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Our latest kit for The Sims 4, released at the end of 2021 is the Modern Menswear Kit that features gorgeous knits and fun jackets and some really beautiful skirts. This clothing kit was a collaboration with a London based designed namedStefan Cooke and is all about pushing style boundaries and really bending what menswear means.

Boundaries = Pushed. Menswear definition = bended. Run subroutine “PraiseNeoFuedalBillionairism.”

God it’s so nice to see a corporation like EA take a break from doing mobile phone games that are designed to get grannies hooked and start emptying their bank accounts and clap back against the bigoted oppressors. Tears stream down my face as I see this courageous and challenging blow to toxic masculinity.  Oh god it’s so beautiful.

“Revolutionize the classics with The Sims™ 4 Modern Menswear Kit*, featuring a thought-provoking, accessible collection designed by Stefan Cooke. Reimagined shapes redefine traditionally masculine fashions, while textiles and patterns elevate each unique piece for today’s style.

  • Get into the Details: Update your Sim’s closet with trendy wardrobe staples. Fluid shapes add intrigue to any outfit, while zippers, cutouts, and pleats lend everyday outfits a touch of the contemporary.

  • Experiment with Style: Refined and subversive, these looks reinvigorate the basics. Play with scalloped or pleated skirts and latticed sweaters, or pair a polished shirtdress with iconic loafers to model up-and-coming culture.”

This kit includes 24 pieces of clothing that are all tagged masculine in the create-a-sim catalog, you’ll find a ton of fun items like knitted sweaters, jackets, and even fun skirt outfits for male sims.

I’m certainly having fun looking at this stunning and brave outfit. I most definitely did not have my face involuntarily pull into a slight grimace at my involuntary and immediate disgust reaction.

Another issue is that these items do not work for feminine frames at all, which is a major issue with The Sims in general. At this point in 2021, I wish EA would start making two versions for both masculine and feminine sims so all clothing is available when you un-tag masculine or feminine.

Even when pushing poz, EA nickles and dimes the customer base. If you want this cute skirt that now both sexes of Sims can wear, you need to purchase it twice, goy.

Modern Menswear Controversy

For a lot of players when they think modern menswear this pack missed the mark, and there have been many people in the community with comments like “real men don’t wear skirts” and other awful takes that completely forget about the inclusivity the sims strives for.

Awful. Absolutely awful takes. Thank god we have $40B net worth multinational EA showing us how important inclusivity is.

One thing I have to mention in this overview for modern menswear is that just because you won’t wear a skirt, or don’t want men around you to wear skirts, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t manly to wear one. Clothing is a personal preference and men are entirely allowed to wear whatever they want, and EA bringing in a designer like Stefan Cooke to add these types of items to the game is awesome.

That’s true. Just because I personally don’t know any men who wear skirts, that doesn’t mean that wearing skirts isn’t manly. Oh wait, actually it 100% means that. Whoopsie!

Most of the male clothes in The Sims 4 are very gender conforming and fit the outdated view of what a man should look like, and allowing these clothes to be in the game will help so many young boys realize that they can wear anything they want, and they aren’t confined to ill-fitting jeans and polo shirts for the rest of their lives.

Instructions unclear. I’m now “being myself,” by walking around with a Swastika on my sweatshirt. I hope this is what they meant, and not “be exactly who corporate america wants you to be.” 

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