I’ve almost gotten tired of felting this little twink. Almost.

So I think this has to be the last one for now. I’ll probably make one more of these a week from now, or maybe a month later. I’m sure there are entire realms of homosexuality that I’ve completely missed. For instance, I didn’t have any content on “White Boy Summer.” If you’re wondering what that is, well…

Nick and his favourite twinks got together and planned a tour around the country. Highlights included me getting secondhand embarrassment from them all chanting “America First,” in a random mall as they get kicked out by some mall cops.

Yes, that’s right, the Mixed-Race Tradcath homosexual manchild savior of America and the White Race got kicked out of the mall by a mall cop.

Who can forget when Mussolini and his men were doing their march on Rome, but then some mall cop came out so they all packed it up and went outside? And then from the safety of distance chanted “Rome should be less gay,” over and over again while dressed like homosexuals.

And with that, we get to the Farmers Felting.

Ron DeSantis,

It’s going to be difficult to take over the Republican party without a Twitter account. Or a functioning pair of testicles.

Above we see the excellent optics sausage fest known as “White Boy Summer,” or WBS. I thought that meme was cringe, but the CuckNats managed to turn it into a bunch of all-male awkward standarounds. So yeah it was pretty cringe I guess.

No really, it’s all dudes. Below is what was promised.

Mission failed boys.


I’ve taken straighter looking photos with groups of gay men.


WBS is just grinder for conservatives.

This… thing is apparently called Smiley. If you’re a Groyper you’re supposed to know what he, or it, really is. I feel like I have some sort of life achievement by not knowing anything about whoever this queer is.

And do I even want to know what “Groyping,” means? It sounds like one of the terms homos come up with to describe their weird sexual fetish acts. Sounds like something they all pin Jaden twinkNeil down and do to him.

Anyway, last post someone suggested I throw in a few cute girls to chase off the Nickers. I believe the term was “like garlic to a vampire, that’s what pussy is to Nickers.” It’s certainly worth a shot.

Samson Pumpkin Jr,

If Nick Fuentes had the same power as Hitler, he would not send gays to death camps, he would send heterosexuals to death camps.


Nick has 0 strategy, 0 plan, he’s a 300 viewer, homosexual pedophile cult leader whose only ambition in life is to be as hated as possible by the few people who even know he exist.

Someone else in that thread, can’t remember who, had my exact reaction to the above tweet, which was “imagine a serious political movement where the leader is threatening to cancel a music playlist and that’s also a big deal.”

Earlier in my beatings of Fuentes, I would do something like “oh man, they’re just seconds from taking over the Republican Party,” and put in a picture of people laughing. After more exposure, I’m just confused why anyone would have ever thought he was anything other than a complete LOLcow.

Oh and this is Steve Franson, a suspected jew who sucks up to Fuentes constantly in the weirdest ways.

I mean I honestly just do not know what I’m looking at here. It’s truly gone from hilarious doing this to Fuentes to this just constant baffled semi-amusement. WTF happened here?

Chris Mclean,

But Fuentes used to be the biggest adovacte in the grift right for self censoring.
“Optics and irony are whats gonna win over the hearts and minds of the american people”
“Its about 10% of what your content is and the rest is how you say it”.

Look I’m not going to rag on anyone for not being Brad Pitt, but you should not have every single guy in your political movement be under 5’7 and 130 lbs and be this facially ugly. You’d think for a movement this packed with homosexuals you’d get some people who know how to dress.

Anyway, we’re done with WBS forum posts, but I still have a lot of pictures because they’re a mixture of baffling and hilarious. Most of the rest of the forum posts is recent stuff, from after Waukesha.

salubrious hog,

It wasn’t ever about optics. Nick has always been wishy-washy and bipolar on a diverse range of subjects, whether that’s trump, the GOP, IRL activism, etc. It wsa only ever about having something to bludgeon people who doesn’t like over the head with. Ask any one of these faggots what “good optics” are and they will not be able to give you an internally consistent definition that couldn’t easily be turned around against them. It’s a trigger word for these people. It’s a signal. It’s hollow and empty, and means jack fucking shit to do with anything you would normally associate “optics” with.

Anyways, like I’ve said before, Striker still literally has an open invitation for Queerson to come onto his show. He just won’t come on because he knows if anything about ideology comes up there won’t be any way he can handle that conversation without making a total fucking ass out of himself.

Queerson’s obsession with Striker is particularly bizarre. I guess it would make sense as some kind of ‘cloutchasing’ but there are any number of TRS/NJP/”wignat” characters to go after, why not someone like Mike or Borzoi or any of the TDS guys? Why not Spectre or Myles or literally anyone else? It’s just incredibly strange and it reeks of something deeply personal on Queerson’s part. Like he’s jealous, or something. I just can’t believe he would arbitrarily pick Striker like that, its just fucking weird.


Faggots seething that white people are standing up for dead children instead of making jokes about black people fucking them.

“End all Immagration.”

“End Foriegn wars.”

I’m starting to wonder if Fuentes is not actually fucking retarded or at least dyslexic. This level of basic incompetence is just staggering. Wasn’t this typed on a computer with spellcheck?

This is what I mean when I say this has to be the last article. The more I learn about Fuentes, the more baffled and confused I get. How the fuck did this guy ever have an audience?

Smooth Operator,

It’s rich seeing Beardson mock someone for not having the time to debate nobodies on the internet because his definition of a busy day is playing videogames and watching bulls fuck his overweight wife.

Yeah Beardson’s wife might get up to some “Groyping” with her bull when little Beardy is playing his video games.

I dunno if that joke works, “groyping,” sounds pretty exclusively homosexual.

Wuhan Chinavirus,

Nick sure is on a roll lately burning those bridges . Wants to save Muh WhItE ryce but he looks like a deformed mini marfan syndrome Doug DeMuro with shit diet of zog slop McDonalds. Anti-exercise yet insults other peoples physiognomy , anti-outdoors because he wants to make millions sitting on his ass at his parents house, anti-flyover country insulting muh gunz fox boomers for no reason , making a shitty edgelord outbursts about white girls getting killed saying they will be the next coal burners for jogger muh deek low impulse tyrone or embracing a fake elliot rodgers assburger incel persona bitching because his mom didn’t make him dinner or his spongebob Pajamas has a crease in it .

WTF has happened to nick, its like hes a failed Mk-ultra experiment and programmed to self destruct.

Well that sort of is what happened. Remember goyim, this faggot was GIVEN our audience. The audience that was built by TRS, the manosphere, Molyneaux, the DS before it got ghey, James Allsup, Jazzhands, etcetera, was given to this twink when the ADL decided to not censor him. They gave him our audience because he’s an unserious grifting faggot.

It’s hilarious that his political movement got oven’d in real life by two mall cops making barely over minimum wage. And online, the ADL made a tweet, and some pajeet pushed a button and his relevance went to zero.

“America First is Inevitable” – Nick Juan Fuentes

Okay, we’ve got it back.

Family Guy Reference,

AFags are in no position to mock lmao. Fuentes didn’t get this much support for his anti-vax rallies(that he didn’t even organize himself) with his 40k telegram followers, “10,000” nightly America First viewers, and 2 weeks notice.

Banned from flying. Banned from everywhere on the internet. FBI steals hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fuck I don’t think we can deal with winning of this magnitude.

Passing Through Town,

It’s kind of insane how differently the TRS/NJP and AF crowds reacted to the attack in Waukesha. Normally during times like that you see groups that disagree with each other put that aside for at least a day or two to address what happened. But AF couldn’t do that. It was more important to talk about whether or not it’s funny to hate women or something. I just don’t get it.

Someone else said that Fuentes was ironically the real Unite The Right. Everybody, from boomercucks to the alt-lite, to TRS, to grifters like Kirk, are all united in hating Fuentes.

Fuck, does he even still have Laura Loomers support?

I love Laura Loomer, and her nose. Even though she kind of looks like a creature that only comes out at night and eats small children.

Apparently today on the Farms Fuentes was forced to stream on telegram, because he couldn’t get his own website to start streaming. No really, his assistant was sick and he just had no fucking idea how to start a stream on his own site.

Here, let me show you the evidence. Words straight from the future President of the United States’ mouth himself.

So he had to stream on telegram without eating first. The Future POTUS has a bit of a rumbling tummy, goyim. But he has to stream anyway OH THE HUMANITY!

Everybody pray for Juan.

Weirdly enough, despite him claiming 7k views on his site, his telegram stream got…

An average of about 1,300 people, with both numbers taken from an early-mid point of the stream.

Huh, almost like his viewcount on his site is as fake as his heterosexuality.


The response to being called out as inferior by John Doyle’s fans is as telling as could be that the AF movement with young right wingers is over. I thought they lived for online drama and it’s so fun? When AF went against wignats they didn’t care about stopping infighting, till this day they dont’ care. Nick built his brand by the division he caused with the alt-right, he publicly states he loves the online drama. But as AF crumbles, him and his remaining lackies beg for unity and “stop sowing division”, and “Let Fuentes be Fuentes, let Doyle be Doyle” lmao. Whilst Nick cries that his talking points are being stolen (lol) it’s as plain as day that the AF movement is haemorrhaging followers and influence, hence the need to protect what’s left from the heir apparent.

Such a good time to change his tune, where was this rhetoric previously with Spencer or those who wanted to leave AF amicably like Casey? Right. The fact is Nick is an idiot with decent speaking skills, who didn’t understand what the optics position he pushed means in practice and was forced to change his tune once he failed, and yet now wants to use being banned off everything as “well actually” a good thing. Who would have known the SPLC wasn’t going to fall for “it was just a joke bro” strategy. From Tucker to the GOP everyone knows Nick had said enough to be unsalvageable. Now that someone else understands what sacrifices you would have to make in rhetoric to play an optics position, and the limits that place you in, he wants extra brownie points for ‘naming them’.

He wants credit for ‘naming them’ so that he can tell everyone their best choice is to vote for the president so owned by Israel he publicly cries that Israel doesn’t have enough power over America right now. I don’t watch Doyle but Im sure he has a similar position that you have to get Trump back in power – so in the end what exactly is the point of saying “well I name them”, pushing an extreme anti-women agenda, even to the point that little girls are being killed and all your side sees it as is something to mock, going to achieve? oh but you name them!!! then tell your audience to go vote for the person who would empower them the most. Based!

AF is literally nothing more than the right-wing version of the shit-lib AOC left movement. Extreme, divisive rhetoric just to channel people on the far right back to voting for some representative in a mainstream party. Just they have even less to show for it. And if that’s what your going to do, then what value does AF have over Doyle’s movement which is actually succeeding in the optics space instead? hence the sudden pleading for ‘unity’. pathetic

Underrated point, and something I made in my last post on Optics. What is the purpose of Tucker Carlson saying something “based”? To get you to vote for (((Sheldon Adelson’s))) GOP. And put ad revenue in Tucker’s pockets.

What is the purpose of Fuentes’ occasionally naming jews? To get you to vote for (((Sheldon Adelson’s))) GOP. And put superchat donations in his pockets.

John Doyle, pictured earlier, literally does Fuentes’ job better than him. There is no purpose to Fuentes other than getting young White Men to cuckold themselves by voting for the GOP, and to tell these young White Men that anyone who is serious about political change is actually a cringe fed heterosexual.

Fuentes himself is not and never was serious about politics in the slightest. And it’s hilarious and extremely satisfying that he can’t attack John Doyle because… he’s been censored and Doyle hasn’t.

Now, where have we heard that before? Oh right, remember when Fuentes was attacking us, and we couldn’t defend ourselves because we were censored and he wasn’t? Oh noes Optics King, that must really suck for you that Doyle is eating your audience because you got censored huh?

Oh well just know Optics King, that if you ever want a spot with TRS or maybe to guest write for the Daily Rake just get into contact with us. I’m sure we’ll let bygones be bygones and have such a great talent producing content for us.

That’s it, I’m done. If I do any more it just won’t be funny. Even at this point, as stated earlier, I started feeling more baffled amusement than pure cathartic mirth. I’m shutting the book on the Fuentes Is At Least Relevant Enough To Point and Laugh At Saga, and walking out the door.

It feels almost like some alternate reality universe now that this faggot ever had an audience. I can only vaguely remember being angry at this grifting parasitical faggot laughing at TRS guys and others getting censored. Snarkily talking about “optics.”

All the division he sowed. All the grifting he did. All the snarky jabs at actually serious people. All the grand proclamations of “America First is Inevitable.” All the narcissistic self-aggrandizing promises of ironyposting total political victory.

And then his Serious Guy Great Optics Traditional Homo Catholicism Political Movement got destroyed IRL by a mall cop and online by a pajeet intern.

Maybe he’ll make a comeback?

I think it unlikely.

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  1. Striker offers an open invitation to chat with opponents does he? Funny. He has called for all NJP members to dissociate and refuse to appear on streams with No White Guilt .
    Striker demands Mark Collett to kick Jason from PWR steams with NJP members.
    This website is just a disgruntled NJP member doing damage control. Yes Nick and Anglin are rubbish wignats. But so is TRS. This damage control is so transparent and desperate. Fed harder

    1. Lel. It’s gotten to the point with these people that I’m far more interested in psychoanalysis than an actual response to the specific claims these types make. TRS is a “rubbish Wignat fed operation,” yeah sure bro, sounds legit.

      White While Peeing is a weirdo, and you’re a weirdo for watching him.

      And Damage Control for what? The successful Waukesha rally/protest? Stop being a retard and go be ghey somewhere else.

    2. NWG is a shameless freak.

      -Imagine having someone on as a guest while you co-host with Mark Collett and the first thing you ask him about is optics. He did this in the “some people would say” way, and you can see that Mark was visually annoyed by this. Mike, as you would expect, aggressively but politely dismantled him and he shut up for the rest of the stream until he decided to give himself the last word by “asking the audience” a bullshit question about optics while laying out a false dichotomy.

      -He and Mark had her on after she released her ‘Wuhan Flu ‘parody and she was received politely by Mark and creepily by Jason, who called her “dear lady”. Later that year she made a parody about Jews and he then goes on a rant, calling her disgusting. Clearly he’s just afraid of Jews and afraid of being kicked off of YouTube, but I suspect he was partially motivated by her being taken by another man. Speaking of which, you should never talk shit about another man’s wife.

      -He has consciously blended the manipulative techniques of **Cults** like Scientology [a system of thought that supposedly has the answers for everything, with a figurehead at the top. Going Free = Going Clear], **Televangelists** [again, the answer for everything. Telling people they’re champions for donating. Telling people they can repent by following him], **New Age Medicine/Spirituality** [Biospirit, White Well Being, crystals, weird pseudo-spiritual imagery], and **Infomercial Salesmen/Public Access Fundraisers** [Calling donations “gifting”, making infomercial-like advertisements for his ridiculous business cards].

      -He also clearly studied neurolinguistic programing techniques. His repetitious use of his lexicon [the best terms he takes credit for but were pioneered by others and have existed for nearly a century] combined with his melodramatic presentation makes him nothing less than a manipulative predator. He uses emotional blackmail by literally telling his followers that “anti-whites” will break into their houses and rape/murder their family if a) WigNats remain more popular than him -and- b) if his followers don’t spread his links and do bizarre things like time-stamping one of his 8-13 hour streams for him.

      -It’s sad to say, but his followers are generally weaker people who seek self-improvement and something to dedicate themselves to. A lot of psychological studies have shown that people generally find some sort of success in this regardless of what they decide to dedicate themselves to. He gives his ridiculous program credit for the supposed increase of sobriety, fertility, and income of his followers, but it’s more likely that the “you’re a champion, you’re saving the world” carrot that he offers compels them to either lie or give him credit for something they did themselves. This is yet another technique of the above type of fraudsters that I listed. I hang out with “Wignats” all the time, and they’re much more fertile, fit, happy, and prosperous than any group of people I’ve ever encountered. These people achieved all of that without their favored alt-media figures goading them into sharing links or giving credit to their method of debate/argumentation/dialectic.

      -Considering that he’s been posting on YouTube for more than a dozen years and has little to no competition on the site -almost everyone else has been banned-, his viewership is incredibly low. I co-hosted a few dozen episodes on YouTube back in the heyday of the Alt-Right and we had 5x his viewership by our 20th stream. Effectively, he is the least successful cult leader the world has ever known.

      -He used a fake British/Mid-Atlantic accent to do a ridiculous dramatic reading of Rupyard Kipling’s ‘If’ poem, in dedication to Donald fucking Trump. Excuse me while I vomit all over my keyboard.


      TLDR: Your boy NWG is a freak, and I’ve heard dozens and dozens of random people react to him by calling him a freak with little to know knowledge of his feminine sniping or manipulative content.

      1. Yeah I really dont know why Mark has NWG on the show he really does bring it down. Mark seems to be a great, cooperative ally of sorts and NWG oozes selfishness and pettyness.

      2. Both streams Mike appeared on NWG made it incredibly awkward by passive aggressively shit talking.

    3. You’re a britbong arent you. Smdh

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