But before we even get into that, they’re subtly giving us some very valid electoral advice.


The day afterthe January 6 attack on the US Capitol, three local Republican officials in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County announced they were leaving the GOP.  Among them was Ethan Demme, a lifelong conservative who had previously served as the youngest Republican Party chairman in this deeply red corner of southeast Pennsylvania.

Disgusted by the denial of the 2020 election and the violence at the Capitol, Demme and his two colleagues sent a joint  letter on January 7 to the county GOP chair saying the party they once knew was “gone and has left us behind.”

The only thing gayer and more worthless than a Republican, is a former Republican who “just couldn’t have the bigotry on my conscience,” or some other shit like that. Also, not to do the Finklethink here, but were there any Democrats who quit that party over the constant “denial of the 2016 election,” through that retarded Russiagate hoax?

Twenty miles away, in the northwest corner of the county, Stephen and Danielle Lindemuth had just returned from a daylong bus trip to Washington, where they attended then-President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally. Rather than turning them off, the events in Washington energized the Lindemuths and sparked a yearlong journey into politics that ended with each being elected to local office.

Both Stephen, a pastor and substitute teacher, and Danielle, a secretary for the church group that organized the January 6 bus trip, won seats in November on the local school board, despite several local Republican officials endorsing their Democratic opponents. Stephen also won his campaign to be an election judge.

Hold on a second goyim. These folks seem promising. What’s that phrase that Emma Watson always uses?

To be condemned by Republicans is to be endorsed by god. – Emma Watson

Of course, there are layers to Finklethink. It’s like there’s the mainstream finklethink, but then there’s the safety net finklethink that involves Gorland Blormph and being a big retard over that. These goyim are doing the stop the steal bit, however, they haven’t been endorsed by conservatives, so it really could go either way. Let me do some more research.

Lancaster Online:

Stephen Lindemuth told LNP | LancasterOnline on Tuesday night that people want to see a return to “traditional American values” in schools, and they want politics taken out of the classroom.

This could be good, or this could be super gay.

“We want education to stick to teaching the basics,” he said, adding, “We want to see boys use the boys’ bathrooms and girls use the girls’ restrooms. I don’t think there’s anything radical about that opinion. I think that’s just common sense to most people.”

It’s unclear what they mean by indoctrination. However, the Lindemuths have complained numerous times to the school board and administration about the public school curriculum, which can include conversations surrounding racism, as well as race-related signage on the classroom walls.

Danielle and Stephen Lindemuth are outspoken proponents of the false claim that widespread voter fraud in last fall’s election robbed former President Donald Trump of a second term. They have spread misinformation related to COVID-19 on social media and repeatedly criticized their daughter’s school for covering race-related topics in class.

Alright I know the type now. Partially finkled, but hearts in the right place. Angry enough at mostly the right target, yet lacking the vocabulary to express themselves. These are the kinds of people that we need to be appealing to with the NJP, and it’s pretty easy. After all, they are explicitly condemned by the Republicans already.

The story of their path into Republican politics – and Demme’s departure from the GOP – reflects the larger battle raging inside the Republican Party. Over the past year, those who continue to support Trump’s election lies that fueled the violence at the Capitol have solidified their position inside the GOP, while Republicans who remain horrified by the insurrection now find themselves alienated from the party — if not cast out altogether.

We see here the deeper layers of Finkle sprinkled all throughout this piece. No, the idea that the Lindemuth’s of the world are secretly taking over the GOP is ridiculous. Anyway, the entire piece is just finklethink, but they do mention our boys later on.

But the county is also indicative of the turn the party has taken toward national populism and, in some cases, extremism. Lancaster is 81% White, according to the latest Census data. It’s home to a White nationalist group that launched a political party a little over a year ago, according to local Lancaster newspaper LNP. Of the roughly 60 Pennsylvania residents who face charges for rioting at the Capitol, three are from Lancaster County, including two accused of violence.

Notice how CNN capitalizes the W in White People? Remember how I showed fox news not doing that before. CNN is officially less anti-White than Fox Jews.

Anyway, gotta wonder what group that is? I was initially thinking that CNN wouldn’t be naming the National Justice Party, but not only do they name them, they outright endorse them!

While a controversial take amongst much of the CNN staff, we strongly believe that the White Nationalist group mentioned earlier, the National Justice Party, is the strongest vehicle for the White Race here in the United States. Many CNN pundits have called them “cucks,” who are “not going hard enough on the heeb problem,” but CNN is tepidly endorsing them due to lack of better options right now.

It’s nice to see CNN has our backs as we build the party.

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  1. Roanold Crunt did win the erection and by a huge margin, since every stat measure that detected huge landslides of former horse-fecal marrionete POS I mean POTUS figureheads of Podium talk detected Rump’s victory. Not to mention 2 AM tonnage of used fertilizer palettes of delivery by slobbering useful idiots.

    And yes Rupugnantcunts are dumb – they’ll be allowed to show you this after the next pendulum swing.

    “The regulator’s swinging Pendulum” Clutch, a good band, not gay.

    btw, We’ve installed a new Poet in our basement. “Poets are both clean and warm and most are far above the norm…”

    1. I’m not sure i got what you were getting at here.

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