A few days ago I wrote my initial felting of the manlet crowd, which you can read here. After writing my second piece, the first article apparently received this comment.

Hear that everyone? Dailystormlets forgive and forget as often as they have sex with women.

I was informed of this in our internal telegram group. There was much chuckling and we moved on. However, just a few hours ago I checked our spam filter and had to manually approve the following comment from brave SnesChampion.

Good thing I checked the spam folder, or else I wouldn’t be able to obey Weev’s schizo attack Chihuahua. Maybe weev should start by leet haxxoring into the spam filter so that his personal attack retard’s threats can get through? Would do us all a favour. After all, imagine how awful it would be if I couldn’t give in to the mentally stable jew with a swastika tattoo and a history of narcissistic delusions by not approving this comment? Why then I wouldn’t be able to stop felting the Angry Manlet Club now would I? And that would be awful, because then Leet Haxxor weev would leet haxx into our interwebs.

Maybe he’ll hold our personal bank accounts ransom to give him the money to buy some clothes that actually fit him.

Or maybe he thinks that he’s going to hit a growth spurt while pushing 40, and might one day be tall enough for the big boy rides at disneyland.

The above manlet should probably tell his personal attack beagle that the expression is “we are legion.” Not “we are a legion.” In any case I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean in the context of Leet Haxxoring a website. See, that’s sort of a one man operation.

Perhaps the little cucklet is referring to the absolute most pathetic attempt at brigading we just received on our site, where I had to go all the way to clicking on some retards comments. But wait, I then had to go all the way to hitting the “trash” button. Dear god, if only some more cucklets waste their time writing out idiotic comments we might have to do the whole thing over again. I am mere seconds away from getting crippling carpal tunnel syndrome.

In any case, I have to print out one part of SNESwimps comment because it really shows who we’re dealing with.

I’ve been asked by weev himself, to warn you that if you keep doing what you are doing, he will not hesitate to hack your website and yes d0xxing of you fed shills is also on the table, because we do not consider you part of our movement.

But wait a minute Snescuck, it’s not just that you don’t consider us part of your “movement.” A movement that consists of nothing more than video game livestreams and twink festivals I might add. But no, these people have been saying for years now that we’re feds. Even a relatively Anglin-friendly commenter pointed out the obvious retardation.

In the year 2021 in order to be a DailyManlet dicksucker like Snescuck you need to simultaneously believe that we’re feds, and also that threatening us with computer crimes is a really smart move that will surely not backfire.

You’re going to see a running theme in the rest of the Manletsphere series I’m doing of the attacks on TRS making absolutely zero sense, but it’s rare to see the bad faith retard shit condensed this much.

Step 1: Accuse TRS of being Feds.

Step 2: Openly talk about committing computer crimes against them.

Step 3: Put so many hyperlinks in this comment that it gets immediately cucked by the spam filter.

I actually decided to click on the link SnesWarrior put down in his first post. Not the one where he threatens what he believes are federal agents with computer crimes, the one where he promises that we’re all gonna get destroyed by the Cucklet General, Andrew Anglin. I snooped around on that forum. One of the very first things I saw was this.

Yes, you read that correctly. They have men who have not simply never had sex, but never been in any sort of relationship with a woman doling out relationship advice like they’re the John fucking Stamos.

Andrew Anglin’s personal army of constantly online incels only take a break from threatening federal agents with computer crimes to give out dating advice.

How will heterosexuals ever recover?

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  1. first

  2. Starting to wonder if these homos actually enjoy the abuse. Masochistic tendencies are common in the gay community.

    I’ve got to get back on the gamer uprising forum. I’m still laughing, negress grabs his crotch in class, and instead of being like “yeah, that happens” with a grin, he swears off women? Lol, I think he had swore off women before that. Like did the cock starved negress sexually traumatize him? “Nooooooooo, stop it! I’m saving myself for Nicky Fuentes!”.

    1. Fuck me I just finished my article on that, scheduled for morning release. “Saving myself for Nicky Fuentes,” should probably have made an appearance somewhere in there.

  3. LOL at that story about the negress crotch grab, the same thing happened to me in theater class (which was an elective so I was in the same class as blacks, unlike my AP/GT classes where there were none even though my school was 50% black) but it didn’t hold me back. This must be a pretty common voracious sheboon behavior, my reflexive counter move was the tit grab which is kind of a risky maneuver but it went over well with the rest of the niggers in the class and I got huge respect.

  4. “As you can see I’m the attack dog of the two Andrews…”

    Every time I read this I think of those joker memes for some reason,

    “Hi White Nationalist”
    “Hey White Nationalist nice Reich you got there White Nationalist where’d you get it at the White Nationalist store?”

    “Get an average-looking chubby girl. That is the best bag for the buck. You want someone who has been consistently overweight since puberty and so has never tasted whoredom, but who still has good enough genetics to start a family with. Definitely be sure she’s not too smart. Smart girls use their brains to manipulate you, fuck with you, one-up you, intimidate you. And they have all the societal resources to do that.”

    Literally, “Get yourself a fat fucking retard”

  5. ROFL


    The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you. I mean, the stormerfag calls you a fed as he threatens to doxx you.

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