I sincerely hope that she stumbles out into the street, one day, in the pre-dawn hours, tears running down her withered old cheeks, and gets run over by a bus driven by a nigger. Or WORSE.


  3. Comment from “Sci-Fi Sucks.”
    The funniest thing about NJLLC and trs in general is that they’re extremely horizontal in all the worst ways eg shitposting, not having a clear code of conduct, friendship nationalism etc

    While also extremely hierarchical in all the worst eg no input on what moves the party makes and what that should look like.

    Worst of all worlds. Mostly do to laziness, greed and wanting to leave space for power grabs while also shaming anyone as an “individualists” who doesn’t immediately fall inline with whatever halfbaked idea sprung on them at the last second.

    In other words anarcho-tyranny

  4. Comment from “Anon NJP Member”.
    TDC- I’d love to see another article blasting Mike for this shit, as a current NJP member.

    Mike has stepped down all but in name, and he was never leading this anyways. Instead of transferring leadership to someone else, like Warren, he is giving up leadership while still retaining the position. It is not just Tony holding the party hostage, but Mike himself.

    There are hundreds maybe thousands of NJP supporters who still want to work to stop White genocide. To act like the party is dead while pretending to still lead is a direct insult to us.

    TDC- this is actual journalism because it is exposing corruption. People in my group are still holding hands and singing kumbaya for mike. Please put the pressure on him. He needs to go.

    Finally, fuck borzoi. He’s TRS’ top sperg but he thinks he’s the chief “sperg wrangler.” I have never seen a man act so cowardly and womanly. Insecurity and autism is a terrible mix.

  5. Comment from “Denise.”
    Randbot has decided to go down with the NJP ship. Sven is trolling the chat. Cowboy is sticking up for the screwed over NJP supporters, and Rand is trying to turn it around and make it all about Cowboy



    FYI I called in to John Fashcroft’s show tonight and added my 2 ducats to this. I’m for pulling the rock up, Mr Rake, so I thank oyu for your work.

    PS – I asked Sven in Chat if you were lying. He wrote that he doesn’t know. He only read the first article. Geezuz Tap Dancing Keerist.
    I pointed out that Sven literally said “there were many, many incorrect details in [the fourth piece].” Two articles later I get totally Svindicated, but I guess he was still running cover for the NJP here.

  6. Two comments by “Jim Beamer,” amalgamated into one.
    These people suckered us just as bad as Trump ever did, on a smaller scale, sure, but FAR more personal. I gave money. Time. I TRUSTED these guys. Even Hovater.

    I never thought Mike was a good choice for leader of the Party. Too much baggage. I thought Warren was to be my Fuhrer. Intelligent and a passionate National Socialist. I have been clamouring for Warren to take charge of the situation and kind a course through the shitstorm, for at least what remains of the Party.

    Today a new Modern Politics dropped over on Odyssey. Warren did what I had dared to hope; he took charge of the Party, took personal responsibility for its failures, begged forgiveness from his long time friend Joe Jordan, and told Mike that he had to step down as he’s just not up to it.

    Nah, actually he just came out and said Mike’s great, trust the plan, and it’s all the jews fault. That’s not even hyperbole. I won’t link to it here, but if you’re interested (for some reason) head over to Modern Politics Odyssey channel and you’ll get an hour plus of this.

    No backbone. No courage. No honesty or humility. Pro blame shifting though. At least he’s open to belong friends with Striker again if he apologies. or something.

    THIS is the guy I thought could be our leader. Nope, just another shmuck. Maybe even literally.

    That’s it though, I’m out. Unlike the NJP guys, I don’t have a beach or a pool to go grill by.
    There’s a couple of audio files been put up on the NJP Telegram (I assume by Hovater) where Peinovich is talking about cutting Warren out of NJP and TRS, and how they can go about keeping him quiet on it as although he has an NDA with NJP, Warren doesn’t with TRS.

    The more I find about how how Peinovich REALLY is, the more he disgusts me.

    Warren, I don’t know why you still carry water for this shitbag, he’s obviously out to hurt your family.

    1. That second comment received this reply from “Winston Smith,” which I will be referencing in an article on the future of TRS.
      Holy shit! If I’m hearing the audio files correctly Sven want’s to fire Warren as well! Mike is pushing back, in a little pussy bitch ass way because he knows the idea is completely retarded. Mike is also showing a moment of less the total retardation in realizing NDA or not the truth will get out.

      “… one of the issues with canning Warren would be people on the staff would no longer want to do anything for TDS.”

      No shit. Why would anyone work for your small business for free? People only volunteer their time for a larger purpose. If it’s just a going concern than fuck you, pay me. Looks like Sven thinks he can get rid of everyone else behind the paywall: FTN, Striker and Warren; kill the NJP “competition” and somehow the take will stay the same and his haul of it will be increased. He must be a clinical narcissist. Sorry dude, no one is paying for three half assed, no prep shows a week with only 1/3 of the cast having any talent at all with there being no higher purpose than entertainment.

  7. Tbh I finally came to the unfortunate realization that the types of men leaving ‘mid’ comments like that about definitively gorgeous supermodel women, or even just lovely women, are often actually just ‘homofascists’ (or leftists or possibly Jews), it’s hard to tell because unfortunately hostile, anti whites with the intent to subvert and fuck up the narrative and Overton window sound exactly like some genuinely pro white men whom maybe are just projecting their frustration into counterproductive misogyny and due to lack of relationship and irl experience.

    There are apparently real ‘homofascists’ though and they have been around for a very long time. Their world views are as deranged and set in concrete as pedophiles (I’m sure some of them may be).
    In the beginning of NJP, I believe before 2018, there was a lot of infighting before quite a few homofascist fake, or possibly genuine, fans of NJP disappeared.
    Homosexuals, trannies and other anti whites are either paid or just have nothing better to do than constantly fake being white ethnic nationalists but their intent is to viciously subvert by pushing values they already hold – deep jealousy and hatred towards women.

    While men are superior in many things homosexual men will always be the ones pushing hostile, hateful relationship advice and advice on how to view women.
    They have a chat on TG and run many of the NS and pro white channels on TG that do not show their hatred of women but if you catch them in the Colf Wolfsson Chat and in Elders of the Black Sun chat their seething hatred of women is undeniable and there are saved screenshots where they admit it.

    Homofascists see men as superior to women but in a hostile manner, they understand the importance of women for procreation but literally call them ‘breeders’ only to be used for that.
    They’ll admit that they are all near sociopathic megalomaniac narcissists whom are so annoyed and disgusted by women that they can hardly stand them.

    Again, as a married woman with a family, it’s shocking to me and sad but I suppose there are men in the world whom think being a homosexual is ‘peak white supremacy’ LOL, whom take wives for children but hate them and have DL homosexual orgies with men on the side and probably make not only their wives but their children miserable (but perhaps not?).

    At any rate, I am not online really but occasionally I am just for curiosity and all I know at this point is that Boomers, homosexuals or trannies, ‘homofascist white supremacists’ and rightfully frustrated pro white men whom think a habit of hating women isn’t going to likely fuck up a lifelong happy family – all of these groups are indistinguishable to me and most other women, even pro white ones whom sadly understand that these nuanced exist still sadly.

    Women cannot tell the difference between – Boomers, homosexuals, trannies, homofascist white supremacists or just frustrated pro white men because their conceited and hateful rhetoric towards any female is indistinguishable, they have zero empathy or consideration for any hardships their female partner has or may endure due to the world we live in and must condition ourselves out of, they seem very desensitized to beauty or put it above all else, when the process of motherhood does cause weight fluctuations.
    It’s just all very counterproductive, disturbing and are behaviors that do not allow for connection nor for sustaining a lifelong relationship such as a marriage and happy effective family

  8. I could have, and would have, told you all this the day they formed the NJP. I’ve been checking in on your site for quite some time now, and I would have told you, from the start, that any organization or even individual that labels itself/himself WN is doomed to spectacular failure. In particular, TRS has had a pattern of behavior going back many years not of total incompetence, and frankly, flat-out imbecility.

    It was very strange for me to see you publish articles that had rather keen insights on multiple issues, yet somehow be snowed by the joke that is TRS/NJP. It was immediately obvious, from the day they announced the NJP, that their team of “leaders” wasn’t fit to field a candidate for dog catcher anywhere in the US, and I’ve always said as much. Cope is a hell of a drug.

    If you learn anything from this, learn this: WN orgs and people are a total waste, nothing good will ever come of any of it. There’s absolutely zero hope that any WN-oriented political organizing will do any good for the white race, or even individual white people. Quite the opposite. Here we are at about our six millionth example of these people and organizations making things worse for the white race and individual whites, particularly race-conscious whites.

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