Everyday I at least glance at enemy propaganda, looking for any stories that squeaked through. Today, whether it be Fox News, NBC, CNN, doesn’t matter, nothing is happening. So with that in mind, what’s (((Fox News))) trying to promote to the goyim?

Why nothing less than the absurd idea that Gorland “King of Israel” Blormph is still a relevant political figure in 2021. Blormph starts out whining about McConnell and the “unfrastructure bill,” his term, not mine, passed by congress. He immediately proceeds with a complete self-own.

So what’s happening is, we had a thing called the debt ceiling, and he could have used that to win everything, and he chose not to. And we have a bigger problem, because they have a so-called voting rights bill, which is a voting rights for Democrats because Republicans will never be elected again if that happens. If that passes.

Remember when Blormph caved on the government shutdown just to make sure that you don’t get that wall? Remember when he caved on his very first major piece of legislation, that spending bill that included nothing for us. Remember when he “caved” on absolutely everything ever. Remember when you first realized that he wasn’t “caving” on everything, but was just a privileged little shit from Manhattan who pretended to have the politics of Pat Buchanon because he wanted to become POTUS as a personal vanity project and to financially enrich himself and his friends?

Blormph whining about some voting bill that I’ve never even heard of passing or not passing is pretty rich. This is a guy who pretended the 2020 US Election was stolen from him so he could scam boomers out of $300 million for his utterly fraudulent legal battle. But apparently we’re supposed to simultaneously believe Orange Faggot that the presidential election was blindly stolen from him, but also that some random piece of legislation is critical to elect Republicucks to stop or else DEMONrats will start stealing elections. After they already stole the US Presidency, according to him.

Back in 2016, or maybe 2015, when I heard that Blormph would do things like spend an entire afternoon watching Gorilla’s fighting on Discovery Channel, I thought that was hilarious. Same goes for his stupid speech patterns and affectations. Now that I realize this goy is one of the most narcissistic, self serving cunts in the entire world, it’s annoying and not particularly amusing.

And he’s really going on about how important these midterm elections are. “We’ve got the best candidiates,” and “I’ve already endorsed many candidates,” and at no point in time does he mention that he’s claiming the 2020 US Presidential election was stolen from him.

I know I already made that point twice earlier, but I just can’t get over it. It’s just so low energy and absurd. And even his other points make it seem like he’s cargo culting… himself. Blormph is trapped in his 2017 routine, stripped of all power and even his twatter account. But we’re all just supposed to sit back here and treat him bloviating on opiates and the border crisis like he’s just rearin’ and ready to go and take on Mitch McConnell and the Cuckservative Establishment that he spent 4 years colluding with.

Get excited about fresh new Orange Face goyim. Orange Man good.

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  1. Agreed and also damn funny.

    Your antivaxx protest chronicle piece had me in stitches laughing, but then annoyed because it really is genocide – just delayed to make accountability impossible (autoimmunity)..and whoever uses the term “anti-social” I always regard as a Plebe – it’s just my life experience that’s all – dim bulbs are always concerned about being part of “the group”, they’re very easy to manipulate.

    But Yes, Rodlan Prumpt doesn’t “cave”, He’s a cave man.

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