Before I get into the retarded Jayoh smear I need to tie up some loose ends with respect to Anglin’s defense of Harvey Weinstein, and retarded attack on us through Cantwell. I had a talk with none other than Sven of TRS, and he asked me to print this.

“TRS never had any secret plan to rehabilitate Cantwell. But if we did, we would have brought him onto the show, and not sent Morraiku to go appear on his show. If we had wanted to, we would have rehabilitated him, and there would have been nothing the Andrews could have done about it.” – Sven

I touched on this a bit when I talked about the Cantwell part of the manlet’s hitpiece on TRS, but mostly focused on the Milo hypocrisy. In this piece we focus on the grand scheme of TRS to rehabilitate Cantwell… by getting retweeted by Matthew Parrot and sending Morraiku to do a single appearance on Cantwell’s show.

That was the plan boys.

I’ve focused more on how obviously bad faith these attacks are. I mean the Manlet Cult makes up some delusional attack and accuses TRS of working with fed snitches, and then less than a month later is rehabilitating Milo, a guy who bragged about recording pro-White activists private conversations and snitching to the feds. Oh and who also has every financial incentive in the world to sell those recordings to the highest bidder.

However, now that it’s been established that this is a bad faith attack, let’s have some fun laughing at how utterly idiotic it is. Before I even get into that, here’s the length of the first TRS/Cantwell hitpiece.

I honestly don’t know what’s more bizarre, that he wrote 4k words on this insane hitpiece, or that he wrote at least 5x more defending Harvey Weinstein.


Promoting a fed snitch and pointing your audience towards them, and then being asked “why are you doing this?” is not “drama.”

Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t, but I just have to remind everyone that less than a single month later Nicky Fuentes went on Milo’s show. Not some AF intern. Not Morraiku. Nick Fuentes went on the show of a guy who bragged about secretly recording private conversations of White Activists and snitching to (((Roberta Kaplan))) and the feds.

Last time, I promise. From now on I’ll just focus on the funny bits.

Promoting a fed snitch and pointing your audience towards them, and then being asked “why are you doing this?” is not “drama.”

Imagine if TRS was promoting someone who was telling people to drink cyanide, and people asked them “why are you promoting someone who is telling people to drink cyanide?” and their response was “you’re gay and drama should be avoided.”

Ah Anglin. The master of the random allegory that leads into the bizarre non-sequitur. Here let me give you an example.

Imagine someone in the pro-White movement murdering a small White child for no reason. Imagine you’re about to confront that person and then someone comes up and says ‘no fighting amongst pro-White groups.’ That would be dumb. We can just start shit constantly over nothing because if someone murdered a White child it’d be stupid not to infight with them. – Andrew Anglin Logic

Part of the reason why Anglin needs to write entire Tome of Knowledge hitpieces is because he can’t just draw conclusions from the actual thing that happened. We saw with the Weinstein Defense that a full half of the 7,000+ words in the first article was him going on about some legalistic historical definition of rape. Then he went on about marxist feminism. Then he gave us his genius legal scholar opinion on legal precedent.

You can probably do a good job recreating the forum arguments that were happening at the time with the Cantwell garbage without ever seeing any of them. Anglin’s bloviating constantly and people are just saying “Morraiku was on one time, why should I give a shit?” So he invents some hypothetical event where TRS is murdering puppies, or telling impressionable young Asian children to jump of bridges or whatever. Then he can pretend that because he wouldn’t be an spergy lunatic for attacking TRS for some thing that didn’t happen, he’s not a insane manlet for screaming about the actual specific thing that happened.

Which is that a TRS intern went on Cantwell’s show one time.

Back to the manlet.

I see people shilling saying “well there is stuff on both sides” – have I ever pushed people into associations with a fed snitch? No? Then sorry – the issue here is one which is not on both sides. It is specifically on the TRS side, as they are the only ones doing this.

Well yeah actually you totally have Andrew. Literally one month later.

I’m sorry, I promised no pointing out the malicious double standard. I’ll stop doing that.

I had previously been blocked on all messaging apps by everyone in TRS, and they failed to respond to my emails. After I initially heard about the new alliance with Cantwell, a top TRS official emailed me, and we exchanged messages, he called me a conspiracy theorist, then stopped responding.

The new alliance? What the fuck is this sperg even talking about? An intern went on a show one time you dipshit.

Oh and Sven also claimed that Anglin whining about being “blocked on all messenger apps,” was false. Mike just stopped texting him back because of all the retarded shit that Anglin was texting him. I think he said it was on Signal, which nobody uses anymore. Anglin also doesn’t bother posting any screencaps of him being blocked by TRS people, because it never actually happened. And we’ll see later he has plenty of time in the day for screencaps, just not for evidence of TRS blocking him instead of leaving him on read.

I guess “none of them blocked me, but they stopped responding to me because I’m such an unhinged sperg,” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. If there’s anyone reading this who ever gets a text from Anglin, just know that if you don’t respond there’s a good chance he’ll spend the next 10,000 hours of his life making up some retarded hitpiece on you.

Anyway, this next part is why I wanted to write this article.

Other background which may or may not be relevant

I’m just going to throw out some stream of consciousness here, with the ideas that have been rolling around in my head and have been discussed on private forums.

Oh okay Andrew. As long as you have a coherent narrative that you want to push I’m sure it’ll –

I’m not trying to form a coherent narrative here, because I don’t have one.

I understand TRS never responding to this shit. Anglin as good as admits that all of what he’s saying is incoherent, but that we should believe him for some reason. Now, trust me when I tell you that he wasn’t lying when he admits this next bit is incoherent. I’m not going to bother making many arguments against what he’s saying, because to do much more than point and laugh would be to legitimize this on some level.

He has his self-admittedly incoherent rant broken up into various sections of this mythical “New Alliance” with Cantwell.

Striker Rehabilitating TWP

Eric Striker has been using TRS to attempt to rehabilitate the now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP). He constantly mentions Matt Parrott, the former leader of TWP, who quit after a highly unfortunate trailer park incest debacle, which resulted in him calling the cops on his leader, Matt Heimbach, calling the SPLC, and disbanding the group.

Striker makes sure to drop Parrotts’ name on every show he goes on, just so everyone hears “this guy is okay, we approve of him.” He talks about him like he’s some kind of genius. He does this on the show he is on with Mike, and thus it is implied that Mike also approves of Matt Parrott, and is on board with Striker’s plan to rehabilitate him.

The message is “go check out Matt Parrott – TRS approves of him.” And of course, if the audience of TRS, that trusts them, does go check out Matt Parrott, they will begin being prepped for joining a new group to march through the streets and humiliate white people, to cause the masses of normal people to be further disgusted with anything to do with pro-white politics.

Even I don’t watch every Strike and Mike. Certainly not all the way through. But not Anglin here. He lovingly watches every show, and knows that Striker namedrops Matt Parrott constantly. So constantly that he doesn’t have even a single quote of Striker doing this. Or any recording of this happening.

Also, you’d maybe think that defending (((Harvey Weinstein))) and going around openly calling yourself incel losers might be a bit humiliating for White People. I dunno. I think if I wanted to destroy pro-White advocacy I’d associate it with defending Harvey Weinstein and whatever this is by the TradHomo Twink himself.

Striker, Parrot and other members of this former group of overweight costumed Nazis also interact extensively on social media.

Oh god. The twitter autism that you are about to see. Brace yourself. But before that just know that he accuses TRS of being in a Big Fed Alliance with… ramzpaul. You may remember him as the faggot I wrote two articles on, here and here, where he is openly attacking the NJP.

Apparently TRS’s master plan was to bring him on as a Friday paywalled guest for a single show.

Wow, that’s quite the dastardly plan there. Bit weird how they never enacted this dastardly strategy when they were, according to Anglin, rehabilitating Cantwell. As Sven says, they could have brought him on whenever they wanted, but they didn’t. They also could have brought on Matt Parrott or Heimbach or whomever. It’s kind of hard to keep track of who this manlet sperg is insinuating they’re rehabilitating or in an alliance with or whatever.

But then again, I’m trying to make sense of a bunch of gibberish that Anglin himself admits is completely incoherent.  Keep that in mind as you read this pre-teen girl drama below.

I said that Eric Striker was attempting to rehabilitate TWP, and Ramz Paul was also trying to lend them credibility.

Other commenters accused me of lying. So I collected some of the recent twitter interactions. But very interestingly, by the time I went to collect them, Ramz Paul had deleted all his interactions with this crew. Though you could still find them on Google.

Before I even get to the next part, remember that I just showed Ramzpaul attacking the NJP. Go read that again if you haven’t. The Manlet Cult leader is doing a classic hitpiece/conspiracybro tactic of just shoving a lot of shit the wall and hoping that the victim gets tired of refuting the bullshit.

Here’s the evidence of all that.

Morris DeesNutz was Striker’s twatter account at the time, and I think it was his last. And here we can see him nefariously liking some based tweets by Tony Hovater.

Well Tony is a founding member of the NJP, and can be seen here holding up a the Stop BLM Terrorism sign to the right of Mike Peinovich. So I guess Anglin was right that Striker retweeting some nice Hovater tweets meant that he was working with Hovater, eventually, at some point in the future. Just like he was 100% wrong on Ramzpaul.

50% is a passing grade. Let’s see where this ends up.

He continues with the middle school drama by insinuating that THAT BITCH Striker is cheating on his friendship love by retweeting Matt Parrott a few times. Rumour has it that Anglin will no longer be sharing any snackables his mom packs for him with Striker. He’s definitely eaten the last gummy bear from Anglin’s hand. You can count on that bitch.

The retardation reaches a crescendo when we see, horror of horrors, Striker getting retweeted by Matthew Heimbach.

Yes that’s right. The best evidence Anglin could come up with in his admittedly incoherent conspiracy attack is that Striker got retweeted by another guy. That means that Striker is working with him. It’s all coming together now.

There was a horrible conspiracy to occasionally retweet Matt Parrott when he makes important points about legal trials and to get retweeted by Matthew Heimbach. The truly was the world’s naughtiest conspiracy against the White Race. Thank god those twitter accounts lasted at least another good two weeks or so, or we’d never have been able to pull it off.

Get a load of how retarded Anglin’s writing is.

TRS is a productive radio network. They have a lot of a lot of good shows. A lot of good people, who I know for a fact want nothing to do with feds or a TWP revival movement.

Fash the Nation is the best political commentary show on the internet. Larry Ridgeway is a great guy. Spectre is a great guy. That little Italian guy who believes in hollow earth, whatsizface. There are so many good people on that network.

I have to believe that they don’t want this.

And yet, this is happening.




Seriously, what the fuck is going on here?

I don’t know. And I haven’t found anyone able to come up with a logical explanation for any of it.

Yeah it sure is weird how all the high quality people in the pro-White political movement sided with TRS, and didn’t believe Anglin’s self-admitted “incoherent,” rant about how Striker getting retweeted by Heimbach meant he was about to be a federal informant or something. There is no logical explanation for this. Anyone who says that the attack on TRS was Anglin and Weev going full retard is just jealous and hetero and right.

BTW Anglin your webmaster is a mentally ill jew.

And here you have Tony Hovator, TWP member and close associate of TRS host Eric Striker, a guy who hangs out in the kitchen of TRS producer Jayoh dela Ray alongside Matt Heimbach, posting in a private chat room run by the fed snitch Christopher Cantwell.

Shit. He got us guys. Tony Hovater was one of 372 members of Cantwell’s telegram group. He… posted some messages.

I am deeply shocked and dismayed by this betrayal. I feel as if the feds are about to kick in my door right now as I speak. Except, wait a minute, actually I am a fed.

I have fooled you all, but if you had been perceptive you may notice that one time I posted on an obscure and now dead gaming forum some time around 2003. Yes, the year of the invasion of Iraq. Invasion, what does that word sound like? It sounds like invitation, as in “I was given an invitation to the FBI to apply for a job with them.” And apply I did.

For years I toiled in the background, desperately trying to enact my master plan of rehabilitating Christopher Cantwell and Matthew Heimbach through TRS. I was so close. I could almost taste the humiliation I was going to dish out to the White Race.

And then the tiny little loser had to go and save the White Race by exposing our dastardly deeds. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

To recap, the little loser correctly claimed that TRS was working with Tony Hovater. He incorrectly claimed that TRS was working with Richard Spencer, Ramzpaul, Matt Heimbach, and Matt Parrott. Richard Spencer and ramzpaul have even explicitly disavowed the NJP. The two Matt’s have nothing to do with TRS or NJP, and might have disavowed, I just have no idea. So of Anglin’s retarded conspiracy theory, he was right a whopping one out of five times. That’s 20%. That’s not even a good batting average.

But then again, Anglin admitted that it was an incoherent theory, so it’s totally okay to slander actual pro-White activists with retarded conspiracies that aren’t even remotely true. That’s what good faith Harvey Weinstein Defenders do.

Anyway, that’s enough with the retarded Cantwell slander. I’m going to do a quick bit on his defense of Harvey Weinstein. There’s one retarded bit he does that I didn’t touch on yet.


With neo-Nazis feeling the heat as they have been called out as supporters of radical feminist gender theory nonsense, some of them are now resorting to “I don’t care if it was unjust – I just want to see Jews suffer! If you don’t want Jews to be falsely charged and convicted for crimes they didn’t commit, you’re just a kike shill! Only a kike shill would be worried about precedent!”

Andrew Anglin can be beyond autistic with the screencaps when he’s creating the worlds dumbest conspiracy theory. And yet, he also loves doing that thing where he quotes… someone. Who is he quoting here, well we don’t know. It’d be nice if he could screencap us saying that, but he never does. Curious.

In fact he doesn’t bother screencapping any of the quotes he attributes to… someone. Some unnamed feminazi among us who espouses marxist feminism or whatever. Some guy. Some random guy keeps giving him all these quotes that he just doesn’t have the time to screencap, but he does have the time to do Visible Expression of Autism below.

Note: WordPress auto-scaled that image, but it’s a collection of all of the screencaps Anglin took. He stitched them all together into one gigantic image. It’ll be too blurry here, but I still want you to see the sheer length.

Boy, he sure does have a lot of time on his hands for doing screencaps. Except for when he doesn’t for no apparent reason. Definitely not because he’s just making shit up.

What if Julian Assange was a Jew, would they support him being prosecuted for journalism? And say “the precedent doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that a Jew went to prison!”? And I guess they would support the rape hoaxes against him too? And be screaming histrionically about how having sex with a girl without a condom when she thinks you’re wearing a condom is “THE DEFINITION OF RAPE”?

Boy it’s a real shame that SOME GUY said that it would be 100% fine if Weinstein was found guilty while being innocent, just because he’s a jew. SOME GUY keeps making these poor arguments for Anglin to just outright knock out of the park. I wish SOME GUY would stop doing that.

What if a Jew gets prosecuted for anti-Semitism? According to Jews, there is such a thing as an “anti-Semitic Jew,” and Jews want to pass laws against anti-Semitism, so it is actually likely that they would prosecute a Jew first, to make the case seem more reasonable. Would neo-Nazis support outlawing anti-Semitism because a Jew went to prison? According to the responses I’m seeing, yes, they would.

Gilad Atzmon, an anti-Zionist Jew, is being prosecuted in the UK for anti-Semitism.

This one paragraph is the main reason I felt I needed to write this entire piece. It shows the insane friend-enemy distinction problem that the Manlet Cult has.

The reason why people wouldn’t support Gilad Atzmon being prosecuted for anti-semitism, is because he’s not a filthy disgusting anti-White Mossad-connected Hollywood kike like Harvey Weinstein. Gilad Atzmon is not the enemy of the goyim because he talked back to jews, and it’s fucking retarded to think that he is. Then again the Manlet Cult Leader doesn’t actually screencap anyone making this argument, because nobody ever made that argument.

Harvey Weinstein is the physical embodiment of everything that we are fighting against. He hires “ex” Mossad agents to go and spy on the White Women that he’s raped. He is extremely politically active, and he pushes complete filth through the “cultural” product that he creates. Defending Harvey Weinstein for literally any reason is functionally identical to defending Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL.

The Defense of Harvey Weinstein was the ultimate betrayal.

I’m sure he got plenty of comments like “he’s a disgusting kike, it’s good he went to jail.” He maliciously and absurdly pretends those types of comments mean they support Gilad Atzmon going to jail for talking back to other jews. This is retarded and dishonest.

It’s called having a friend/enemy distinction. But what I want everyone to know is that the Manlet Cult has an extremely strong friend/enemy distinction. See, you’re their enemy, and Harvey Weinstein is their friend.

See them calling us feds and also threatening us with computer crimes…

To the Manlet Cult, it doesn’t matter that Harvey Weinstein rapes White Women. In fact they like that he did that, because they hate women. And it doesn’t matter that he pushes disgusting filth through The Weinstein Company.

Weinstein isn’t the enemy to the Manlet Cult, you are. You fucking disgusting lanklet you. You disgusting goyim who don’t want to keep voting for (((Sheldon Adelson’s GOP))).

Anglin used to make it extremely clear that having principles was for chumps. There are only friends and enemies, and you should cheer as your enemies suffer. Then he goes and writes 20,000+ words fellating Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting starfish penis.

Tomorrow, it finally drops. The Jayoh smear. Turns out it’s somehow dumber than the TRS/Cantwell/Heimbach Trifecta.

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