Recently a black jew commented on my last article where I did a roundup of our racial abuse of the Mexican Child Saviour Revolutionary Twink Incel, which you can read here. He demanded that I break out the bamboo stick for Jason Kohne, aka “No White Guilt,” aka “White While Peeing.” 

And besides that, some NWG fag left the comment below on a different article felting Fuentes. You can read that article here

The mistakes made in the 2014-2018 era taught quite a lot of lessons, at least two of which are relevant to NWG. First, don’t let weird anti-social losers into your political movement, whether they be costumed LARPy natzees, or raging manlets who think it’s just SUPER IMPORTANT to defend jew rapist Harvey Weinstein.

Don’t worry, the Andrew “peak optics” Anglin takedown is coming, and maybe even for Christmas.

Second, be quick to recognize grifters, who are little more than wannabe Republicans, and will happily stab you in the back at a moments opportunity.

I mean such grifters can also be anti-social losers as well, it’s not really an either or. Sometimes the people to grift off of you need to take a break to suck some catboi cock. It happens.

But we’re not here to felt on Fuentes. We’ve got an entire series for that.

Personally I was exposed to No White Guilt on YouTube sometime around 2018. I distinctly remember a guy I was in a real life group with bringing him up as a guy he regularly watched. That guy was a bit off, and ended up kicking me out of that group for “fedposting,” because I said we should steal some A-10 warthogs and go do strafing runs of Antifa.

That story was when I realized, with the world’s pettiest example, how some people are just in these dissident movements to get a certain amount of clout and power. Affecting real world policy doesn’t matter so much to them, which is why they’ll do shit like kick people out for obvious jokes while being “muh fedposting” queers. 

Anyway, I’m not sure if it was that guy, or YouTube recommendations that got me to first watch No White Guilt. My feelings at the time were:

“This guy is kind of a weirdo, but he seems in shape and he’s trying to be pro-White, so I’ll let it pass.”

This was when Nick Fuentes was still relevant, and compared to the whiny, annoying repressed homosexuality that is Fuentes, this guy looked like Chuck Norris’s more heterosexual younger brother.

And this was also the era of Andrew Anglin slowly morphing out of his fake persona as a normal human being, and into his real persona as “I AM A FUCKING INCEL AND I WANT TO DO VIOLENCE TO WHITE WOMAN AND I WANT IT NOW!”

Since Fuentes and the rest were setting a really low bar for normality, I gave NWG a pass. After all it was nice seeing someone who would stand up for White Women, even if in a sort of weird “muh White Wellbeing,” way.

Still, that didn’t make me actually watch his content. I made sure to subscribe, because I thought he was a good actor, and I wanted to support him, but I can’t say I ever watched any of his stuff.

In fact, even while writing this, I don’t think I have any more than about 30 minutes of NWG’s stuff, because he has this really bizarre and creepy affectation, and  makes my skin crawl. 

Here’s a screencap of his YouTube account, with the latest videos shown. Despite being on YouTube since 2014, Jason Kohne, and No White Guilt the channel, has only 22k subscribers, and he typically gets between 1-5k views per video. 

Sorting his videos by most popular and we see that his most viewed videos ever was with two tradthots, and even that only got 24k views. This man is not particularly popular, despite having all his competition, like TRS, being censored from YouTube years ago. 

So we have a guy who has managed to somehow remain on YouTube, while also somehow never building an audience, despite us proving over and over again from 2014-2017 that there are millions of potential viewers for someone speaking a pro-White message.

As we saw with our tiny YouTube channel getting its first censored video, documented here, there is no actual censorship policy. The real censorship policy is “are you being effective in fighting against Globo Homo Schlomo?” 

EDIT: While writing this another anti-BLM video got age-restricted. I’ll write about that in a different article.

This was further shown to be true with ramzpaul, the weirdo who keeps telling us that we need to not do Waukesha BLM Massacre Protests, because then the “far left ADL” might say bad things about Ron DeSantis. And also that the “far left ADL” really hates censorship because they just want to make money off of Uppity Goyism comments. 

The best propaganda against antifa is probably “look at their faces.”

And one of the best arguments against Fuentes/Anglin/Beardson/ramzpaul/NWG grifter crowd is “just look at them.”

These are the people lecturing you on optics.

Oh and I forgot the jew with the swastika tattoo.

And yes he is in fact quite the stud.

I’m getting really tired of these Visible Weirdos being a part of “our thing,” and it’s assuredly for the best that all of the losers above have been taking numerous, uncalled for snipes at TRS and NJP. And in the same way that some 300 lbs facially hideous wahmen is a feminist not because she’s read numerous 13th wave feminist literature, but because she’s bitter and angry at men for rejecting her sexually since the ninth grade, the above losers act the way they act because they are weird, spiteful mutants. 

Frankly, Jason Kohne is the stud of the bunch.

And since this series is about him, I’ve included the introductory video he has on his YouTube channel below. It’s not the video that YouTube lets you sticky when someone clicks on your channel, which is weird, but I found it nevertheless.

Pay close attention to the “ultra slick,” edits you’ll see throughout the video, such as at 24 seconds in, that appear to exist for absolutely no reason. Notice also the weird turns of phrase and highfalutin language.

And keep in mind, that this is possibly the best video I’ve ever seen of him. 

Context is everything. If I was still on Kohne’s team, I would easily be willing to give a pass for the whole “low rent televangelist,” routine. I can easily forgive someone for throwing in some weird video edits, or hell, even having some general idiosyncrasies. Not everyone can be camera friendly. Not everyone can be amazingly perfect public speakers. Some people are a bit off, and that’s okay.

Putting this in the context of him being a grifting weirdo, and it starts to look pretty fucked up.

I’ve a habit of making the intro piece far too long, so I’ll leave it here just to whet your appetite. This isn’t a time critical story, like much of what we do, but I assure you, we’ve got our next LOLcow on our hands, and it shall be milked.

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  1. Fuck man, I wish I had bookmarked that instance when he told his listeners that it’ll be the wignats fault when “anti-whites” break into their homes and rape and murder their family.

    The next best thing you can do is link to the following videos of his:

    -A dramatic reading of Rupyard Kipling’s ‘If’ dedicated to Trump, lmao. He even tries a fake English accent:

    -He’s encouraged his fans to give them his business card and say “I love you” and then walk away. This video is hilarious:

    1. Reminds me a lot of when Anglin tried to tell his followers that they needed to go around door to door telling people to vote for Trump or else the Democrats would send armies of black people to kill them.

      Luckily I wrote about that on BANG at the time, so I have the details all captured.

  2. I actually never watched this guy but someone i follow on odysee made this compilation video about him being completely unhinged about Patriot Front and other activists he doesn’t like. I think this guys a bit more than a weirdo, guy might have some serious issues.

    1. Excellent stuff. Thank you Shitheadretard.

  3. I never actually watched this guy, something off putting or phony/robotic about his appearance and mannerisms. I came across this on odysee after hearing about him having a melt down about Patriot Front and other activists who do IRL stuff. I think this guys more than just a weirdo, might have some serious issues.

  4. Don’t forget the pillows:

    More ammo from Odysee:

    -“Jason Kohne (Kohen) Tells his followers to Attack Renegade Tribune” – Tells his followers to hack a website in order to take it down. Also says that he and his clique are the only ones making a difference.

    -“Jason Kohne (No White Guilt) Is A Kosher Shill” – Rant where he tells everyone not to talk about Jews.

    -“Dangerous Faggot” – Jason trashes white nationalists and then tells his followers to call the police on Fedposters and then tell the rest of the “white positive sphere” who they are.

    -“Jason Köhne Book Infomercial – ForNull” – Meme pathogens. Meme curatives!—ForNull:1

    1. Comments with links usually need to be manually approved by me or Hyphen-Pajeet, which only happens when we get around to it.

      I will eventually see them though, so you might as well still post with them.

  5. nowhiteguiltcollectibles (dot) com: don’t forget the pillows on this website

    More ammo from Odysee (I put the name of the videos here because I can’t seem to post links here):

    -“Jason Kohne (Kohen) Tells his followers to Attack Renegade Tribune” – Tells his followers to hack a website in order to take it down. Also says that he and his clique are the only ones making a difference.

    -“Jason Kohne (No White Guilt) Is A Kosher Shill” – Rant where he tells everyone not to talk about Jews.

    -“Dangerous Faggot” – Jason trashes white nationalists and then tells his followers to call the police on Fedposters and then tell the rest of the “white positive sphere” who they are.

    -“Jason Köhne Book Infomercial – ForNull” – Meme pathogens. Meme curatives!

  6. […] the previous two installments, which you can read here and here, we gave you the introduction to Jason “White Well Being” Kohne. He’s a […]

  7. i listened to NWG for about 3 years or so and agreed with most of what he said but after Biden supposedly won the election Kohne started getting nervous, mentioning that some new laws were in the pipeline or already passed that would mean the govt could go after pro-white people for almost anything. Then around January 2021 he starts making it clear that he is against what he calls “antique nationalists” and the reason i thought is that he wanted to distance himself from NS or WN type groups to keep himself out of any possible legal troubles but he didn’t stop at denouncing NS or WN groups just a few times, he keeps attacking them over and over again and after a few months of this i couldn’t listen to him any more.

    Its too bad because there were times in 2018-19 when he looked he had the potential to be good leader but he’s just too unstable.

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