In the telegram comment section of a random article of mine one of our beloved readers and subscribers informed me that Beardsoy’s wife had left him.

Well that’s a real shock. Here we see Beardsoy’s wife with him.

And here we see her with her bull.

I’ve been informed through my heterosexual plants in the LoserNat “movement,” that Beardly Beardson had a very intimate and personal relationship with his wife’s bull. Nevertheless, his heartless bitch left him. Truly, all women are duplicitous whores.

I mean what woman wouldn’t want a late 30’s husband with no real job or career prospects who hangs out with homosexual teenagers who occasionally pretend to be taking over the (((Republican Party)))? My number one advice I give to young men is to avoid traditional forms of heteromasculinity and do livestreams of pokemon pack reveals to constantly online teenagers. That’s what makes the ladies wet.

And to the extent that Beardson might not have his life perfectly together to be a family man, he makes up for it with his rugged good looks. When wahmen get knuckle deep in their gashes they don’t think of Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, or Henry Caville. They think about Beardson getting on his little hands and knees and expertly slobbering all over their clits.

Beardsoy isn’t taking it particularly well, but he’s turned his personal tragedy into motivation to sit in front of a camera and be boring, like always. Beardsoy is either currently doing or just finished a 24 hour stream where he got over $2k in donations, which for him is more than a months grift all at once.

Our heterosexual plants mentioned earlier tell us that his wife took the car. Luckily, Beardson gets to keep the pokemon cards that are extremely important to him as a late 30’s man.

The Beardsoy saga is the perfect example of what the Manlet Cult is referring to when they claim that all women will divorce you no matter how alpha you are. I mean Beardsoy did everything right. He was madly attractive. He had a great job, and a promising career, and had just hit jackpot on a very valuable charmander card. He was caring and supportive of his wife, even wiping the sweat off her brow when she was finished having sex with other men. And was that enough for her, absolutely not.

Emma Watson, who is standing over my shoulder as I type this, keeps expressing concern. She says that Beardson is the lowest quality human being she has ever seen in her life, and that he would instantly disqualify any political movement, really any group at all, from being serious simply by being a member, let alone leader. Don’t listen to her goyim, that’s simply the perfidious nature of wahmens.

After Patrick Casey left, Beardsoy became the stud of the AmNats, since there was some evidence that he had gotten pussy at some point in his life.

BTW, I don’t know if his wife left him for someone specific. From the sounds of it, she just up and got the fuck out of there. Poor woman, I hope she finds someone better.

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  1. Imagine being the wife of that midget loser.

    1. Thank you for reading, Nick. Big fan of your work.

  2. All these internet dweasels look alike.
    And too many of you are judaized into thinking the hollywood picture of an attractive woman is the way to go. All skinny skanks are neurotic, and any slunt that is involved in online “popularity” or anti-social media is a dumbshyte.

    You are correct in thinking 90% of women are shallow scrunts. Here’s the solution that worked for me. STOP LOOKING FOR ONE/ Get a life and party / drink/ backpack etc with your friends. If you are an interwebz addicted dweeb you will have to get some friends first of course. When you don’t give a shyte you will meet the right person who is F-ING EDUCATED…I’m talking a real university, now it’s almost impossible with the bolshevized shit-learning so find someone from my generation the last of the mohicans. Your little man will shout in your ear – quite loudly, so shut the f#ck up and listen to him.

    1. true brother

  3. Eric Striker fears Beardson + you will always be a woman

    1. Why would anyone fear a sub 5’5 pot bellied nerd who can’t even bench 135lb’s? Get off the internet and lift a weight phaggot

      1. You are reading a tabloid website about e-drama

        1. Based

        2. Call us a tabloid again and I will rape u

  4. Beardson’s a retard – I’m assuming the divorce hasn’t been finalized, meaning he’s gonna have to share that 2 grand with his (soon to be) ex-wife and the bull.

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