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Even in the past two days I feel the tide has turned. POL has been shitting all over Fuentes. Gab has been shitting all over Fuentes. Random former Fuentes Shills have been shitting on Fuentes. And The Trad-Homosexual has been having yet another twitter meltdown.

Apparently Fuentes agrees with the rest of the internet that “its so over.” He’s reached rock bottom of ironybro’ing. Apparently there’s “literally no reason to care,” about anything, and anyone who says otherwise is pretending.

Kind of sounds like Optics King is depressed, huh? Well I’m sure the rest of his twitter isn’t so pathet-

The 24 year old Savior of America And Also The White Race has officially not seen anyone except mummy and daddy for the past two weeks. Below he can be seen begging for some satellite account to post more clips. But whoever ran that has moved on with their life.

I just love the complete irrelevancy this faggot has. While his political movement has been dead for a while, it’s now in the process of going to zero. I’m worried he’s going to blitz through that delicious stage where everyone knows it’s over but he pretends otherwise before I’m done my articles. Imagine what a shame it would be if Fuentes killed himself… before I finished farming him for clicks and laughs. It’d be unconscionable. 

At this point it might as well be called “Everybody Felts E-Boy Nick Fuentes – Part 37,” since everybody is shitting on Fuentes. However, this started with KiwiFarms goyim, and this one at least will stay mostly KiwiFarms because we’ve got a lot of content to get through. In fact I have had to edit down or discard numerous high quality effort posts because there’s just too much felting going on all over the internet.


I’ll call his out bluff and say that his Twitter is boring lol. If he copes and sneeds because farmers don’t even care enough to see what he tweets in between shoving down fast food and taking it up the ass by Kami, so be it.

salubrious hog,

They’re such tremendous pussies. they don’t even try to engage in politics in any meaningful capacity, its just transparent grifting. You have to be a diehard true believer in the personality cult to still be hanging on to this kind of horseshit.

“I think Nick and all of his closest butt-buddies have dug themselves into a pit where even if they wanted to get out and live normal lives, they’ve already crossed the threshold where that would be impossible. I fully expect though, that as soon as the heat gets turned up, most of the randos without big names in “the movement” will jump ship, because it isn’t a serious thing with moral confidence and actual end goals.


Nipples throws hissy fits because he can’t tweet with a precious blue checkmark anymore and every time he gets banned he has a new burner within 5 minutes. Anyone who is this addicted to Twitter cannot lead a political movement. If your mental health and fortitude as a man is entirely dependent on whether or not some Pajeet Twitter employee decides to ban you for hate speech, how can you expect to make any sort of effective difference in the real world?

Say what you will about Keith, but at least he has shown enough self-discipline to routinely deactivate his Twitter account and take a break from social media. Nope, not Nickles. “I NEED MY BLUE CHECK I NEED IT I NEED IT I NEED TO RETWEET SPONGEBOB MEMES AND MAKE THE SAME GEORGE FLOYD JOKE FOR THE 90TH TIME I NEED IT I NEED IT”

salubrious hog,

Thank God for the fact that Nick is actually using his own platform instead of piggybacking off of better people’s shit for once. It’s great because we get to see firsthand the decline of his support base, and he also can’t fuck up more alt-tech platforms for people who are actually trying to do serious commentary.

Can you imagine how fucked up it would be if he made it impossible to do right wing commentary on something like odysee? because I fully expect that if he didn’t have that is exactly what he would be doing right now, and who knows, that might even be coming in the future too.

Yeah, but let’s be honest. Fuentes isn’t on alternate platforms for exactly what’s happening right now. He’s getting absolutely rekt everywhere on the internet that even remotely cares about him. And even for us, we only care because he’s funny. Once this stops being funny nobody will care.


continually losing his twitter accounts…Using his last moments on twitter to defend pedophile jokes about dead white children.


salubrious hog,

The other thing to be thankful for is that he’s not actually doing serious commentary. All in all, people arrive at politics that are adjacent to this sort of stuff because they feel mislead by mainstream figures and commentary, and so they seek out people that are actually doing real commentary on things. I can guarantee you that behind the scenes, if he isn’t hemorrhaging followers, his base has gone completely stagnant.

You simply cannot draw in new people by doing what he does, which means all of the politically disenfranchised people are [not] getting Nick’s brand of self-destructive, petty, feminine, slow-boiling-of-the-frog “paleoconservatism” and might atually get into meaningful pro-white positions.

Funny enough, they have now become what they used to mock ‘wignats’ for; needlessly edgy, getting kicked off of twitter constantly. How long did he even have the cheeser3000 account? 2 weeks? maybe 3? It can’t have been more than a month.

Jewish Porn Hoe,

Traditional Catholic Revolutionary Incelism with Optical Characteristics is doing great I see.


If anyone needed to know how evil these Fuentes fags are, here it is: mocking the deaths and serious injuries of little girls while using the likeness of an actual married man, who himself just lost a daughter. Fuck these freaks. Just fuck them all.

We covered what he’s talking about here. It really is as bad as you think.


>AMERICA WORST: Republicans Back TRANS RIGHTS BILL! America First Ep. 912

This is what Nick chooses to cover while the media is actively covering up Waukesha. This was the priority. I mean even fucking alt-lite people on Youtube aren’t that stupid. Even fucking Styxhexenhammer for fuck’s sake put out two videos disrupting the media narrative on probably the most distinct case of explicit anti-white terror we’ve seen. Fucking random alt-lite Youtubers have done more to actually give a fuck and speak out about this issue and they have bigger audiences than Nick.

In other words, we’re at the point where Youtube, Google Corp. approved, advertiser approved Alt-Lite influencers are more pro-white than America First.

Meanwhile Nick and the Groypers are sitting in Discords looking at pictures of 9 year old girls and snickering to one another that they “Deserved it” because…. well… it’s unspeakable. What does Vincent James think about the fact that Nick came out and attacked people who had an issue with this? What about Steve Franssen? Don’t those guys have families?

Not only is this not any better than your average Alt-Lite shlock, it’s actually worse. So you basically are paying to be on a fringe website to be with a bunch of Jews and pedophiles, or in the case of Chaggot, Jewish pedophiles, so that you can make fun of dead white children?

Holy shit Nick, get a load of this cringe wignat heterosexual. Nick you and the Homo Army need to get on twitter and BTFO this cringe pagan Wignat LARPer. Get in there Nick, I believe in –

B-B-But I thought you were the optics king?


Meanwhile the “WIGNATS” at TRS (say what you will) are actually putting out articles and pushing their audience to take action to do something productive for the cause by getting the word out. Wow, that’s so cringe and gay. Wait, you literally care about dead white people lmfao fag. I wonder what faggot Fortnite costume Beardson will buy next?

Looking on [Fuentes’] Telegram I don’t see a single mention of Waukesha. I don’t know if Nick is on drugs or being anally raped by black people or something but this is just fucking bizarre, even by his standards. His entire Telegram is Vax Watch, notices about his show, and this gay shit from Monday.

I’ll be honest, I was still in denial somewhat about America First. I’ve been an apologist. But I just don’t see these people as allies. This is transgressing into something just… weird. I really can’t even understand the attitude and mentality of the people in this. Even for an apologist, I’m just bewildered. What the fuck is going on here? Did they all just totally give into their homosexual desires and accept that it’s just a gay club now, and aren’t even bothering to do the political thing anymore? That’s what it feels like.

I’m struggling to come up with commentary other than, YES. Fuentes is a depressed homosexual grifter who has realized his easy twink grifting years are over, and now he has to struggle for the next 60 years finding a reason to live.


It’s truly baffling. You have a clear cut case of anti-White terrorism handed right in your lap after a righteous verdict in a self-defense trial, and what do you do? You fucking meme it and troll it. Are you kidding me? This is a huge chance to actually make a point about what’s going on in this dying country, but your juvenile mind can’t differentiate when is the time to be funny and when to be serious. Like I said in the past, nothing wrong with shitposting, but holy shit, learn situational awareness you autistic sperg.

Here is an article that aggregated all the content we put out on Waukesha.

When it happened, I spent pretty much every waking hour for the next two days writing articles and editing three videos. I don’t think I made a single joke in any of them, and my pen name is The Notorious Dr. Shekelstein. 

Nick Fuentes is a Serious Virginal Catholic Real Political Action Guy, and he spent all that time playing video games. Well not quite all, he also found time to mock someone for getting upset at murdered White Children, which you can read about here.

That’s the thing about anti-social losers. When they should be serious, they’re making “jokes,” about how BLM activists murdering White Children is actually good because of their disgusting sexual perversions. Oh but on a random Tuesday, if someone makes a legitimately hilarious jew joke?

oh my god get this CriNGe WIgnaT OutTa HErE.

Imagine a political movement that’s simultaneously no fun, but also has zero political victories. Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore.



I swear to god groypers are like a fucking mutant chimera of crusaderLARP, wiggers, attention whores, closet faggots, feds, and autist
call the fucking ringlin bros because these boys deserve a fucking scholarship to there clown college

The above image was unironically promoted by Counter Currents.

Chris Mclean,

It wouldn’t if Nick and AF offered great content that couldn’t be found elsewhere. But who wants Nicks show when its the same stale pol takes year after year. Nick doesn’t offer any kind of specialist knowledge. Hes not well read on ideology, history or even matters of state. He offers nothing beyond the very basic used car salesman level of charisma.

Who wants to watch Twinkneil being scared at creepypasta games? A market that has been oversaturated for 10 years. The streams where he doesn’t game, he just sits there and waits for chat to feed him ideas on what to do.

Who wants to watch Beardsoy do anything?

None of these people offer any real value.

This next one is somewhat unrelated, but it’s still hilarious. Can’t Stand Ya is talking about the Charlottesville Protest/Streams.

Can’t Stand Ya

I was watching Allsup’s stream that day. It was him, Nick and Brittany Venti walking around. I think they were late leaving their hotel/airbnb/whatever so by the time they got there the actual rally was already shut down. They just walked around talking to people, including the Infowars girl.

The best part was they ran into Richard Spencer as he was leaving. He leaned out his car window and yelled that Charlottesville hadn’t seen the last of them, like a fucking supervillain. Then his car sped off and immediately hit the brakes because there was traffic twenty feet ahead of them.

That somehow perfectly sums up the entire Richard Spencer experience in two sentences. But as whiny, effeminate, and narcissistic as Spencer was, just remember. Nick Fuentes makes Richard Spencer look like Conan the Barbarian But With A Heart of Gold.


kinda sad that twitter got suspended. It was proof that nick is a fucking weirdo

Shame there’s no other proof.


One thing I’ve always thought about with the America First crowd is how absolutely miserable it would be to spend time with any of them. Nick, Jaden, Beardson, Vince. They all seem like they’d be awful to hang out with.

Contrast that to some of the more prominent “wignats”. Mark Collett is probably fun to be around. He’s into fitness and retro games. James Allsup would probably be fun to have a bbq with. He’s into outdoors stuff, some games, as well as flight sims and aviation. The TRS guys seem like you could have a good laugh at jokes you couldn’t make in most places. Hell, even with Richard Spencer you could watch James Bond movies, drink expensive liquor, and talk about octoroks and how black people are nothing more than footballs to be thrown around by Whites.

What do the America Firsters do? T-pose mobs? Eat McDonalds? They don’t do any activities that normal people do in real life. That always stuck out to me. I can barely picture any of them existing offline and not on camera. It’s like they almost aren’t actual real life people and would evaporate if an EMP erased the internet.

Wow. Such a Cringe Wignat thing to say. Bet this guy actually likes women. Pussies are cringe bro. God is great. Revolutionary Incel Tradcathism is the future.

America First is Inevitable.

I had to massively edit this down, and we’re not even halfway there. The Felting Must Continue…

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