Nobody: …

Absolutely no one: …

Not a soul: …

Britney Spears:


And Britney Spears was feeling racy yet again on Sunday as she stripped down to just a red thong to parade her figure in the mirror.

The singer, 40, is making the most of the end of her conservatorship and has posted a string of sexy images to her Instagram recently.

Britney let her long blonde tresses fall loosely down her naked back as she worked all her best angles. She captioned the slew of sultry images: ‘Booty time’ along with a series of red heart emojis.

Britney aren’t you a little bit old to have nothing to offer but your pussy.

Proving to be quite the racy pair, shortly before Britney’s bare-all, her fiancé Sam Asghari placed his impeccable figure on near-full display with two shots that were shared to his Instagram account and Story on Saturday.

It’s nice to see male beauty standards are extremely reasonable and realistic these days.

The pop star shared the image – that showed her taking a photo while posing in the mirror of her glamorous walk-in closet – to her more than 38 million Instagram followers on Thursday.

In the snap, the singer wore just a white lace choker around her neck, and matching thigh-high stockings without anything else on.

To cover her modesty and abide by Instagram’s community guidelines, Britney used a pink flower and pink heart emoji to obscure parts of her completely nude body.

This is the kind of behaviour I would greatly enjoy seeing from my 40 year old fiance. Posting nude pictures of herself to her 38 million instagram followers.

It’s not the first time that Britney has shown semi-naked portraits of herself, having previously gone topless on a number of other occasions over the last few months.

But while fans had previously expressed their concern on past images, Britney has now begun to disable the comments on her Instagram posts, meaning users are unable to share their thoughts underneath the uploads.

There’s a shocking turn of events.

The Toxic singer’s social media content has become increasingly more daring since a judge terminated her 13-year-long conservatorship last year, that had seen her life be micro-managed by father Jamie Spears.

Typical patriarchy. Trying to keep a brave and mentally stable wahmen down.

Not concerned by the drama, Britney later declared that she was the proud owner of her ‘first high waisted bathing suit’ and took to Instagram to model her sexy new bikini.

While working her angles in the very feminine two piece and a set of heels, she also seductively guzzled water.

Boy am I ever titillated. Anyway, why is she doing this?

While she joked she wasn’t ‘auditioning for anything,’ she was sharing the information to refresh her memory and the world’s of who she is.

‘Yes… I will be my own cheerleader… why ???? I’m here to remind my white “classy” family that I haven’t forgotten what they did to me nor will I ever forget!!!!⁣’ the Toxic singer added.

Spears sang this song “Toxic,” but there’s no way that was accidental. Anyway, Spears is having the kind of rebellion that a fifteen year old girl might go through. Only she’s doing this publicly, in front of the entire world in the least classy way possible. And she’s slandering White People sort of. Emma Watson would not approve.

Comments are deliciously catty. Someone help me I’m turning into Milo.

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  1. “Someone help me I’m turning into Milo.”

    Well, at least you’re self-aware about your homosexuality.

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