As we saw in the last article, Zoe and Emily Luba were responsible for burning down the St. Jude’s church in Vancouver. We found out they were caught because they filmed themselves doing this. Later, we find them as part of a “Decolonial Socialist,” group that practices “Feminist Summer School,” in the park through their “Bread, Roses & Hormones,” program. Later on we find out they have an admitted pedophile amongst them.

Maybe that’s the wrong cat meme to use when finding out that the tranny feminist trotskyites are harbouring pedophiles. Too surprised.

There we go. Nails that sort of resigned contemptuous disgust.

Anyway, after our first article went live, a reader did a little investigative journalism of his own. While they claim that the tranny pedophile, “Marcelle” Warren, was expelled, as of November 19th, five months after the pedo confessed, said pedophile is in fact still on their webpage in a leadership position. It’s the one in the middle.

There are a few theories of what happened here. The first is simply that this organization is a low effort grift, where they haven’t updated the website after the pedo came forward. Considering how nice the website is, and how utterly astroturfed these people are, that does make some sense. I imagine someone else set the website up for them, including taking professional pictures. The retards running the organization itself might not even know how to change something like that on their site.

I don’t believe that they would put up a public admission of pedophilia while not actually removing said pedophile from its position. However, even taking that for granted, imagine an organization where the “support and accountability committee,” is entirely trannies and one of them is an admitted pedophile. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Once again, these are the people the Vancouver Police are running cover for.

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  1. They need to prove the Vancouver police aren’t all pedos at this point.

  2. “Oh, you’re a cop? Stay away from my kids, freak.”

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