You all may know Talia Levin from back when you had a twatter account. She’s the classy hebrew goddess of beauty, who sometimes deigned to give us lowly goyim her attention.

Levin with the wind catching her elegant hair.

In fact, Talia Levin is such a fertility goddess that our boy Jqhnny just had to get some of that sweet sweet heebrew gash and messaged her on twatter. Below is from about 2 months ago.

She continued responding.

I’ve noticed some weird thing where it seems like these jewesses all have a fetish for Aryan Men. Like if you ever bring home a heeb girl she’s gonna demand that you throw on an SS uniform, tie her hands behind her back and make her say “I’m your naughty little jew pussy,” or some fucked up shit like that.

Above is jew anti-White activist the “feminist,” Susan Sontag, born Susan Rosenblatt. But she also wrote in Fascinating Fascism and other essays about how erotic she found nazis and fascism more broadly. Seriously I’ll have to do an essay review on this stuff one time.

Though SS Regalia is a respectable British-made compilation, one knows that its appeal is not scholarly but sexual.

If the message of fascism has been neutralized by an aesthetic view of life, its trapping have been sexualized.

And beyond this is the definitely sexual lure of fascism.

A clue lies in the predilections of the fascist leaders for highly sexual metaphors. (Like Nietzche and Wagner, Hitler regarded leadership as sexual mastery of the “feminine” masses, as rape. The expression of the crowds in Triumph of the Will is one of ecstasy. The leader makes the crowd come.) Left-wing movements have tended to be unisex, and asexual in their imagery. Extreme right-wing movements, however puritanical and repressive the realities they usher in, have an erotic surface. Certainly Nazism is “sexier,” than communism. (Which is not something to the Nazis’ credit, but rather shows something of the nature and limits of the sexual imagination.)

Ms. Rosenblatt also had a quote where she just outright said that she found nazis sexy, but I can’t find it now. I also can’t find the green text from 4chan of Laura Loomer blackmailing some goyim into eating her out, which is as gross at it is hilarious.

These jew girls have that business pleasure separation that’s so crucial for productive adult life.

Heebster running game on our poor Aryan victim. Can he survive with his virginity intact?

Our Aryan Hero asks politely for bobs and vagene. But the rat faced goddess is demanding tribute.

Jqhnny leaves that jew cunny absolutely sopping wet with extra mucal fluid. Extra mucal fluid indeed goyim!

Lovestricken heeb DM’s jqhnny with her number, despite him not actually asking at any point. She makes up a “date,” that cancelled on her, thus explaining why she’s all alone, knuckle deep in her globalist gash on a Friday evening.

And speaking of that gash, it’s gone now. Two months later she troons out, and now goes by Tal. It’s unclear if she still has a vagina.

Coincidence? I think not. Our boy jqhnny getting it done in there.


Even after trooning out, she still wants his cock.

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