The important thing to remember with this story is that he hired two Nigerian KKK members with MAGA hats and klan robes who assaulted him outside of a subway in downtown Chicago at 3 AM in the morning with a noose and also bleach for some reason.

He had no injuries.

Smollett is on trial for lying to the police. More specifically, he has plead not guilty to six counts of disorderly conduct for filing false police reports. This charge is punishable by up to three years in prison.

As Adam pointed out in yesterdays article, it’s not even a question that he lied to the police. We literally have evidence of him paying Bola and Ola Osundairo $3500 to stage this fake attack on him.

Ola and Bola, the Nigerian KKK members.

The cheque written by Smollett to the Osundairo brothers. Pretty much an open and shut case. And there’s actually not that much going on in the courtroom, but we’re going to milk this story for as long as possible because it’s hilarious.

I just can’t get over how retarded this guys story was. I mean it doesn’t make sense on multiple levels.

Smollett is literally a gay half black half jew, and there was a great meme going around that was something like “when the jew in you wants to do something subversive, the faggot in you wants attention, but the nigger in you has to come up with the plan.”

Man I really wish I saved that when I saw it, but even still, what was this guy thinking? Why would you need to hire someone to do a fake attack? Why not just claim that it happened, you absolute moron? If you wanted to pretend to be a victim, the classic is just “some MAGA hat guys called me a faggot and threatened me with violence.”

But no, apparently Smollett really did stage an attack for some reason. Instead of just putting a noose around his neck, he paid two Nigerians to put on Hazmat suits and sort of… be around him for a bit. Then they put the noose loosely around his neck and also poured some bleach on it.

The bodycam footage from the police is absolutely hilarious. Smollett is walking around with this short noose that has some bleach on it loosely around his neck. I mean I am literally getting secondhand embarrassment on his behalf when the police start questioning him.

Footage can be seen here.

I have to remind you that this is an anti-White hate crime just so you don’t start feeling sorry for this clown.

He even left the noose on just so the cops could see it. Then he easily takes it off.

Jussie you are an absolute fucking retard, do you know that?

Anyway, his defense at the trial is that the two Nigerians really did assault him. No really, the two Nigerian KKK members really did the assault on him. These guys.

The guys who are dressed in Hazmat suits and have evidence that Smollett paid them to go to his apartment and pretend to beat him up.

The. Nigerian. KKK. Members.

I’ll have to knock some articles out quickly. Maybe two per day to get caught up in this trial. We’ve had the defense wrap up their closing arguments and it’s about to come down to the jury. Rumour is it’s not going so well for Jussie.

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