Remember Rachel Dolzal, the White Woman who pretended to be black?

Well her heir apparent just arrived onto the scene.

I saw this when I was writing up the story about Rumble suing Odysee, which will be released soon. There was “she’s black, but looks White,” trending on twitter. I think it picked up steam because everybody realized how retarded this was, but it’s 2021 twitter, so no idea really.


I’m Black But Look White. Here Are The Horrible Things White People Feel Safe Telling Me.

“Many of these people are educated, and hold jobs or positions that give them some form of power or influence over Black people.”

Oh jeez. Another one of these articles. Only now the gimmick is that it’s written by a White Woman.

I was outside my house gardening a few weekends ago when a neighbor, whom I had known for almost 30 years, stopped by so I could pet his large, fluffy dogs. I took my gloves off, squatted down to give the dogs a really good scratching around their ears and felt the sun on my back. What could be better? And then my neighbor said: “Why do you have a ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign on your front lawn when all those people do is kill each other?”

My lovely day screeched to a halt.

“You know I’m Black, right?” I said, standing up as tall as my 5’4” frame would allow, the sun shining on my blond hair.

Okay lemme take a quick look at this wahmen. I’m pretty sure they must have just used a picture that made her look White. I’m sure there are oth-

This wahmen is literally Whiter than I am. I’m looking at a former Hitler Youth member here and it’s lecturing me on how hard it is being black.

I continued to pet his dogs, because I needed the comfort of petting dogs at that moment, and because I needed to keep my hands busy so they didn’t slap that man’s face.

After the usual back and forth of him saying “No!” and me saying “Yes!” and then him trying to gauge exactly “how Black I was” by asking which of my parents was Black and me replying “Both,” we had a very uncomfortable conversation about racism.

She seems emotionally stable and mentally sharp. I’ll bet any money that if this even happened this guy was BTFO’ing her with some extremely harmful remarks like “LMFAO bitch you White.” Or he was just so baffled at the combination of mental illness mixed with nonviolent aggression that he went into “nod your head until the crazy bitch stops talking,” mode, which she interpreted as victory.

Hard to call it either way.


I told him about my father’s struggles to get an education because guidance counselors and admissions agents would not accept Black people into community colleges or SUNY programs in the 1950s and ’60s. I told him that even though my father was a veteran, he could not be approved to use the GI Bill for college or buy a house, since no one would process his paperwork because he was a Black man. I told him that people painted “Go Home Nigger” on the back of our home when my parents finally saved enough money to build a house in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York. And I told him how “Black Lives Matter” calls attention to the fact that Black people are considered less than white people ― and that needs to stop.

I also told him if people don’t understand that Black lives matter, Black people will continue to be murdered by the police and denied opportunities by the establishment. We will not be allowed to participate in the “American Dream,” and we will be made to feel that this is somehow our fault, when it is in fact the fault of a racist society with the full support of our government.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to have this conversation. Encounters like this have been going on for a very long time for me.

Yeah it’s a real shock she’s HAD TO have dozens if not hundreds of conversations that begin with “no trust me, I really am black.”

Honey, Rachel Dolezal was also a White Woman who pretended to be black, but she at least had the decency to not write articles going “I’m so sick and tired of people calling me White when I am actually a negress.” Hell Rachel even committed welfare fraud for increased believability.

Both of my parents are Black but have white ancestors. Those recessive white genes were passed on to me, and I was born very light-skinned, with blue eyes and light, wavy hair. This was not a surprise.

“Baby I know you’ve been traveling for work and away for a long time, but trust me, my womb just randomly produces White Babies for no reason. It’s a thing with in my family.”

In both of my parents’ families there are “white” babies who pop up each generation. I have aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides of my family who are also white-presenting.

Yeah I’ve got a bit of a different theory here sweetheart. I think something else might be popping up every now and then. Something I like to call… Vanilla Fever.

Pictured: Miriam’s Real Father.

Every now and then your momma liked to get some Sweet Vanilla Meat. Look at the picture she includes in the story of her “parents.” Pretty sure that woman’s crusing for some dick.

“Honey, go take that job in Alaska. It’s okay, I won’t be TOO lonely.”

Look, I get it. Admitting that the man who raised you got cuckolded by a White Man must be tough. After all, you’re a childless middle aged woman who self-medicates away her depression with wine, and being a pretend black wahmen is crucial to your self-worth.

But sometimes the blondest men alive want a fun weekend with a nice sweet bit of dark chocolate who can keep her mouth shut. It happens.

My dad accepted a transfer to a position in Alaska, because he could earn double what he’d make in Syracuse. My mom and I moved in with my grandmother for a year and my mom banked all of my dad’s checks. When he returned, my parents paid cash to have their house built in Liverpool.

“My father was away from home constantly, including for over a year and a half. My mother would make sure to bring lots of White Men over. She wanted to make sure that everyone understands how backwards racism is.

Even as a small child I could hear her and whichever White Man she’d brought over that night them moaning and screaming in their anti-racism struggle sessions. She’d say things like ‘oh fuck yes, right there,’ when referring to the critical weakspots of Racist Patriarchy. Sometimes she’s scream out “harder, harder,” when referring to the revolutionary mindset of total war against the White Dominated System.

She would even use the terms of dominance and submission, such as screaming out ‘I’m your submissive little chocolate slut,’ mocking the counter-revolutionary mindset of the neo-anti-marxist masses. Sometimes she would scream out her rebellion at the system. ‘I’m your naughty little black whore,’ she would say, to the patriarchy. ‘I’m your slave Daddy White Man,’ she would say, laughing at the very idea of submission to Cisheteronormative Patriarchy.

Then the two of them would take a shower, because struggle sessions worked up a sweat.”

Here’s a picture she has with her sisters.

Do you see how there are three mixed race, but clearly black women in that picture, and then there’s the blonde girl?

You know, Miriam could just take a DNA test to confirm that she’s black. I wonder why she hasn’t done that?

It’s a real mystery.

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  1. Ever notice how no blacks ever pretends to be White? That’s because everyone already implicitly understands that in modern America pretending to be nonWhite brings with it social advantage and being White brings social disadvantages only.
    The only people who pretend to be White are jews and they only do it temporarily and they only do it to sabotage White people in public displays of faux racial self-hatred.
    I’m sure we’re all familiar with the old “Fellow White people” meme

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