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A Tennessee teacher was fired last school year for teaching his students that white privilege is real, not a theory. 

Matthew Hawn, a high school teacher in Sullivan County, Tenn., was accused of being insubordinate and unprofessional for the way he engaged with students about America’s racist past. Hawn reportedly taught a contemporary issues class at Sullivan Central High School for more than a decade. More than 94 percent of students in the district are white. Hawn allegedly violated the teacher code of ethics when he failed to provide students with “varying viewpoints” about the existence of white privilege during lessons on police brutality and white supremacy.

So some anti-White faggot was bullying his White students, okay. I wonder what happened to him? It’d be a real shame if he lost his job.

Hawn, who was tenured, was fired – 

That’s a shame.

-amid conservative outrage about critical race theory. In May, the same month he was terminated, the Tennessee legislature passed a law banning CTR from its schools. Educators are now prohibited from teaching students that “an individual, by virtue of the individual’s race or sex, is inherently privileged, racist, sexist or oppressive.”

Let me just stop you right there. This had nothing to do with “critical race theory.” Nor was this done by “conservatives,” and especially not the Republican Party. This was a grassroots response to anti-White hate propaganda by mostly White Parents, and should be fully commended. 

One of the ways that Globo Homo Schlomo is going to try to put a lid on this is by implying you should vote Republican if you want more of this. Republicans had nothing to do with this, and are furious that Whitey has won against anti-White hate propaganda.

Hawn’s case gained national media attention and local public support. He fought for his job back and decided to appeal the firing, asking for a hearing to determine whether the district acted legally, per the report. In October, he lost the battle, as the appeals court ruled that Hawn was justifiably fired.

“Despite knowing he was to provide varying viewpoints, Mr. Hawn did not provide a viewpoint contrary to the concept of white privilege,” hearing officer Dale Conder said in his decision.

Hawn, who grew up in the county and had been teaching in the district for 16 years, has not yet decided whether to appeal Conder’s ruling.

Well this article is from quite a while ago. Enjoy the video below if you want to watch this faggot speak, but then we’ll get you up to date WRT Matthew Hawn’s job status. 

BTW, don’t bother actually thinking up rebuttals to the anti-White hate speech he’s spewing. Just enjoy that he doesn’t get to have a job anymore. 

Holy shit, the Washington Post capitalized White. What sort of strange new world are we living in?

Anyway, what did happen with his appeals?

Washington Post:

KINGSPORT, Tenn. — Matthew Hawn checked his phone to see if the wait was finally over.

It had been five months since he was fired for teaching about White privilege at a high school in rural Tennessee. Two months since he had fought to regain his job at an emotional three-day hearing, becoming a symbol of the acrimonious debate over the way race, racism and history should be taught in America’s schools.

Now — nothing. No announcements from the school district about his appeal effort. No messages from his lawyer. No texts from the friends and former colleagues who had sustained him through a lonely half-year of jobless limbo.

So no, he lost his second appeal. Here’s to that job search Mr. Hawn.

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  1. Jews didn’t do anything to help this guy aside from writing a few crappy articles about him. If he was our guy he would have got help. Jews are losers.

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