We started this series way back in early December, which is actually half this website’s lifetime ago. Some Go Pee fag left a comment on our site attacking Striker and the NJP, and the people demanded we break out the bamboo stick.

So break it out we did. I figured it was important to give a really thorough bashing. Leave no stone unturned.

In Part 1 we gave the overview, touching on his comically small audience and general weirdness. Part 2 saw the introduction to his mystical “White While Peeing,” televangelist routine. Part 3 we covered his Patriot Front meltdown, punctuated by his immediate flip to the Raucous Emojis in support of “one of our heroes” who “gifted” to the cause.

Part 4 brought us the pillows. Yes, the pillows.

And frankly, the pillows might not have been the weirdest part of his NoWhiteGuiltCollectiblesShop. That was probably reserved for either the puzzles or the Child Patriot American Victory novels, which we covered in part 5. That also saw the introduction to his revolutionary Go Pee ideology, which will surely help us defeat the anti-Whites.

In part 6 we were introduced to the beautiful and moving sight of Jason “White While Peeing” Kohne putting on a fake English accent while reading Rudyard Kipling’s IF poem. He dedicated this reading to Blormph. This happened in 2021, not 2016 in case you were wondering.

While many got the impression that Kohne was only interested in taking whatever he could from his poor hoodwinked followers that was not the case. In Part 7 we saw what Kohne generously gives out. Or rather, what he tells his followers to print out and give to random people they accost on the street. Because who wouldn’t want someone to throw White While Peeing flyers on their lawn, or shove No White Guilt business cards into their hands when they’re late for work?

The original part 8 got deleted by Hyphen-Pajeet. In it we discussed some hate mail we had received from NWG fans. We used that to launch an investigation into the NWG cult followers, and were shocked at what we found!

But since you don’t get to see that the replacement part 8 saw Kohne cucking hard on the JQ. He did that again in part 10, while pissing off Mark Collett.

In the skipped over part 9 we saw credible, but not sourced accusations of sexual predation on the broken woman in his following. And finally, in part 11 we took a look through his YouTube channel for short videos, and had a few chuckles.

As with Fuentes, there is a political purpose to all this, beyond simply entertaining the audience and building up our daily news site. NWG is certainly a weird character, and if he was simply financially taking advantage of his followers, who are desperate for some real White Advocacy, that would be bad enough. It’s the constant sniping at the NJP, coupled with the absurd rationalizations for not talking about “puppies,” that push him over the top.

Back before my tiny twatter account got censored, in March of this year, I followed a few groyper accounts. Not the repulsive “leaders,” just some of the normal people in that audience. The above exchange I screencapped, because I feel it illustrates how harmful fake advocacy is, whether that be Blormph, your local Republican, NWG, or Fuentes above.

I talked to this guy over twatter a few times. He was a trucker, and a pretty good guy. After Trump got censored, he made the above tweets. When I told him maybe he should look into the NJP, he made it very clear that he was done with politics, sickened by the whole thing. These grifters “burn through,” the few decent people who come their way, thieve from them their time and energy, and give them nothing in return. Some percentage of those people then try to find real advocacy after realizing they’ve been had, but most of them just take a look at their real life, see the very real problems they still have, and turn their backs on politics.

Eleven articles, plus greatest hits, may well have been excessive. It’s possible I milked it a little here or there, but I wanted to be thorough. In any case, I’m proud of this, and would like everybody to reference this article if NWG ever gets brought up in the future. That might never happen, after all he doesn’t have much of an audience, nor does he actually do anything in real life.

We’ve got a different target chosen for Christmas Day. A more important target. A deliciously juicy target.

Trust me goyim, you don’t want to miss this. Be there, or be a defender of Harvey Weinstein.

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  1. Please let it be a demolishment of Martinez for Christmas…. Please please please

  2. I don’t follow any anti-social media controlled opposition white contrivitists so I don’t know what yer talking aboot (scottish word there). Just like I haven’t watched main-shit media since the controlled demolitions of remote-controlled kikedom. Therefore, my eyes and ears have not been assaulted by ugly-ass 21st century schizoid manlets (april wine did the best version of this song – damn prophetic and damn hard to play – they even pulled it off live – back when music existed).

    Where am I going with this? Nowhere – but I read this blog for it’s actual humor (real humor = intelligence, very rare) ..and straight shooty-ness, and for wonderful photos of Roanold Blimpt. Any followers of Crumpt are not to be counted among the chordates (phylum chordata) and are certainly molluscs. Also anyone who trusts white activists that have a strong web presence – since Kike Krunts always control both sides of any movements – that leaves only Me – the trustworthy one.

    Now let’s have a sing song this holiday season. The meat puppets, the band that made every other band irrelevant, except for perhaps skynyrd and the dead… did this one right….


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