Well it’s finally over. And the jury was even discourteous enough to conclude before I’d finished getting the goyim caught up on the trial. I’ll have to save the drug fueled homosexual bathhouse orgies until the conclusion installment.


A Chicago jury reached guilty verdicts on five of six charges against Jussie Smollett Thursday.

The former “Empire” actor was accused of falsely reporting that he was the victim of a hate crime that took place in January 2019.

The decision came after nearly 10 hours of deliberation spread across two days from a panel of six men and six women.

These charges are class four felonies and could result in up to three years of prison time. Given Smollett’s lack of a criminal history, it is unclear if he will be sentenced to any time in prison.

To get you back up to speed, he was accused of six charges of disorderly conduct because he lied to the police on multiple occasions. The article doesn’t go into what specific charges he was given, and the one that he beat, but this verdict in and of itself is pretty much fine.

EDIT: After writing this, I found the image that shows the specific charges. Here it is again.

I have no idea what the jury was thinking not convicting him of lying about being the victim of aggravated battery. Maybe they just thought that it was plausible the Osundairo bros got a little rough. Honestly, it’s weird, but not that important.

Smollett has a clean record, so it’s deemed unlikely he will spend time behind bars. Or at least that’s the cover story.


“For the next three weeks, these 26 Chicago officers spent 3,000 hours of time costing the city well over $100,000 for a fake crime that never occurred,” Webb said. “And by the way, a fake crime that denigrates what a real-hate crime is and to use these meanings and symbols that are so important in our society. It’s clear why the police would take it seriously.”

This is the narrative that you’ll hear from Mainstream Propagandists. Basically, “we’ve set up this system to oppress Whitey, and this fucking retarded niggerfaggot ruined our credibility all in one shot.” That’s probably the real reason why Smollett won’t be given jail time. They do want to make an example of him, but not so big of an example that they discourage more plausible anti-White slanders in the future.

It’s a real balancing act, and I’ll get to political implications tomorrow. For now, at least know that the name Smollett will echo in the halls of shame for all of eternity.

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